Wednesday, September 27, 2006


It is been speculated that the recent official trip to United States by PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was to meet US President George Bush (meeting President Bush is a private meeting-according to sources) to request for his favour to ensure that certain US Congressmen will quash their investigation into PM Abdullah's involvement in the Iraq Oil for Food scandal, although his name clearly appears in the list distributed and had benefitted almost RM11 Billion with just a mere single government letter, which PM Abdullah denies any personal involvement and Scomi's involvement in supplying nuclear components, which if it was investigated further will badly damage the good reputation of PM Abdullah and his family due to the current feud with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Almost every member whose names had appeared in the list distributed in the United Nation's Oil for Food Programme have resigned from their respective position to avoid further shame. Some Japanese involved in the nuclear component scandal have also been arrested. It has be revealed that a Malaysian directly involved in this scandal, Tahir, is currently held under detention under Internal Security Act (ISA), not in fear of national security but to avoid further problems if this Tahir were to speak out and implicate Scomi's involvement in the scandal.

In any negotiation, there must be a compromise and if US President Bush is going to use his good office to quash these scandals, surely he will demand some favour in return. What is that favour is worrying most Malaysians. Just to protect the good name and reputation of a single family, the whole country has been 'mortgaged' so as to speak. PM Abdullah has no choice on these matters. If he is unable to cover his trail, for sure Tun Dr Mahathir is going to expose his weaknesses, brand him a 'liar' and demand for his resignation, which will eventually embarrass him and his family much further. PM Abdullah is left in the crossroad. PM Abdullah is fully aware that Tun Dr Mahathir is having documentary evidence to prove his point and that is the main reason for the silence so far by PM Abdullah. Why attack the hornet nest when you know you are going to be sting.

Only time will tell what actually transpired.