Sunday, January 31, 2010


Khairy Jamaluddin, the UMNO Youth Chief and Member of Parliament for Rembau is swimming in dangerous waters since a large number of the UMNO Youth Exco and a former UMNO President want him out.

In recent days it seems that former premier and former UMNO President Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been criticising this Oxford scholar and has been trying to take revenge against him while inside sources reveal that Prime Minister and UMNO President Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak and few top Cabinet leaders have all along been looking for a convenient scapegoat to perform this task of getting rid of Khairy.

UMNO Youth Exco members at the same time are unhappy with Khairy since he is of no benefit to them since he does not hold any position in the Cabinet. Many of the UMNO Youth Excos are hoping to receive government allocation or contracts that could be turn into money to finance their political activities.

Certain sources claim that Khairy does not use the traditional UMNO method of safeguarding the Malay heritage while he seems to be too liberal.

Party watchers claim that the Umno Youth Executive Committee plans to table a no-confidence vote against their 33-year old chief very soon while its revealed that apparently, they have already gathered enough votes to push him out and they have also received the blessing of Datuk Seri Najib, deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and not to mention Tun Dr Mahathir, who according to sources, still wield considerable influence in UMNO.

Opposition leaders meanwhile claim that Khairy is a definite asset to UMNO because he can provide the check and balance the party needs against the hard liners and those with self interest like Tun Dr Mahathir who just refuses to go away.

Perhaps this is why Tun Dr Mahathir insisted that Datuk Seri Najib did not give Khairy any cabinet post even though his own son Datuk Mukhriz was made a deputy minister after he lost the Youth chief contest to Khairy.

As always in Malaysian politics, there is big business and money intertwined. It is very much easier to kill off a political foe when he has no more economic pull, unless he is personally wealthy. But how much of personal wealth can one keep spending to stay in power?

Is Khairy on his way out or will he make a sudden change and continue to remain in power.
Khairy has denied that there is coup to overthrow him in response to blogsites and certain medias reporting that the majority of UMNO Youth Excos want to overthrow him as their chief.


Lawyer Art Harun who blogs under ARTiculations clearly explains what is meant by Article 153 of the Federal Constitution at the SABM roadshow in Kuala Lumpur on 23 January 2010 after doing an indepth research on the subject.

Surprisingly, every UMNO leader seems to say 'Malay Rights' but the Federal Constitution says 'Malay Position".

There is a vast difference to 'rights' and 'position' if we were to look up in a dictionary.

But one thing that Malaysians are proud of is that they usual never dispute the special position of the Malays and natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Everyone is happy, so what's the fuss all about.

Courtesy to Middle Ground


Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, aslo known popularly as Ku Li, a UMNO veteran and Member of Parliament for Gua Musang, spoke to a huge crowd of Kelantanese about the oil royalty that the Federal government have to honour in lieu of the Petrolieum Development Act.

Watch and listen to his speech in 4 parts:

Looking at the way Ku Li explained, Kelantan government should be paid the oil royalty without further reference.

Now, the BN federal government has agreed to give RM20 Million by March 2010. Is this the correct amount due as per the agreement made?

Further more, the Kelantan State government must be given the 5% oil royalty payment and not to a body managed by UMNO.

There was a statement in the medias that Datuk Seri Utama Rais Yatim claiming that Tengku Razaleigh is wrong in his address and that the Act does not cover oil or gas found after a certain distance from the States? Tengku Razaleigh was the founder Chairman of Petronas in 1970's and he was then instructed by the then premier, Tun Abdul Razak to formulate the law to govern oil exploration in Malaysia. Can Tengku Razaleigh be wrong to what he said.

Tengku Razaleigh further claimed that 'wang ehsan' as payment by federal government to Kelantan and Terengganu is actually illegal by law and is not in accordance to the Act.

What is UMNO trying to do - trying to frighten everyone, so that Malaysia will be doom.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu, the President of MIC looked very happy and smiling during the Thaipusam celebrations at Batu Caves on Friday when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak made his first official visit at about 9.10pm to greet devotees and well-wishers by annoucing that Malaysia respects all faiths and will seriously look at the plights of Indians, who claim that they have been marginalised.

The presence of more than a million people at Batu Caves clearly shows the commitment of the Indian community to Malaysia, while making Batu Caves a major tourist site that foreign tourist must visit when they are in Malaysia.

The MIC have been struggling to recapture the confidence of the Indians after their disastrous defeat during the March 8 general elections in 2008 where we saw Datuk Seri Samy and his strongmen losing at the elections.

Since then, Datuk Seri Samy had been actively trying to win the confidence of his Indian community by working closely with the grassroot.

Although after 'losing the power' Datuk Seri Samy have been trying his best to get the national BN leaders to recognise that the Indian community needs help and with the presence of PM Datuk Seri Najib, Datuk Seri Samy and his MIC could convince the Indians that the federal government is seriously looking at their grouses and have started providing incentives to raise the living standards of the Indian community in Malaysia.

Even the recent visit to India by Datuk Seri Samy and PM Datuk Seri Najib was disrupted by HINDRAF launching a smear campaign to demand that certain actions be taken by the Indian authorities if the Malaysian government did not address the local Indian grouses.

Indians may just comprise of 8% of the populace but at almost every voting area, the Indian votes are the crucial deciding votes as to who wins. Since this crucial status, and after having been negelected for so many years, Indians were force to 'openly' stage street demonstrations and hunger strikes to show that their plight had been negelected.

The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government does blame the MIC for negelecting their community but since they are a 'big' component partner, the government has decided to 'bail' them by offering special incentives that could uplift the community and also in order for the community to have continued trust and confidence in MIC to look into their grouses.

The most important and crucial question asked is : Have the Indians' confidence and trust towards BN and MIC recaptured.

The answer would not be an easy one to answer now. Time is needed since most of the grouses are still not fulfilled or in the implementation stage and the incentives have still not been fully materialised.

But one thing is noted, Datuk Seri Samy and his MIC are gaining grounds, but how effective it is, only time will tell.


Disgruntled PKR MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim has reportedly offered enough Pakatan Rakyat colleagues to Barisan Nasional as to empower it to make constitutional amendments, but his colleagues dispute he has the numbers.

It is understood that the Bayan Baru MP has offered some 10 lawmakers, including himself, to add to BN’s 137 for a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

Such a majority allows the government to pass any law despite opposition from their rivals.

BN needs 11 more seats in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat for the psychological majority, and it is learnt that Independent Pasir Mas MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali or even Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin is expected to join the group if the defection happens.

Zulkifli has supported Zahrain in his diatribe against Lim.

“I have heard that [there are] three or four who want to leave the party. BN really wants him, too,” Penang PKR chairman Dr Mansor Othman told The Malaysian Insider, referring to his predecessor whom he replaced after winning the Penanti seat and being made deputy chief minister last year.

Zahrain was not available for comments despite several attempts to reach him. He had previously said it was mere speculation that he would leave PKR for former party Umno or the newly set-up Parti Cinta Malaysia.

Several other PKR and DAP leaders confirmed they have heard news that Zahrain was now gathering allies to make the jump.

“I don’t think he has the numbers. From what I know, it’s just three of them,” a senior DAP leader told The Malaysian Insider.

Pakatan Rakyat now has 82 MPs, of which 31 are from PKR including the four from Penang: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (Permatang Pauh), Tan Tee Beng (Nibong Tebal), Mohd Yusmadi Yusoff (Balik Pulau) and Zahrain.

Mansor said he was not sure if the MPs are from Penang, other states, or they included those from allies DAP and PAS. “I don’t really know... All I know is that there are some MPs who have expressed an intention to leave the party,” he added.

Speculation that Zahrain could be leaving peaked again when he restarted a simmering feud with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng this week, by calling the DAP leader “a dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded” and earning brickbats from party colleagues and allies.

He had previously criticised Lim when former Penanti assemblyman and deputy chief minister, Mohamed Fairus Khairuddin quit his post and seat last year.

Mansor said that while the bad blood between Zahrain and Lim was long-standing, news that the PKR leader wanted to quit began very recently and added the matter would be brought up at the party’s special supreme council meeting tomorrow.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the issue will also be discussed at the PR joint leadership council meeting due to take place after tomorrow’s PKR meeting.

DAP parliamentary leader and representative at the PR meeting, Lim Kit Siang, today called for the formation of a disciplinary committee to discuss the cases of intransigence within the pact, saying these cases have dented the coalition’s recent hard-won gains.

Mansor yesterday lamented Zahrain’s statement, which was critical of Lim. “The words were uncalled for and I regret his statement. That is certainly not the way to address our fellow partners in PR,” he said and declined to elaborate further.

The PKR leader said the party will issue a statement on Zahrain’s criticisms against Lim, but coalition insiders believe Anwar might not take action after having failed to admonish his fellow Penangite last year.

Anwar has also been seen as soft on Zulkifli, who has ignored a party gag order by continuing to make comments on the “Allah” issue.

News courtesy of Malaysian Insider

Friday, January 29, 2010

DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin claims on-going talks to settle ‘Allah’ dispute

Tan Sri Muyhiddin Yassin has revealed that closed-door talks are already taking place between Muslims and Christian leaders to solve the dispute over using the term ‘Allah’ to describe the Christian God.

“It is unofficial, behind close doors process of engagement to get consensus on how the dispute can be solved,” he told reporters here today, indicating for the first time about out-of-court dialogue to settle the divisive issue.

The deputy prime minister said he did not want to elaborate as the talks were taking place behind closed doors and due to the sensitive nature of the dispute.

“Many parties can make all sorts of interpretations if the issue is discussed out in the open, but behind closed doors it can be solved with respect and courtesy,” he said.

A High Court decision last New Year’s eve reinstated the constitutional right of the Catholic weekly Herald to use the word ‘Allah’ to describe the Christian God in its Bahasa Malaysia section.

The ruling riled Muslims and led to a series of attacks using fire, stones and paint against churches, mosques, suraus, a Sikh gurdwara and one convent school.
Wild boar heads wrapped in plastic bags were also thrown at two mosques in Kuala Lumpur last week and is believed to be linked to the ruling.
The government has appealed against Justice Datuk Lau Bee Lan’s landmark decision and has also won a stay of execution. The Roman Catholic Church agreed to the stay due to “national interests”.
Muhyiddin described the ongoing engagement process with groups representing various faiths as a better way to obtaining consensus on how the sensitive issue can be resolved.

At the same time, he said the government position is that there was no need for an Interfaith Commission to be set up in Malaysia as demanded by opposition parties and non-governmental organisations.

“At the moment we feel it’s not necessary but continued dialogue was useful,” the deputy Umno president said.

He pointed out there had been no major issue until the current dispute over the use of ‘Allah’, adding however it was good for all parties to sit down and resolve the issue.

Indonesia had recently set up a similar commission but Muhyiddin said the social-cultural backgrounds of both countries cannot be compared.

News courtesy of Malaysian Insider


Respecting each other’s religion must be a key virtue to be vigorously defended, said the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak at Batu Caves last night.

Malaysia being a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, requires its citizens to mutually respect the religious beliefs of one another.

“I want to stress here that respecting each other’s religion is not only a key virtue that we must defend, it is also one of the principles in Islam,” said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said Islam in its true form, did not look down on other religions. It also disallowed Muslims from desecrating the places of worship of non-Muslims.

Najib added that in a multi-racial society, there could not be just one point of view all the time.

“It is also crucial for us to strive for a common goal in wanting to bring the country forward,” he said in his address to tens of thousands who flocked here on the eve of Thaipusam yesterday.

Those present included his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

Najib pointed out that both his late father Tun Abdul Razak and former prime minister Tun Hussein Onn had also visited Batu Caves during Thaipusam when they held office.

Meanwhile, Najib on his blog yesterday, wished the Indian community a very happy Thaipusam.
“I hope that all witnessing this spectacular event will enjoy its colours and sounds in a grand demonstration of harmony and unity,” he said.
He added that the occasion was another chance to exhibit appreciation for the cultural wealth Malaysia had long enjoyed as a nation, in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

News courtesy of theSTAR


Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim blew his top over receiving what he described as a “second class treatment” last night when he was forced to launch the Thaipusam celebrations outside Batu Caves.

He and top state Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders had to settle with addressing part of the million congregants at a small stage underneath the MRR2 bridge after local authorities declared the temple compound as private property.

But Khalid believed the “unsavoury” treatment was due to the presence of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak who was also there to officiate the Hindu religious festival.

“We don’t have any problems with them coming but Batu Caves is in Selangor so we (PR government) are the hosts and they are the guests,” said the mentri besar, adding that he was baffled by the treatment he and other PR leaders received.

To add insult to injury, the lack of stairs to the stage prompted the Selayang City Council to use an elevator attached to a truck to lift Khalid and others onto the platform.

Pakatan Rakyat supporters also argued with the police to leave the stage there when Khalid and his entourage had already waited for almost an hour after having scheduled to give his speech at 10pm.

The stage was relocated a day earlier after police said it occupied space for their units on duty at one of Malaysia’s most biggest and colourful festivals.

The Sri Subramaniamy temple in Batu Caves is led by people linked to Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu, president of MIC which is the third biggest party in Barisan Nasional (BN).

BN lost Selangor to PR in Election 2008 and is seen as trying various strategies to recapture the country’s richest state by any means ahead of the next general elections.

Khalid said he will speak to the state’s Land Office to determine if the Batu Caves temple is a private property. PR leaders believed the land should be open to the public.

Meanwhile, the Selangor government gave out RM1 million worth of donations to several Tamil schools and temples as part of what Khalid described as his administration effort to help the state’s poor.

News courtesy of Malaysian Insider


A blogger , who was investigated for allegedly insulting the late Sultan of Johor, is expected to be charged at the Seremban Sessions Court later today.

The 29-year-old, who is known by his pen name Aduka Taruna, was remanded for four days after he surrendered to the police in Kota Bahru on Monday.

He was investigated under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 which carries a maximum fine of RM50,000 or one year's jail or both upon conviction.
Khairul Nizam Abd Ghani, 29, from Pancor, Seremban and who is also known by his pen name 'Aduka Taruna', pleaded not guilty to making a seditious posting with the intention of defaming the Johor sultanate and its people.

DPP Masri Mohd Daud had proposed bail at RM10,000 with one surety but his lawyer Mohd Razlan Jalaludin, pleaded for the amount to be reduced as he was scheduled to hold his wedding reception tomorrow.
Sessions judge Zamri Bakar agreed to reduce bail to RM5,000 with one surety.
The case will be mentioned on 31 March 2010.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Finally its REVEALED that former Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo and his wife Datin Seri Zaharah had 'swindle' the Selangor rakyat of RM1.9 Million. Read this article from MarGeeMar to find out :

Since these two "VIP's of UMNO had committed a serious crime, what is UMNO and the federal Barisan Nasional government going to do?

The MACC - now confirmed as 'UMNO watchdog and runner', going to say since they have been accused of double-standard.



The voters in Batu will have to wait, involving the case of MP Tian Chua which has been postponed to 4 March 2010 by the Kuala Lumpur High Court for a review and reduction in sentence.

The voters from Batu in Kuala Lumpur have been eagerly awaiting for the decision to see whether there will be a fresh election since their elected MP, Tian Chua from PKR will be disqualified due to the sentence received.

We need to wait an see...come 4 March...lah

Kelantan Regent wins case against brother

Kelantan Regent Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra succeeded in convincing the Kuala Lumpur High Court that his decision to revoke the membership of his brother in the Kelantan Succession Council is not reviewable.

In rejecting the judicial review application by Tengku Temenggong of Kelantan Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra, High Court judge Justice Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof said the court of law was not a suitable forum to decide on issues involving a royal prerogative.

He said any dispute should be resolved by the Sultan of Kelantan himself.

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry had on Dec 7 last year filed an application challenging the decision of the Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra to revoke his membership in the council last Sept 16.

In his application, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry named the regent, the Kelantan Government, the council secretary and five others who had been appointed to the council by the regent on May 24, as respondents.

News courtesy of theSTAR


A huge crowd in hundreds of Hindu devotees and tourists have begun flocking to Sri Subramaniyar Swami temple in Batu Caves for the Thaipusam celebration which will be celebrated tomorrow.

Children and Hindu adults with clean shaven heads can be seen carrying the "kavadi" and female devotees seen carrying "pal kudam" (milk pot) before climbing 272 steps to fulfil their vows to avoid the Thaipusam crowd on Saturday.

The presence of police personnel were also at hand to maintain security.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak will visit Batu Caves this evening to show his personal concern for the Indian community. The last visit was done by his late father, the second premier, Tun Abdul Razak sometime in 1970's.

Federal Court rules no extra evidence to be given to Datuk Seri Anwar

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s defence for his Sodomy II trial was dealt a blow today, when the Federal Court rejected his bid to obtain further evidence from the prosecution.

The court said Anwar’s appeal was not in accordance with Section 51 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) and that the defence’s reasoning to compel extra evidence for early preparation was legally flawed.

The panel of three judges also said that Section 51 (A) of the CPC provides the court with discretionary powers to allow or disallow the prosecution from supplying the defence with evidence.


I don't blame Malaysians for saying that UMNOputras from Peninsula Malaysia are very arrogant and every demanding.

UMNOputras fail to realise that UMNO is in this position today because of the efforts of leaders in the Barisan Nasional who are understanding and accomodative.

Since many of the BN parties from Peninsula Malaysia are having crisis, UMNO leaders start demanding. UMNOputras fail to realise that BN leaders and their members were very helpful and accomodative when UMNO faced crisis a few years ago.

Now, certain UMNO leaders are demanding that agreed BN seat allocations be reviewed.

Are these leaders stirring-up problem? UMNO will have to immediately take appropriate actions against its leaders who go against it agreed terms with other component parties within the BN.

This is the news from Malaysian Insider that pertains to this issue:

MCA chief mum over BN seat allocation
By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 — MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat today chose to stay non-commital in the face of increasing calls from grassroot Malay leaders pushing Barisan Nasional (BN) to abolish the quota allocated for component parties to contest in the next general election.

Grassroot leaders such as Datuk Wira Syed Ali Alhabshee have been vocal in pushing for Umno to take a more dominant role in the ruling coalition; and to stop ‘sacrificing’ electoral seats for the sake of preserving good relations with its sister parties.
But Ong, who heads the second biggest party in BN - after Umno — appeared dismissive of Syed Ali’s suggestion to revamp the current system.

“He is entitled to his view just like I am entitled to mine,” Ong said when asked to comment on the Federal Territory BN secretary’s suggestion.

“I may not need to agree or I may not need to comment on each and every view,” Ong retorted when pushed to state his view.

Wrought by infighting, the Chinese party’s relevance in the race-based coalition grows increasingly tenuous as the days pass.

A national Malay daily noted that the current practice was no longer ‘relevant’ in the aftermath of the landmark 12th General Elections in 2008 which saw Chinese winning in Malay majority constituencies and vice versa.

“Don’t give according to quota. Can’t use quota now,” Berita Harian cited Syed Ali as saying today.

“It’s meaningless for us to sacrifice for a candidate from another race just for the quota because it’s more important to have a leader liked by the people,” Syed Ali added.

What is UMNO going to do about this?

UMNOputras need to realise that UMNO is able to rule the federal government after the 2008 general elections due to the support of BN loyal voters from Sabah and Sarawak.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Malaysia Airlines, the national carrier of Malaysia, which is fully funded by the rakyat, has once again disgraced the Malaysians by offerring 'poor service'.

The Directors and Management of Malaysia Airlines must be made accountable since millions or billions of public funds have been wasted to keep the operation going.

Its time for the government to review its position and 'sell' Malaysia Airlines to the Malaysian businessman so that these sort of problems will never be heard.

Read this article from O p E d who experienced a 'bad and distasteful' experience flying Malaysia Airlines :

The time has come for Malaysia Airlines to be made more accountable.


The Prime Minister today launched a roadmap to improve the public service. The launch of the Government Transformation Programme at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, cabinet ministers and senior government officials.

The roadmap is an important step in the country's journey to achieve Vision 2020.

Acting on public grouses

Since taking office, Najib Abdul Razak has stamped his mark by introducing the 1Malaysia concept and the Government Transformation Programme last April, the same month that he took over the helm of the country, and announced six National Key Result Areas in efforts to resolve issues the people are facing.

The six National Key Result Areas are reducing crime, combating corruption, improving students academic performance, raising the living standard of low-income households, upgrading rural basic infrastructure and improving urban public transportation.

Najib later toured an exhibition on the six National Key Result Areas.

News courtesy of Malaysian Mirror


Datuk Seri Najib Razak will this morning hope to stanch the flow of negative headlines in Malaysia, with a slew of moves to address crime, corruption, public transportation and poverty.

The prime minister is scheduled to outline detailed initiatives, targets and the time frame for National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) at an event today. These plans will form the cornerstone of his government transformation project, a programme which Najib believes will help his administration ride through the storm of negative headlines and propel Barisan Nasional to victory at the next general elections.

Since November, the administration has been on the back foot following disclosures of the chauvinistic nature of Biro Tatanegara courses, the missing jet engines, and the controversy following a High Court decision allowing the Catholic Church’s Herald to use the word “Allah”.

The unabated flow of bad news has soured the political landscape, which had appeared to be becoming more accepting of Najib.

Before the “Allah” issue broke, the PM’s approval rating was around 65 per cent.

The Malaysian Insider has learnt that a pilot project conducted to reduce crime under the NKRA has proven successful and could be adopted to cut street crime in certain high risk areas.

A recent survey by the Merdeka Center showed that concern over the law and order situation in Malaysia was a main worry for Malaysians, surpassed only by the concern over the direction of the economy.

Aware of the cynicism on the ground over government programmes, Najib is likely to outline a timeline for the implementation of projects under the six areas of the NKRA. But missing will be a detailed roadmap of initiatives under the 1 Malaysia headline.

The Malaysia Insider has learnt that despite the efforts of Datuk Seri Idris Jala and his team, the objection by several Umno ministers have effectively scuttled wide-ranging and bold plans to improve race relations and remove some of the impediments to better ties among Malaysians of different races and religions.

During a retreat in December, several ministers including Datuk Rais Yatim and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin objected to several ideas, including a mediation council to resolves disputes between religions.

As a result, the document on 1 Malaysia initiatives today will be heavy on flowery rhetoric and thin on real mechanism and plans to improve race relations. For example, there is an acknowledgement that conversion cases and disagreements on the location of places of worship are incendiary points but no strategy or mechanism on how to deal with these issues.

Still, government officials believe that Najib will be able to win over doubting Malaysia with plans to combat crime, tackle corruption, widen access to education, raise the standard of living of the poor, improve public transportation and upgrade infrastructure in rural areas.

News courtesy of Malaysian Insider


Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein today revealed that 10 people have been recently arrested under the Internal Security Act for alleged terrorist-links.

The matter surfaced after a prominent human rights lawyer and the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) pressure group alleged at up to 50 individuals were nabbed since last week during an apparent counter-terrorism blitz.

Lawyer Edmund Bon claimed that 50 were detained last Thursday and taken to Bukit Aman federal police headquarters. Bon claimed that 38 were released the following morning, while the rest are still under detention.

He said he has spoken to some of those who have been released and is trying to gain access to remaining detainees.

Initially, Home Ministry chief-secretary Mahmood Adam denied Bon’s allegation.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Malaysiakini reported that pig heads were thrown into the compounds of two mosques along Jalan Klang Lama, one of the major roads in southwest of Kuala Lumpur.

The heads were found at Masjid Taman Dato Harun and Masjid Taman Seri Sentosa both in Petaling Jaya and about three kilometres apart.
Petaling Jaya Selatan Member of Parliament Hee Loy Sian said two pig heads were found in one mosque's compound before morning prayers at about 5.30 this morning.

"It could have happened at around 5am," said Hee, who is at Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun.

The pig heads were wrapped in plastic bags.

The heads were found in the compound of the mosques - inside the main gate of Masjid Jumburiyah and near the parking area of Masjid Taman Dato Harun.
He said 30 RM1 notes were found strewn around the mosque compound.According to him, a police report was lodged at around 8am.

Police chief, MPs at scene
Inspector-general of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and a team of police officers are currently inspecting the scene.

Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Nurul Izzah is visiting the other mosque, Majid Taman Seri Sentosa.
"I am warning people not to try and influence the situation and don't try to take advantage to raise the anger of any ethnic group," Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar told Reuters.

The mosques are located near Kampung Medan, which in 2001 was hit by an ethnic clash that reportedly left six people dead.

Khalid said police were working closely with local mosque and neighborhood committees to try and keep residents calm.

This is the latest in a string of desecrations of places of worship across the country in the past three weeks involving 11 churches, a Sikh temple, one mosque and two surau.

The attacks were triggered by the High Court's Dec 31 decision to lift a government ban on non-Muslims using the term 'Allah' as a translation for 'God'.

The ruling in favour of Catholic newspaper Herald, which argued for the right to use 'Allah' in its Malay-language section, was suspended last week pending an appeal after the government argued that 'Allah' was exclusive to Malay Muslims.

Police have so far arrested 19 people over the attacks, and a 25-year-old student was charged in court on Jan 15 with threatening public safety following a comment he reportedly made on his Facebook page offering to throw petrol bombs.
Previous incidences
This is not the first time pig’s heads are found in mosques or surau.
Exactly a year ago, a pig’s head, sliced into two, was found on top a PAS flag on the floor of the Universiti Malaya surau. A month before that incident, a wild boar head was found hanging next to a banner advertising an event organised by anti-pig farming group Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) in Malacca.

The banner, which was hung on the fence of Sekolah Kebangsaan Pengkalan Balak, highlighted issues concerning the Malay community, including a pig farm in nearby Paya Menkuang.

Pig breeders in the area denied any involvement in the incident.

News courtesy of Malaysiakini


This is an article posted by a blogger through Articles like this will continue to appear if the ruling BN government does not 'harras' bloggers who convey the real truth. If there is no talk, a matter will die down by itself. Truth can never be covered-up or swept under the carpet.

This is the article published:

The Usual FastFlip News Is Here, Blog Sociopolitics Is HereMr X Will Be Martyred Soon

Under normal circumstances, there's no reason for me to live with shits and just pretend they are as some kind of cheese bacon hamburgers. I therefore spoke out based on human conscience plus the results or some iChing tossings.

The Book of Changes say "Sultan Iskandar Will Rot In Hell".

And so I wrote the following blog to protest against the persecution of a supposedly innocent blogger who even has to apologize against his own will for what most people will consider as nothing but plain facts.

Below is what transpired: -

Looks like Bolehland under Rajib is even worse than Zimbabwe.


Because Rajib's Administration even consider a allegedly murderous villain like Sultan Iskandar as a Noble man.!

Die or not?

They bragged about how he has 'contributed' tonnes of goodness whereby his only contribution that I am aware of is that he is a kaki bodek of UMNO and it looks like he must have "helped" UMNO very significantly, otherwise, how else can one explains UMNO considers him a "productive" man when all he has ever done is living on state handout all his life?

As at today, they even jailed a civilian who basically only spoke his mind and incidentally, the whole world also share his opinion -- "Good Riddance to the Brutal Murderous Tyrant!". This poor chap has even apologized openly (obviously against his will), how do you like that ... ?

Since I have spoken something against UMNO's liking, guess it's only logically I am already on their list waiting to be arrested and be ISAed for life!



They Have Warned Me That They Are Going To Harm

My Whole Family!

Well, I obviously don't have no power to negotiate anything with the power-that-be but hey, if you are a man, take me alone, don't disturb my family. Don't be a fcuking Barbaric Pondan like the very main cast of this barbaric saga itself.

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Anonymoussaid...nice balls u have.. go fuck yourself January 26, 2010 12:48 AM Bekas Tentera said...I just back from Balai Polis Kota Tinggi to report on this serious matter. The rest let police Malaysia find you and sue you under "akta hasutan." Pity on your mother.. January 26, 2010 6:35 AM

Note he said "Pity Your Mother!'

What has my mother gotta do with this matter?

That's exactly why Malaysia is destined to be fcuked forever as long as the fcuked up regime is not vindicated. Depend on how they handle my mother, I am ready to be martyred even my intended martyrdom won't cause a dent to the power-that-be.
This, I promised.

Q: Why do you think UMNO would want to protect a 'rotten' character from criticism?

The best solution would be for the government to IGNORE them. Do not comment anything. It will never be a BIG ISSUE. Once everyone gets fed-up, it will die down by itself. END OF STORY.


Since the introduction of the 1 MALAYSIA concept by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak since taking over the government, many quarters have praise the prime minister for his bold vision to unify and strengthen our Malaysian society which comprises of a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural society into one single and progress society.

No one will deny that after more than 52 years of Independence, there will never be a problem within the communities.

As usual, through constant communication almost every problem could be resolved.

As such, we would have to give our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak and his Cabinet a chance to find an amicably solution to our present problems, Allah issue, Indian grouses, certain BN component parties leadership crisis, and so forth.

If we stand UNITED, we can achieve the goal of realising '1 MALAYSIA'.


Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition leader spoke to the Wall Street Journal quoting that Malaysian Muslims have no monopoly over the use of others over the term "Allah'.

Malaysia has been faced by this crucial issue after the Christian won a legal battle over the use at the Kuala Lumpur High Court on 31 December 2009, but a stay was subsequently granted after the government intervened. Most quarters now question the government's move to intervene.

Monday, January 25, 2010


The Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, who is Deputy Yang DiPertuan Agong was appointed the Acting Yang DiPertuan Agong Malaysia today since the Yang DiPertuan Agong had gone to Germany to receive medical treatment.


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak says Malaysia is in the middle of an ocean with full of challenges and something extraordinary has to be done so that its progress is not overtaken by other countries.
“If we don’t do something extraordinary, something with full commitment, I’m worried we will be overtaken by other countries,” said the prime minister when interviewed on TV3’s “Soal Jawab Bersama Perdana Menteri” programme when asked whether Malaysia’s vision to become a developed nation in 2020 was achievable.
Datuk Seri Najib was interviewed by Datuk Ahmad A. Talib, news and editorial operations executive director of Media Prima Berhad and New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd.
The prime minister said the developed nation definition hinged on what was actually the values and attributes of an advanced nation as the world’s scenario had changed.
He said Malaysia waited for several years to recover from the unexpected 1997 Asian financial crisis and now the world has been hit again by the global financial crisis, from which Malaysia has been experiencing the adverse effects.
“Hence, the situation is more challenging (now) to attain advanced nation status as the growth achieved (thus far) had fizzled out following the crises and mounting challenges posed by other countries.
“Previously, in the 1980s, China’s communist ideology served as the main guide, while India has not even started its reform (programmes), and Vietnam was with its closed economy.
“Now these countries have become (our) competitors,” he said in the one-hour interview. Asked what has to be done in order for Malaysia to be not overtaken by other countries, Najib said he had started the first agenda with the administration philosophy — the 1Malaysia concept with the objective “People First, Performance Now”.
“After that, we have the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) methodology. These are part of the Government Transformation programme. Thirdly is the new economic model for Malaysia which is being formulated. After that, we’ll have the 10th Malaysia Plan.
“There are segments of the agenda that stressed on innovation and creativity,” he added

The prime minister stated that the internal crises that some component parties in the Barisan Nasional (BN) faced lately are on the wane.

“There are signs the crises are about to be over and their leaders are looking at various possibilities to end them.
“As such, I deem that efforts are in progress to end them but have not reached the final stage.

But there are signs that solutions are being found that can be accepted by the members of their respective parties,” said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Datuk Seri Najib said this when replying to questions about the state of the parties concerned, which was seen as jeopardising the prime minister’s efforts to develop the country.
Datuk Seri Najib, who is also BN chairman, said he had provided guidance to the parties concerned in the hope that their leadership could find the best formulas to resolve the crisis they were facing.
He said BN component parties with problems could emulate Umno’s radical action which amended its constitution last year to further strengthen the party.
“They are our friends. They can follow what was started by Umno because we made a radical change at the last Umno general assembly.
“If studied, the significance of the amended Umno constitution is that there is no constraint for any party member to contest any post in the party,” he said.
Datuk Seri Najib added that what was important was for all BN component parties to evaluate the people’s support for their party.

News courtesy of Malaysian Insider


Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu could be considered as one of the best Stateman Malaysian Indians ever had, since during his lawmaker years, he did fight for the rights of Indians in this country. But as usual, you can't please everyone and you can't do wonders - you know what I mean.

I had on a few ocassions met and spoken to Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu. Please note that I am not a MIC member. Although being arogant in nature, he admires those who stood up to their belief.

We can never deny that this 'great' Stateman has help the Malaysian Indian community but his struggle to achieve these goals were fought individually by himself with the help of a few (then) loyal servants, who were MIC leaders, looking for political opportunities and platforms for themselves.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu successfully established MIED - a foundation that could offer loans to deserving Malaysian Indians to further their studies, AIMST University - a platform for Malaysian Indians to complete university education, Tafe College, Seremban - which provides skill courses for every deserving Malaysian Indians. I had only touched on EDUCATION, since this is the best platform to raise any community. If not for the efforts of Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, these dreams would never have been materialised thus this far.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu formed and funded YSS which was suppose to look into and uplift the Malaysian Indians and propose to MIC the best ways of achieving this. As usual, the officials of YSS had their best times and the community was negelected.

But everyone of us have our own weakness too. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu has his weakness too. May be his greatest failure was he had trusted his 'double-headed loyal' lieutenants. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu had brushed aside complaints from the grass-roots that their plights were never fulfilled.

Even after the 'historical' street demonstrations, Datuk Seri Samy Vellu never ever thought the MIC would have a disastrous defeat in the 2008 general elections. Datuk Seri Samy Vellu was so confident that he himself would retain his own Sungei Siput parliamentary seat. What happen is history now.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, after his disastrous defeat, decided to concentrate on hearing and fullfilling the Indian communities grouses. Since the demands are so huge and without having the 'power' he once had, it was difficult to satisfy most of them. The Indian community felt they have been betrayed by him once again.

Everyone started blaming this poor Datuk Seri Samy Vellu. People who were once loyal started taking matters in their own hands and dissent group started portraying him as the main CROOK and CULPRIT.

One thing Malaysian Indians need to realise is, every politican is a crook in their own way.

Now it seems the best way for the upliftment would be if Datuk Seri Samy Vellu resigns from MIC immediately. Do you think that there is any capable leader in MIC, then this Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, now?

If we take a clear picture we will see that Datuk Seri Samy Vellu is the only person who can deliver since he has nothing to gain. He has already gain so much after years in political life.

So why don't Malaysian Indians give this gentleman, Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu a chance to prove his worth?


The Kuala Lumpur High Court today lifted the ban imposed almost a year and a half ago, on the book "Muslim Women and the Challenge of Islamic Extremism".The book, edited by sociologist Prof Norani Othman from the International Studies Institute of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, was published for non-governmental organisation Sisters in Islam (SIS) and was in circulation since 2005.

While delivering judgment this afternoon, Justice Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof stated that he fails to see how the book can disrupt public order, as alleged by the Home Ministry. According to the judge,"The book had been in circulation since 2005 but only banned on 2008," and "Furthermore, only seven out of 215 pages are said to be offensive".

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The recent visit by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak to India has become an 'eye-opener' for the Indian community who have all this while have been claiming to have been marginalised.

Datuk Seri Najib's statement at Chennai, India:

January 23, 2010 18:48 PM
By P. Vijian

CHENNAI, Jan 23 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, who made a historic trip to Chennai, said it was to honour Malaysian Indians as a vast majority had cultural bonds with Tamil Nadu from where they originated.

“My trip ends in Chennai, it is not coincidental but intentional because Chennai, Tamil Nadu is the original state where many Malaysian Indians originated from.

“Eighty-five per cent of Malaysian Indians are ethnic Tamils and my visit was to recognise the Malaysian Indian contributions to the development of Malaysia,” said Najib.

Speaking at a special dinner held in conjunction with his visit to the city, Najib said it was important to recognise those who contributed to nation-building, irrespective of their ethnic background.

“So, this visit is important…for 52 years, we have no (Malaysian) prime minister who visited Chennai, I am the first one to visit,” he added.

He also assured Malaysian Indians that their plights would be addressed and the government had taken and would continue to purse policies to help those in need.

“We have heard your call, Malaysian Indians have some dissatisfaction with the Malaysian Government in the past, but we are going to do more for the Indian community,” he said.

Malaysian Indians welfare was always taken care by the MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress), one of the big-brothers of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, who during the 2008 general elections had faced a disastrous defeat for having negelected their plights. The Indians had a 'historical' street demonstrations to express their plight but the BN ruling government had refused to hear their claims.

This statement from PM Datuk Seri Najib seem to appreciate Malaysian Indians for nation-building with deeds in the country and it is really hoped that this is the end of their marginalization and not go to Chennai in India to make beautiful-statements but meaningless tribute.

It is hoped that in line with the 1 MALAYSIA concept initiated by PM Datuk Seri Najib we will see a true and real beginning by PM Datuk Seri Najib by announcing and looking into personally a New Deal to end the marginalization of the Malaysian Indians, and NOT through MIC, which is part of a National New Deal in the Tenth Malaysia Plan to end the marginalization of all Malaysians who have been left out of the mainstream of national development after nine five-year development plans, whether Malays, Indians, Chinese, Orang Asli, Kadazan or Iban.

Friday, January 22, 2010


DYMM Sultan Johor Tuanku Sultan Iskandar Al Haj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Ismail Al Khalidi, 77 years old, passed away at 7.08pm today, as reported by certain medias.Sources reveal that the confirmation was from the UMNO Information Chief, Datuk Ahmad Maslan after he got confirmation from the Private Secretary of the Regent of Johor.

Semoga Allah SWT. mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Baginda.
Al fatiha.


Shah Alam Member of Parliament Khalid Samad had an audience with the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, today. MP Khalid entered the Istana Bukit Kayangan compound at about 11.15am.

When leaving the palace at about 1pm, MP Khalid told reporters that the meeting between him and the Sultan was mainly on the development plans for Shah Alam, the capital of Selangor since he had writing to the Sultan for an audience sometime in November 2009. The below letter speaks for itself:

There were speculation that MP Khalid was summoned to the palace due to his controversial remarks over the “Allah” issue, as reported by a certain mainstream media control by UMNO. MP Khalid claimed that it was purely for the purpose of development in Shah Alam and also to discussed the Sultan’s vision for Shah Alam.

With regards to the religious issue of 'Allah', MP Khalid told that the Sultan had given him some advice.


The Johor crown prince, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Mahkota has been appointed as the regent of the state after Sultan Iskandar Al-Marhum Sultan Ismail was hospitalised today.

It is reported that the palace confirms that the Sultan Iskandar is gravely ill and has been warded at the Putri Specialist Hospital in Johor Bahru today.

The 78-year-old sultan was born on April 8, 1932 at Istana Semayam in Johor Bahru.

The Sultan received his early education from the English College in Johor Bahru, now known as the Sultan Abu Bakar School.The Sultan continued his education in Australia and the United Kingdom before he served as a cadet officer in the Johor Civil Service.

The Sultan was appointed as crown prince in 1981 while he is also known for his interest in polo, surfing, hunting and golf.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


A powerful new earthquake rumbled across the ruins of Haiti today, sending thousands of traumatized survivors running through the streets, screaming in terror,despite the latest 6.1 quake, elated rescuers unearthed a baby, two children and other survivors from the rubble of the ruined country.

The biggest aftershock yet struck as dawn broke eight days after the Haitian capital was leveled by a massive 7.0-magnitude earthquake that killed at least 75,000 people and left a million homeless.

So far there were no reports of anyone being killed or wounded by the 6.1 aftershock, but some severely damaged buildings did come tumbling down, including the last surviving wall of the main cathedral.


These are the pictures of the Surau that was suspected to be arsoned at Muar, Johor over the controversial 'Allah' ruling by the Kuala Lumpur High Court in allowing the Catholic Weekly, Herald from using the term. The High Court has subsequently suspended its ruling pending an appeal.

Federal Court reverses its decision in landmark land case

The Federal Court at Putrajaya today departed from its judgement nearly 10 years ago in the Adorna Properties Sdn Bhd vs Boonsom Boonyanit case, plugging a loophole in the law to thus allow landowners who lost their land through fraudulent means to redeem their right to the property.

In its landmark unanimous ruling, the five-man bench led by Chief Justice Zaki Azmi held that land transferred by fraudulent means will no longer be legally accepted.

Others on the bench were Court of Appeal president Alauddin Mohd Sheriff, Chief Judge of Malaya Arifin Zakaria and Federal Court judges Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin and James Foong Cheng Yuen.

The court’s previous judgement in 2000 was made by former chief justice Eusoff Chin.

The decision in Adorna Properties Sdn Bhd v Boonsom Boonyanit concerned the interpretation of the law as laid out in Section 340 of the National Land Code (NLC) 1965, resulting in cases where landowner could lose their lands even though they hold a valid title.

In this now-infamous case, Boonsom Boonyanit, a Thai national, owned some land in Penang. She eventually discovered that an impostor claiming to be her -- and with supporting identification documents as well as statutory declarations -- had declared that she had lost the original title and managed to obtain a replacement title from the land office.

The impostor subsequently sold the land to Adorna Properties, which bought it on good faith, and did not suspect that there was anything amiss in the transaction.

When Boonyanit sued for the return of the land at the Penang High Court, she was unsuccessful. She appealed to the Court of Appeal (COA), which decided in her favour.

However, Adorna Properties then made an appeal to the Federal Court, and won. In essence, Boonyanit -- who has since passed away -- lost her land without receiving a single sen for it.

Because it was a decision of the highest court in the land, it has to be followed by every lower court in the country.

This meant that the law could not protect landowners even if they were able to prove the title is theirs, as long as it could be proven that the purchaser bought it on good faith.

(news courtesy of theStar)


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak arrived in India on a five-day State visit today and was greeted by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Presidential Place in New Delhi. This is the first visit after been appointed Prime Minister.


Malaysians are wandering why suddenly the Barisan Nasional federal government who had administered us for the past 52 over years seem to indicate that they are REMOVING SUBSIDY for almost every essential commodity item. Sugar subsidy was recently removed and the next is petrol, sometime in May 2010, with many more to come. Even after raising sugar prices, the commodity is still unavailable at most retail stores. Isn't it surprising!!!!!

Most Malaysians believe we are a RICH country since we have oil revenue to fall back to and with the Malaysian Petroleum Company, PETRONAS, claiming to pay royalty payments in Billions to the Federal government while protected by Law from disclosing its revenue and expenditure to the Malaysian public.

It may not be surprising that our OIL WELLS HAVE GONE DRY and our BN Federal government will not be getting its Billions anymore from Petronas.

Will we ever know the TRUTH !!!!!!!


Minister in the Prime Ministers' Department and de facto Law Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Tan Sri Abd Aziz had quoted after the Judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan's 57 page written judgment made available on the controversial 'Allah' ruling, that "the judge is not a Muslim, and had ruled over a matter that concerned the akidah (faith) of the Muslim community."

Is Datuk Seri Nazri claiming that Judge Datuk Lau is incapable of applying the law because she is a non-Muslim? and our Federal Constitution and laws can have different meanings for different judges depending on their faith?

Read the full text of the High Court Judge Datuk Lau Bee Lan's 57 page Judgementon the reasons and the laws behind her oral pronouncement while below are excerpts highlighting the main disputes and the High Court's judgement.

(A) On why the Home Minister’s ban is illegal

Justice Datuk Lau wrote:“The Applicant submits the 1st Respondent has failed to take into account one or more of the relevant considerations...

1. The word “Allah” is the correct Bahasa Malaysia word for “God” and in the Bahasa Malaysia translation of the Bible, “God” is translated as “Allah” and “Lord” is translated as “Tuhan”;

2. For 15 centuries, Christians and Muslims in Arabic-speaking countries have been using the word “Allah” in reference to the One God. The Catholic Church in Malaysia and Indonesia and the greater majority of other Christian denominations hold that “Allah” is the legitimate word for “God” in Bahasa Malaysia;

3. The Malay language has been the lingua franca of many Catholic believers for several centuries especially those living in Melaka and Penang and their descendants in Peninsular Malaysia have practised a culture of speaking and praying in the Malay language;

4. The word “God” has been translated as “Allah” in the “Istilah Agama Kristian Bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Malaysia” first published by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Malaysia in 1989;

5. The Malay-Latin dictionary published in 1631 had translated “Deus” (the Latin word for God) as “Alla” as the Malay translation;

6. The Christian usage of the word “Allah” predates Islam being the name of God in the old Arabic Bible as well as in the modern Arabic Bible used by Christians in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and other places in Asia, Africa, etc;

7. In Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia, the word “Allah” has been used continuously in the printed edition of the Matthew’s Gospel in Malaysia in 1629, in the first complete Malay Bible in 1733 and in the second complete Malay Bible in 1879 until today in the Perjanjian Baru and the Alkitab;

8. Munshi Abdullah who is considered the father of modern Malay literature had translated the Gospels into Malay in 1852 and he translated the word “God” as “Allah”;

9. There was already a Bible translated into Bahasa Melayu in existence BEFORE 1957 which translation was carried out by the British and Foreign Bible Society where the word “Allah” was used;

10. There was also already in existence a Prayer Book published in Singapore on 3.1.1905 where the word “Allah” was used;

11. There was also a publication entitled “An Abridgment of the Christian Doctrine” published in 1895 where the word “Allah” was used.

12. Anther publication entitled “Hikajat Elkaniset” published in 1874 also contains the word “Allah”

13. The Bahasa Indonesia and the Bahasa Malaysia translations of the Holy Bible, which is the Holy Scriptures of Christians, have been used by the Christian natives of Peninsular Malaysia; Sabah and Sarawak for generations;

14. The Bahasa Malaysia speaking Christian natives of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah had always and have continuously the word “Allah” for generations and the word “Allah” is used in the Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesian translations of the Bible used throught Malaysia;

15. At least for the last three decades the Bahasa Malaysia congregation of the Catholic Church have been freely using the Alkitab, the Bahasa Indonesia translation of the Holy Bible wherein the word “Allah appears;

16. The said publication is a Catholic weekly as stated on the cover of the weekly and is intended for the dissemination of news and information on the Catholic Church in Malaysia and elsewhere and is NOT for sale or distribution OUTSIDE the Church;

17. The said publication is NOT made available to members of the public and in particular to persons professing the religion of Islam;

18. The said publication contains nothing which is likely to cause public alarm and/or which touches on the sensitivities of the religion of Islam and in the fourteen years of the said publication there has never been any untoward incident arising from the Applicant’s use of the word “Allah” in the said publication;

19. In any event the word “Allah” has been used by Christians in all countries where the Arabic language is used as well as in Indonesian/Malay language without any problems and/or breach of public order/ and/or sensitivity to persons professing the religion of Islam in these countries;

20. Islam and the control and restriction of religious doctrine or belief among Muslims professing the religion of Islam is a STATE matter and the Federal Government has no jurisdiction over such matters of Islam save in the FEDERAL territories

21. The subsequent exemption vide P.U.(A) 134/82 which permits the Alkitab to be used by Christians in churches ipso facto permits the use of the word “Allah” in the said publication;22. The Bahasa Malaysia speaking congregation of the Catholic Church uses the word “Allah” for worship and instruction and that the same is permitted in the Al-Kitab.

“The Applicant further submits that NONE of the above-mentioned factual considerations were ever disputed or challenged by the 1st Respondent as factually incorrect.

" I am incline to agree with the Applicant as the response of the 1st Respondent to the factual averments is a feeble denial in paragraph 41 of the Affidavit of the 1st Respondent which reads “Keseluruhan pernyataan-pernyataan di perenggan-perenggan 50, 51 and 52(i)-(xxii) Affidavit Sokongan Pemohon adalah dinafikan...” (Emphasis added)

She ruled:

“Therefore I find the 1st Respondent in the exercise of his discretion to impose further conditions in the publication permit has NOT taken into account the relevant matters alluded to above, hence committing an error of law warranting this Court to interfere and I am of the view that the decision of the Respondents dated 7.1.2009 ought to be quashed.”

(B) On why the Home Minister’s ban is unconstitutional

Justice Lau wrote:

"...the applicant’s grounds for the reliefs of certiorari and declaratio is premised on the unconstitutional acts and conduct being inconsistent with Articles 3(1), 10, 11 and 12 of the Federal Constitution...

“Applying the principles enunciated in Meor Atiqulrahman Ishak (supra) to the instant case, there is no doubt that Christianity is a religion.

"The next question is whether the use of the word “Allah” is a practice of the religion of Christianity." In my view there is uncontroverted historical evidence allueded to in paragraph 52
(i) to (xxii) alluded to above which is indicative that use of the word “Allah” is a practice of the religion of Christianity.

"From the evidence, it is apparent the use of the word “Allah” is an essential part of the worship and instruction in the faith of the Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) speaking community of the Catholic Church in Malaysia and is integral to the practice and propagation of their faith.

“The next consideration is the circumstances under which the “prohibition” was made. The circumstances to my mind would be the factors which the Respondents rely on to justify the impugned decision which have been alluded to in paragraph 9(i) to (ix) above.

“As to the ground in paragraph 9(i) in my judgment, this is unmeritorious for the reason which has been dealt under the issue of whether the use of the word “Allah” endangers public order and national security.

"As to the ground in paragraph 9(ii), (iii), (v) and (ix), I have shown UNCHALLENGED evidence that there is a well established practice for the use of the “Allah” amongst the Malay speaking community of the Catholic faith in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak and the origin of the word and its translation...

“Considering all the factors, in my judgment, the imposition of the condition in the publication permit prohibiting the use of the word “Allah” in the said publication, “Herald – the Catholic Weekly” pursuant to the 1st Respondent’s exercise of powers under the Act contravenes the provisions of Articles 3(1), 11(1) and 11(3) of the Federal Constitution and therefore is unconstitutional.”
(C) On why the Home Minister’s ban is irrational
Justice Lau wrote in her judgment:“The Applicant challenges the impugned decision under this head of irrationality/ Wednesbury unreasonableness which applies to “a decision which is so outrageous in its defiance of logic or of accepted moral standards that no sensible person who had applied his mind to the question to be decided could have arrived at it...
”(a) It is utterly irrational and unreasonable on the part of the Respondents on the one hand not to prohibit the congregation of the Catholic Church to use the word “Allah” for worship and instruction in their faith and in the AL-Kitab, and on the other hand to state that the same word cannot be used in the said publication which serves to assist these persons in their worship and provide a medium of instruction in their faith and to disseminate news and information (see paragraph 52(xxii) of Applicant’s Affidavit).
(b) It is also utterly irrational and unreasonable on the part of the Respondents to require the Bahasa Malaysia speaking congregation of the Catholic Church to use another word to denote the Bahasa Malaysia word for “God” instead of the word “Allah” when such is and has always been the word used for the word “God” in the Catholic Church and throughout the Bahasa Malaysia speaking community of the Church in Malaysia...
“In relation to the 2 additional grounds mentioned in paragraph 17.1 above, the Respondents responded —
1. Merujuk kepada perenggan 20 Afidavit Sokongan Pemohon, Responden-Responden menegaskan bahawa Pernyataan YAB Perdana Menteri tersebut yang telah dikeluarkan melalui media cetak “The Star” pada 20/4/2005 adalah amat jelas mengarahkan agar di kulit “Bible” dalam versi Bahasa Melayu dinyatakan secara jelas bahawa ianya bukan untuk orang Islam and ianya hanya dijual doi kedai-kedai orang Kristian. Walau bagaimanapun saya sesungguhnya mempercayai dan meyatakan bahawa kenyataan media yang dirujuk itu adalah berhubung dengan Al-Kitab (Bible) sahaja dan tidak relevan kepada isu permit Herald – the Catholic Weekly yang mana syarat yang dikenakan adalah amat jelas dan perlu dipatuhi oleh Pemohon (paragraph 22 of the 1st Respondent’s Affidavit); and
2. the circulation of the Al-Kitab vide P.U.(A) 134 dated 13.5.1982 was made subject to the condition that its possession or use is only in churches by persons professing the Christian religion, throughout Malaysia.
“I find the 2 additional grounds submitted by the Applicant in paragraph 17.1 above to be of substance.
"It is to be noted that a common thread runs through like a tapestry in the Respondents’ treatment of restricting the use of the word “Allah” which appears in the Al-Kitab are:
(i) that it is not meant for Muslims;
(ii) to be in the possession or use of Christians and in churches only.
" In fact, these restrictions are similar to that imposed as a second condition in the impugned decision save for the endorsement of the word “Terhad” on the front cover of the said publication.
"Relying on the chapter on maxims of interpretation at paragraph 44 p.156 of N.S Bindra’s Interpretation of the Statute, there is a maxim “Omne majus continet in se minus” which means “The greater contains the less”."One would have thought having permitted albeit with the usual restrictions the Catholic Church to use the word “Allah” for worship and in the Al-kitab, it would be logical and reasonable for the Respondents to allow the use of the word “Allah” in the said publication drawing an analogy by invoking the maxim “The greater contains the less”.
"Indeed I am incline to agree with the Applicant that the Respondents are acting illogically, irrationally and inconsistently and no person similarly circumstanced would have acted in a like manner...
“I find there is merit in the Applicant’s contention that when viewed on its merits, the reasons given by the Home Ministry in the various directives defies all logic and is so unreasonable.
”On the seeming conflict between the Federal Constitution and the state enactments to control and restrict the propagation of religious doctrine among Muslims, she wrote: “Pursuant to Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution, ten States have enacted laws to control and restrict the propagation of religious doctrine or belief among Muslims.
The laws are –
(i) Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Enactment 1980 (State of Terengganu Enactment No.1/1980)
2. Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Enactment 1981 (Kelantan Enactment No.11/1981)
3. Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Enactment 1988 (Malacca Enactment No.1/1988)
4. Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Enactment 1988 (Kedah Darulaman Enactment No.11/1988)
5. The Non Islamic Religions (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims) Enactment 1988 (Selangor Enactment No.1/1988)
6. Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Enactment 1988 (Perak Enactment No.10/1988)
7. Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Enactment 1989 (Pahang Enactment No.5/1989)
8. Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Enactment 1991 (Johor Enactment No.12/1991)
9. The Control and Restriction (The Propagation of Non Islamic Religions Amoing Muslims) (Negeri Sembilan) Enactment 1991 (Negeri Sembilan Enactment NO.9/1991); and
10. Control and Restriction of the Propagation of Religious Belief and Doctrine which is Contrary to the Religion of Islam Enactment 2002 (Perlis Enactment No.6 of 2002)
“It is not disputed that s. 9 of the various State Enactments provide for an offence relating to the use of certain words and expression listed in Part 1 or 11 of the Schedule or in the Schedule itself as the case maybe of the State Constitutions and which includes the word “Allah”.
"Further, all these State Enactments are made PURSUANT to Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution which reads:
“State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya, Federal Law may control or restrict the PROPAGATION of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.”(Emphasis added)...
“Mr Royan drew to the Court’s attention (i) that Article 11(4) which is the restriction does not state that State law can forbid or prohibit but “may control and restrict”;
does NOT provide for State law or for any other law to control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing a religion OTHER than Islam...
“I find there is merit in Mr Royan’s submission that unless we want to say that s.9 is invalid or unconstitutional to that extent (which I will revert to later), the correct way of approaching s.9 is it ought to be read with Article 11(4).
If s.9 is so read in conjunction with Article 11(4), the result would be that a non-Muslim could be committing an offence if he uses the word “Allah” to a Muslim but there would be no offence if it was used to a non-Muslim.
"Indeed Article 11(1) reinforces this position as it states:
“Every person has the right to profess and practise his religion and, subject to Clause (4), to propagate it”.
Clause 4 restricts a person’s right only to propagate his religious doctrine or belief to persons professing the religion of Islam. It is significant to note that Article 11(1) gives freedom for a person to profess and practise his religion and the restriction is on the right to propagate.
“I find Mr Royan’s argument is further augmented by the submission of Mr Benjamin Dawson, learned Counsel for the Applicant which I find to be forceful stating that this rule of construction is permissible in the light of the mischief the State Enactments seek to cure and the provision has to be interpreted to conform to the Constitution. …
"For completeness I shall now spell out the preamble in full:
“WHEREAS Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution provides that State law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.
AND WHEREAS it is not desired to make a law to control and restrict the propagation of non-Islamic religious doctrines and beliefs among persons professing the religion of Islam.” (Emphasis added) …
“Applying the said test to the factual matrix of the present case, the Court has to bear in mind the constitutional and fundamental rights of persons professing the Christian faith to practise their religion and to impart their faith/religion to persons within their religious group and in this case, the Catholic Church comprises a large section of people from Sabah and Sarawak whose medium of instruction is Bahasa Malaysia and they have for years used religious material in which their God is called “Allah”; for that matter there is a large community who are Bahasa Malaysia speaking from Penang and Malacca.
"On the other hand, the object of Article 11(4) and the State Enactments is to protect or restrict propagation to persons of the Islamic faith.
"Seen in this context by no stretch of the imagination can one say that s.9 of the State Enactments may well be proportionate to the object it seeks to achieve and the measure is therefore arbitrary and unconstitutional.
“As to the concern of the Respondents there is no guarantee that the magazine would be circulated only among Christians and it will not fall into the hands of Muslims, I agree with Mr Royan there is no requirement of any guarantee be given by anyone in order to profess and practise an even to propagate it.
“In my view if there are breaches of any law the relevant authorities may take the relevant enforcement measures. We are living in a world of information technology; information can be readily accessible.
"Are guaranteed rights to be sacrificed at the altar just because the Herald has gone online and is accessible to all?
"One must not forget there is the restriction in the publication permit wich serves as an additional safeguard which is the word “TERHAD” is to be endorsed on the front page and the said publication is restricted to churches and to followers of Christianity only.”
(D) On the claim that the Home Minister’s ban was to safeguard public security and order Justice Lau said:“There is merit in the Applicant’s argument that the Respondents in paragraph 45 of his Affidavit (also in paragraphs 6, 25 and 46) sought to justify imposing the condition in purported exercise of his powers under the said Act on a mere statement that the use of the word “Allah” is a security issue which is causing much confusion and which threatens and endangers public order, without any supporting evidence.
"A mere statement by the 1st Respondent that the exercise of power was necessary on the ground of national security WITHOUT adequate supporting evidence is NOT sufficient in LAW....
“I find there is merit in Mr Dawson’s argument that the Court ought to take judicial notice that in Muslim countries even in the Middle East where the Muslim and Christian communities together use the word “Allah”, yet one hardly hear of any confusion arising (see paragraph 52(xix) of the Applicant’s Affidavit which is not rebutted).
"Further, I am incline to agree that the Court has to consider the question of “avoidance of confusion” as a ground very cautiously so as to obviate a situation where a mere confusion of certain persons within a religious group can strip the constitutional right of another religious group to practise and propagate their religion under Article 11(1) and to render such guaranteed right as illusory.”
(E) On claims from the Muslim groups that “Allah” cannot be challenged in courtOn this, she wrote:“I had on 31.12.2009 dismissed the applications of the Majlis Agama Islam (MAI) of Wilayah Persekutuan, Johore, Selangor, Kedah, Malacca, the MAI and Adat Melayu Terenggganu and MACMA to be heard in opposition under O.53 r.8 of the RHC (It is to be noted that the MAI and Adat Melayu Perak and MAI Pulau Pinang did not file any applicatio under O.53 r.8).
"That being the case, their submission contending the issue of whether any publication in whatever form by a non-Muslim individual or body or entity that uses the sacred word of “Allah” can be permitted in law is one that is within the absolute discretion of the Rulers and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) (in respect of Penang, Malacca, Sabah, Sarawak and the Federal Territories) as the respective Heads of Islam and is therefore non-justiciable is IRRELEVANT at the substantive hearing of the judicial review application and need not be considered by this Court.
“I adopt the following responses of the Applicant contending the application is justiciable and I am of the view there is substance –
1. the Federal Constitution and the State Constitutions clearly provide that the Rulers and the YDPA as the Head of Islam in the States and the Federal Territories have exclusive authority ONLY on Islamic affairs and Malay customs;
2. subject to Articles 10 and 11 of the Federal Constitution, the control and regulation of all publications and matters connected therewith are governed by FEDERAL Law namely the Act and only the Minister for Home Affairs is involved in the implementation and enforcement of its provisions. Under this Act, only the Minister can decide what is permitted to be published and in this regard the Rulers and the YDPA have NO role whatsoever under the scheme of this Act;
3. the PRESENT judicial review is NOT a judicial review of the decision of the Rulers or the YDPA as Head of Islam concerning the exercise of their duties and functions. It is only a judicial review of the 1st Respondent’s decision to impose a prohibition on the use of the word “Allah” by the Applicant in a publication. Since the Rulers or the YDPA cannot make any decision in respect of any publications and matters connected therewith, the issue of non justiciability does NOT arise.
(F) On what the Court really ordered
She also listed out the orders from the court in the landmark case:
“ In conclusion in the circumstances the Court grants the Applicant the following order:
1. an Order of Certiorari to quash the decision of the Respondents dated 7.1.2009 that the Applicant’s Publication Permit for the period 1.1.2009 until 31.12.2009 is subject to the condition that the Applicant is prohibited from using the word “Allah” in “Herald – the Catholic Weekly” pending the Court’s determination of the matter;
2. Jointly the following declarations:
(i) that the decision of the Respondents dated 7.1.2009 that the Applicant’s Publication Permit for the period 1.1.2009 until 31.12.2009 is subject to the condition that the Applicant is prohibited from using the word “Allah” in “Herald – the Catholic Weekly” pending the Court’s determination of the matter is null and void;
(ii) that pursuant to Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution the Applicant has the constitutional right to use the word “Allah” in “Herald — the Catholic Weekly” in the exercise of the Applicant’s right that religions other than Islam may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation;
(iii) that Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution which states that Islam is the religion of the Federation does NOT empower and/or authorize the Respondents to prohibit the Applicant from using the word “Allah” in “Herald — the Catholic Weekly”;
(iv) that pursuant to Article 10 of the Federal Constitution the Applicant has the constitutional right to use the word “Allah” in “Herald – the Catholic Weekly” in the exercise of the applicant’s right to freedom of speech and expression;
(v) that pursuant to Article 11 of the Federal Constitution the Applicant has the constitutional right to use the word “Allah” in “Herald — the Catholic Weekly” in the exercise of the Applicant’s freedom of religion which includes the right manage its own religious affairs;
(vi) that pursuant to Article 11 and 12 of the Federal Constitution the Applicant has the constitutional right to use the word “Allah” in “Herald — the Catholic Weekly” in the exercise of the Applicant’s right in respect of instruction and education of the Catholic congregation in the Christian religion.
From the above, it is very clear that the Minister in the Prime Ministers Department and de facto Law Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz had failed to perform his duties in upholding the Federal Constitution and in safeguarding every Malaysian citizens irrespective of their race and religious beliefs, their rights and privileges.