Monday, November 27, 2006


The daily newspapers and internet medias seem to be exploding the sensitiveness of the racial remarks and actions made by the UMNOputras at their recently concluded UMNO General Assembly in their reports or comments. Leaders unshielded their 'keris' to show the malay supremacy as is claimed and delegates claiming 'to bathe in blood' to protect their malay race were voices and actions spoken everywhere. Within this episode, the non-malay Barisan Nasional leaders seem to remain silent and taking stock of the sentiments expressed by their own communities. It has been reported that MCA has commenced a nation-wide campaign to explain the circumstances for this unwarranted outburst by UMNOputras and to gauge the extend of damage these remarks and actions have affected the feelings of their community. Will the Executive ever take action against these irresponsible people or will they collaborate by giving silly and lame excuses on their behalf to cover these sensitive issues. The law is precise that under the Sedition Act 1948, anyone who has uttered sensitiveness need to be punished accordingly. One thing is for certain, the non-malays in general are really feeling unhappy and feel that their patience and actions for so long have been ungrateful by these malays since giving the malays the edge with various special privileges for the past 35 years to uplift their socio-economic status. They also expect the government of the day to take the appropriate action against these people for making these unwarranted statements and actions. There are also now claims that the expressions made were similar to previous assemblies and was nothing new, which clearly reflected the UMNOputras desire not to extend any apology which will indirectly discredit their claimed supremacy. The UMNOputras have to realise that independence was obtained by all the communities living in Malaya then (now Malaysia) who have had equally contributed in the progress of the country to the present time.

It has been noted that during the recent UMNO General Assembly, the delegates were given a free hand to express anything except issues raised by Tun Dr Mahathir, matters about Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's poor administration of the country and the purported Supreme Council meeting minutes where the sabotage attempted on Tun Dr Mahathir's delegate representation were records which was later expunged. If the issues about the sabotage attempts were bought out although almost of the delegates had full knowledge of the incident had happened, UMNO could have been declared having violated its own party constitution and had breached the Societies Act, rendering the party to be de-registered once again. These the delegates would not want it to happen since most of the delegates were expecting government contracts and monetary favours and this could be clearly seen by the award of RM600 Million to UMNO division chiefs to disburse on community projects, which is considered the 'buy-off' amount to shut their gabs. The UMNO delegates were not bothered about the proper running of the UMNO party but were instead interested in gaining materially. Issues like abolishment of NEP had received great criticism since the malays have been totally depend on them and had never learnt to stand on their own two feet. Since the statement that the chinese had been systematically marginalised was brought out, the malays fear that since they are the second largest community, and have been in control of the economy, the malays had to instil fear and hatred to keep this community at bay and the malays know that any criticism levelled against them will receive great response for both these communities. Discussing on Khairy's influence on the Prime Minister was not even brought out although free copies of Khairy's Chronicles which gives detail account of his involvement were distributed to the delegates. The reality of 'bangsa Malaysia' which every Malaysian dreams off, had been brushed aside and just made to be a 'fairy tale' or state of mind.

From the account of the incident that had transpired, it could be safely said that the real hidden secrets like sabotage committee minutes, poor perform of the prime minister, nepotism, cronyism, Khairy's involvement will always remain a mystery and will remain unrevealed. The malays know that UMNO which lead the Barisan Nasional will always have a clout over the other component parties if it remains to exist which will benefit the malay community on the whole.

Friday, November 24, 2006


There is much debate about the recent live telecast of the UMNO General Assembly. Although every matter has its pros and cons but for the benefit of the majority, a live telecast will allow its members to know how their elected representatives behaviour or perform at the assembly. If every member were to attend these assemblies, which rightfully should have been, there will be no place in our country to accomodate them. To avoid all these difficulties, it was restricted to a certain number at the choice of the members themselves. But a live telecast would enable these members to view what have been deliberated and also keep them informed. This thing should be encouraged and maintained to show the transparency of the institution. There have been remarks made by certain quarters as regards to having a live telecast. If there is nothing to hide and if the people attending know what needs to be done within the confines of the law, why deprive the rest who have every right to know what is happening.

The major factor for this dispute were sensitive remarks and actions made at the recent assembly. Every citizen knows his rights and obligations and failure to obey will compel them with a detriment. The UMNO leaders and delegates know these very well. If anyone had gone overboard, he or she should be punished for the crime committed. Raising racial remarks is an offence in our country under the Sedition Act and everyone knows it. Just trying to have an edge in their political career by making racial remarks were really unwarranted. Malaysia is a multi-racial country and these sort of racial remarks will arose racial sentiments among the multi-racial communities which is not good to foster national unity. These so-call leaders were fully aware but still decided to make the outburst or show. The law of the land is very clear on this matter. If it has been sensitive, this person need to be arrested and charged as provided by the law, irrespective of whether he or she is the prime minister, minister or delegate. The secretary-general of UMNO is also at fault. He should have warned their members to respect the law and should have immediately removed this delegate from proceeding further. Nothing of these sort of things were done, so the delegates, for their own selfish benefit, to gain recognisation from their community, continued to raise these sensitive remarks or acts. Racial debate is very argumentive with no party actually achieving anything except disunity. The rakyat on the whole know this but still want to bring them out. The reason for allowing the delegates a free hand was to camourflage the weakness from being exposed, like the Supreme Council Minutes discussing on sabotaging Tun Dr Mahathir, Badawi's corrupt and irresponsible leadership of the country and so forth.

Now, UMNO is faced with a greater crisis. How to convince the non-malays, who are the faithful voters of Barisan Nasional, that it was a misrepresentation of the delegates views. For the coming weeks, leaders would haul delegates for investigation but at the end it will all be just swept under the carpet, in order to keep them supporting the current UMNO leadership. The non-malays know this and will retaliate at the coming polls. But as usual, Barisan Nasional can't afford to displease these rakyat, will offer goodies to calm the situation. Will this help. I feel it would not since the malays have benefitted tremendously and have reflected their unfaithfulness. It seems that the UMNOputras could say and express anything but when a non-malay says or express anything in favour of their own community, immediate action is taken.

Its now up to the government, majority of them UMNOputras to take action. Things have already been committed and cannot be rectified. The law of the land has to be adhered to. Will it be done? Will the UMNOputras ever learn from this incident?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The Barisan Nasional (BN) or National Front was established in 1973 by late Tun Abdul Razak with the aim of unifying the political parties based in Malaysia with a common objective to keep governing the country and also to maintain its multi-racial image since the country is a multi-racial country. Many political parties were admitted so that the chances of winning the elections were made much easier and the BN were able to use the machineries of the respective components parties to secure a victory. Although UMNO was made to lead this coalition since the Prime Minister was from UMNO, the other parties also enjoyed much clout and representation. But this idealogy is slowly fading away due to the superiority attitude of UMNO of late. Will BN last, will greatly depend on the coming polls. If the BN loses, as usual, component parties will break and some may even join the ruling party or challege the polls on their own. But one thing is for certain, UMNO, MIC and MCA, the Alliance partners or 'Big Brothers' as they are called in the BN, will always work together and sing or swim together.

The recent UMNO General Assembly had given the BN component parties a wake-up call. The UMNOputras had showed their supremacy and certain actions have undermined this unity that had be forged for so long. For instance, the RM3 Million given to each UMNO division leader is an example. But in the Dewan Rakyat a few days ago, it was told that it was for rural development under Rural Development Ministry. If it is under the government, why say that UMNO division heads will be given this money to implement and co-ordinate the projects. If it is public funds then government officers need to be involved for accountability and transparency purposes. It is also learnt that these projects have been expresso, so that the UMNO leaders and branches could materially benefit from this allocation. The UMNO President, who is also the Prime Minister clearly knows that the majority of the delegates were businessmen and the real reason for gaining this division leadership was to enhance their business. The Prime Minister's offer to these delegates were also to buy their gab for not raising the sabotage attempts carried out by the entire UMNO Supreme Council against Tun Dr Mahathir from being elected as a delegate. Everyone knows this act is illegal and will land UMNO in deep trouble but by offering these goodies, the delegates had forgotten this illegal act and the party could continue to be administered since the general body had not made a single remark about this illegal act. See how the government of the day is using public funds to reach their objectives.

Many fiery speeches were also allowed so that the concentration of the delegates were to focus on the non-malays and not to bring out the flaws outlined by Tun Dr Mahathir against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his administration. Most of the speeches and actions were sensitive in nature and could be charged against the Sediction Act. As usual, to distort the delegates, UMNO allowed them to voice these grievances openly.

The UMNOputras fail to realise that the Barisan Nasional will not be able to form a government without the faithful assistance of the non-malays. The malays as usual were divided and unpredictable when a voting is called. Now the government had announced that investigation by the authorities will be carried out, just to show the non-malays that they are important. Why isn't any member until now not been arrested and charged since it was a live-telecast. The answer is simple, UMNOputras can say and do anything, nothing will happen. When a non-malay sends a memo to the Prime Minister, talked about misused of school funds in Muar or question the rational behind withdrawing recognisation of Ukraine medical degress, these non-malays were immediately reprimanded. It is time for the non-malays to take stock of the situation and not to be bought by some goodies. These goodies are public funds that should be correctly used for the benefit of the whole rakyat not just for a few.

Component parties had always portrayed the identity of 'Bangsa Malaysia', meaning everyone of us are Malaysians and not identified as being malay, chinese, indians, ibans, kadazans or so forth or bumiputra or non-bumiputra. It was recently revealed that this is just a 'fairy tale' to please the non-malays. The malays have been enjoying special privileges through the New Economic Policy (NEP) and this community knows the benefits the race had gained and enjoyed which now they refuse to part with. It was actual meant for 20 years, but the BN government led by UMNO kept extending with cooked-up statitics so that UMNO and BN can remain in power. The malays would be a total wreck if these privileges were withdrawn since they have never learned to stand on their own two feet. The government was able to shadow these grants by using the petrolieum royalities but it is predicted that it will deplete by the next 10 to 15 years. When the Bangsa Malaysia was first introduced together with the Rukun Negara, the rakyat were pleased and had tolerated this disparity since it would not be forever. But now it seems otherwise. It is not the entire malays who are seeking this privilege but the UMNOputras. This is where the problem arises, UMNO members want an edge against government contracts so that they could all be rich without really working hard for it.

Various dealings of the present government is also worrisome. The Prime Minister has been quoted as being not in control of the situation. It seems his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin is a key-player. Some projects announced have also affected the sovereignity of the nation. Some decisions for scrapping certain projects agreed upon by the previous cabinet have become a focal of debate.

What may come, it is all up to the rakyat to decide. If they still want to retain this irresponsible and crooks as their government, then nothing can be done. Actually it is all in the hands of the rakyat, Who must be in and Who must be out.

Looking at the current scenario, UMNO is only worried about the UMNOputras and the rest of the component parties need to fend for themselves or beg UMNO for some benefits. This is not what BN component parties had expected when they joined the coalition. It was suppose to be a collective agreement between all the coalition partners. Although at the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council, every member has a same and equal say but in the government this is not extended. UMNO seems to dominate the rest and if this prolongs, this coalition will face a setback since non-UMNO members rights and privileges are secondary. Just sweet talks will not solve or calm the current situation any more since the internet medias report everything rather than the printed medias. The rakyat are more educated, well informed and are able to rationalise their situation.

There are even talks by certain component parties deciding to merger within to have a greater say. But whatever their intentions, it will not affect the whole situation. As long as Barisan Nasional rules, UMNO will dictate and the rest will have to follow.

Looking at the events and comments, Barisan Nasional will face a big struggle within its coalition and only time will tell. If the BN component parties are really caring for their members, they will break and team-up with the others to have a more Malaysianise party.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


The recently concluded UMNO General Assembly had sparkled various sensitive and concerned issues for the rakyat of various races to rethink of their stand. Since UMNO had clearly demonstrated that it is only interested in looking at the welfare of its own membership rather than the whole rakyat, since it leads the government, which is formed by the Barisan Nasional, whose membership comprises of various ethnical races living in peace and harmony in Malaysia. The fear that most Malaysians had feared-of for years has finally been revealed. Any reconcilation will likely not going to mend this rift unless this practice of double-standards is totally abolished immediately. The rakyat is not going to believe any future statements or apology offered and it is likely that it would be shown at the coming polls. The UMNOputras had failed to appreciate the contributions of these rakyat who are not members of UMNO, who had continuously voted for the Barisan Nasional government.

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who is also UMNO President, had announced an allocation of RM 3 Million each to every UMNO Division leader in the country, who is responsible for carrying out beneficial projects for their own community while neglecting that these funds are public funds and should be used responsibly for the welfare of all Malaysians irrespective of their political affiliation. Just trying to buy their 'gab' in this manner is going to cost his leadership to collapse since he is currently faced with a major crisis from his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir, demanding for his immediate resignation for his incompetency and mismanagement of the country.

Various sensitive remarks had been levelled against the other communities in Malaysia by its leaders and delegates although there are laws to punish the wrongdoers who incite them. UMNO General Assembly does not enjoy any immunity and every statement that contravenes the laws of Malaysia are punishable and the government of the day need to adhere to it. The UMNO Youth leader Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, who is also Education Minister had unsheathed in public a 'keris', intimidating and inciting hatred against the other communities for raising various issues like NEP figures, hitting out against the MCA youth leadership who had brought out the matters raised by the UMNO deputy Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin that the chinese community will take a upper-hand if the malays were weak and so forth. But until now, nothing has taken place. When a MCA leader and Deputy Higher Education Minister made a remarked as regards to the hanky-panky of the Education Ministry on the renovations of schools, immediate action was taken by the government to reprimand this leader. When a MIC leader and Deputy Minister brought out the issue of medical studies in Ukraine, he was suspended for a certain period of his duties for inciting sensitivitness.

Not fearing any detriment, UMNO delegates took the stand to hit out against the the public who had demanded answers to conflicting reports, which was meant to ensure that the country is well-managed which will benefit the rakyat on the whole. This selfish attitude cultivated by these UMNOputras will hinder nation building. A delegate had even used a familiar rhetoric of blood and belonging to attack the counter attacks that had discussed on the special privileges enjoyed by the malays.

The malays have to realise that although they represent a large population but according to economic contribution, the non-malays are greater contributors of revenue to the country. The malays just seem to be enjoying benefits for such a long period of time and until now have been unable to effectively contribute economically and seems just to be rely on 'handouts'. Currently, since Malaysia is an oil exporter, the country enjoys oil wealth which could shoulder these causes and if the malays continue to be dependent and fail to stand on their own two feet, once this oil is depleted, the malays are going to face a massive delimma.

The original Constitution formulated in 1957 had enshined to give every citizen freedom and since then, clauses have been amended many times just to give clout to the malays position by the ruling government headed by UMNO. Now there have been calls that every citizen need to adhere to them which their forefathers have agreed upon. Its true that we need to make changes that will benefit the whole rakyat but giving a upper-hand to one community is something, that needs a review since it cannot exist for long. The malays have to clearly understand this and make a quick change, if not they will face the same faith as previously but this time no one will be there to offer any assistance.

Although the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had spoken on a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious society but this message seem to be not to be understood by the leaders and delegates of UMNO. Just to create a political platform were the ambitions of these leaders and if they had breached the law, they need to receive their punishment. No one is above the law.

If these trend continues, Barisan Nasional will eventual be voted out of power in the coming polls.

What will happen to all this BIG TALK and BIG TALKERS?

Who is going to HELP!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006


The UMNO General Assembly will end today and the 'pesta' for the past few days too will come to an abrupt end. Various traders outside the conference hall seem to be having a roaring business with a few free give-aways too.

UMNO General Assembly as far as I see had not achieved anything. It has only created a rift between the other component parties which seem to be brewing. Talks of malay rights, continuing NEP policy, and asking other leaders to shut-up, showing the 'keris' were remarks voiced, rather than talking on useful policies for the nation and how to strengthen the existing racial unity among the various races in our country.

UMNO leaders and delegates fail to address the key issues such as economic, corruption, cronyism, nepotism and so forth. Since each divisional leaders was granted RM 3 Million, they feel that the government had done something great, but fail to realise that it was meant to shut their gabs.

The current rift between the former leader was not addressed and his accusation were never debated. There is a likelyhood that this rift is going to see the collapse of UMNO and will there be another assembly next time is an important question, outsiders seem to ponder. There are issues that affect UMNO as a whole but the delegates had decided to ignore for fear of their selfish attitude.

It was also noted that the free copies of Khairy's Chronicle was distributed to everyone at the assembly hall. Although Khairy clearly describes the articles in the publication as a 'fairy tale', only time will tell.

Another year has past with nothing achieved. This is UMNO style of politics which Malaysia seem to be heading.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


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(Please note that Islam prohibits any form of gambling by its followers. This article was published to indicate the world's biggest lottery.)
My article in MALAYSIAKINI today:

Mohd Kamal AbdullahNov 16, 06 4:28pm

The current debates at the Umno general assembly clearly portray that Umno - which claims to be the leader of the Barisan Nasional - has forgotten the assistance of the other communities in Malaysia.

During the previous general elections, due to the loyalty of the other communities, the Barisan Nasional, were able to form the government. If the other communities had turned way, Umno would have been a total wreck. How easily they forget history. The Umno leaders should actually appreciate the commitment, loyalty and support these non-Malay parties have delivered to the Barisan Nasional.

There has been talk that S Samy Vellu, Dr Koh Tsu Koon and Ong Tee Kiat should bow down to Umno although they are leaders of and in their respective parties within the coalition. Actually, having given Umno so much of clout itself is a great sacrifice that these leaders and their parties have given.

Umno should punish their own ‘looking for power’ leaders or face a great challenge in the coming polls. With the ever-present rifts in Umno, the next polls, without the backing of the other component parties, will see Barisan Nasional losing hands down. I want to see the day this happens and what these so-called Umno leaders are going to say then.

It is also time for the other component parties in the Barisan Nasional to take stock. Should they remain in the coalition and be continued to be shamed, then they may want to face the general elections on their own.

The Umnoputras have gained considerable benefits at the expense of the other races and rather than trying to be appreciative, they have become offensive as though they are the natives of the soil. One can deem Umno's current outburst as a total 'curang ajar'.

With the current UMNO General Assembly in session, it seems that statements like malay rights, New Economic Policy, bumiputra privileges, May 13 1969 riots and so forth are voiced by the leaders and also by the delegates which incites fear on the other races in Malaysia to shut-up or face a detriment. This unhealthy attitude of these leaders should be stopped as it will lead to a grave indifference between the communities and will deter the successful implementation of our national integration policy.

Just because UMNO seems to be facing a major internal crisis, to camourflage the current situation, UMNO seems to be playing with the sentiments of the malay community. Rather than trying to settle their problems by themselves, they seem to be trying to get the malays to unite under UMNO, so that they could show the other fraction that they need to cool-off any plans to sabotage and undermine the present leadership. Offers of grants amounting to RM 3 Millions had be announced by the UMNO President and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to each division heads to carry out small projects to assist their community. Although this plan is welcomed but the manner this implementation is carried out is worrisome, since these are public funds and it needs accountability and transparency which is lacking.

Just creating incitement or creating fear of another racial riots is really uncall for. The Malaysian society have always be tolerant and had always expected the government to treat every citizen with fairness and respect. Just because the rakyat had questioned the equity methodological basis that the government had arrived, should not be preceived as a retaliation since some study conducted reveals otherwise. The rakyat wants the government to be responsible to every citizen and not to twist with figures just to favour a certain group to keep enjoying the privileges.

During the last general election the government had promised to wipe out corruption, cronyism and nepotism but from the feedback received it seems to be on the rise. The government should take heel of public opinions and redress these issues.

UMNO leaders and delegates should stop criticising the non-umno rakyat and concentrate on unifying their membership. They should find ways so that these leaders could come to a common stand, which will help progress the country. Just trying to create fear is not the answer to any problems.

What will happen next?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


UMNO President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that each Division leaders of UMNO would be alloted RM3 Million each for development projects. This sudden report has taken the nation by surprise since PM Abdullah had always indicated that he represented every Malaysian irrespective of his or her status. This clearly denotes that only UMNO members are going to benefit from this allocation. This allocation is government money and it needs to be accountable to the rakyat. UMNO has not that much of funds of its own to give its division heads. These clearly shows the misuse of position and misuse of public funds.

It is surprising that the present government is a Barisan Nasional government and the rest of the component leaders seem to be silent on this matter. Looking at the whole scenario, it is likely that Barisan Nasional will lose this coming polls hands down.

On the other hand, UMNO seems to be heading for a split, one group under the current president, Abdullah and the other under former president Mahathir. Abdullah to gain total support had engineered by providing this allocation. It seems my prediction that money-politics will eventually be used to gain support had turn to be true.

Looking at the situation, there is a major crisis heading UMNO's way and Abdullah is taking stock of the situation by inducing money to gain support. On the other hand, Mahathir has by now knows that the whole Supreme Council had collaborated to sabotaged his failure to be elected as a delegate and this contravenes the party's constitution. The whole UMNO Supreme Council could be disqualified and charged in court. All these members could also be disqualified from holding public office as it also contravenes the Societies Act. UMNO on its own is heading for 'big trouble'.

Public money should be spent wisely and be accountable. Giving irresponsible leaders with no accountability is a grave injustice the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is commiting.

What do u say?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


During this recent UMNO General Assembly there have been statements made referring to the 'malay agenda'. UMNO seems to be trying to unify the malays since there has been alot of bickering going on with former president and former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad demanding the resignation of the UMNO current president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as prime minister. Just to side-track the focus of attention various sensitive statements are made. These people fail to realise that Malaysia is a multi-racial country and it would be improper just to talk about a single community since UMNO heads the ruling government, Barisan Nasional, which should represent the multi-racial communities living in Malaysia. It seems that UMNO is just concern about UMNOputras and UMNOputris and no one else including malays who are not members of UMNO. A recent statement by a Barisan Nasional leader from East Malaysia clearly clarify this remark.

It has been years that certain extra-ordinary benefits and assistance had been given to the bumiputras. The malays are the greatest benefactor of this scheme but since they have become so complacent, any move to remove this special privilege will counter an attack. The malays have never learnt to stand on their own two feet. From observations, the malays have progressed in every field but do not apply these skills or broaden their knowledge as they feel that what they have gained from colleges and universities are sufficient enough. The world is moving in a tremendous pace, and have to keep up with current innovations is something that is lacking with the malay community. The malays totally rely on the government to give them good employment which will feed them. This is what is meant by 'spoon feeding'. Until and unless the malays or UMNOputras and UMNOputris to be precised, change their attitude, the New Economic Policy will become part and parcel of the malay race, which will hinder the development of the other races in the country and also the country on a wide prespective.

Another aspect of the Malay Agenda is that by joining UMNO, every member is expected to benefit materially. They expect the government to give them contracts, concessions and other perks without having to really work for it. These benefits are 'sold' to third parties for quick cash, who usually abuse them by duplicating or doing a scam as the benefactor are not them. Then the malays or UMNO putras/ris will blame this third party rather than themselves. The government would need to interfere and squash the matter.

It seems that UMNO is just using this Malay Agenda to create a sense that they must stand united and that they are supreme. If the malays stand united then any hankypanky committed by the current administration could be easy swept under the carpet. The incompetency and mismanagement of the country will all be forgot since they will pledge total support for their leaders. These leaders could do anything, this will not worry them. What these leaders says goes. UMNO delegates need to realise that they have been entrusted by their branch members to use this 'power' to see that their party and country is government in a proper manner. But we can keep shouting, these people will not hear. To them if they gain materially, that really counts.

It is obvious that a few remarks here and there will be expressed just to show the nation that they care, but the ultimate decision will be 'don't care'. Let anyone say anything but the party must go on and this could only be achieved if full support is given to the current leadership - whether the leadership is incompetent or bad managers.

So, dear UMNO members don't be carried away by these sweet talks. Use your rights to demand explanations and lets create a truly progressive and harmonize country. If any leader had breached any of his undertaking, expel them so that they know that this is what is expected of them when they hold office. There is no room for 'maaf maafan', although this concept is what the malays are so fond of using and abusing.

Don't be carried away by the term 'malay agenda' since it is bullshit talk.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


The largest political party in Malaysia, UMNO or United Malay National Organisation, which is the leading partner in the Barisan Nasional, which governs the country, is holding its Annual General Assembly from November 13, 2006 to November 17, 2006 at the Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur. About 2,554 delegates from various UMNO divisions in the country are attending this meeting. This meeting is expected to be very crucial for the current President, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also the Prime Minister of Malaysia, since there are numerous calls for his immediate resignation since he has been deemed incompetent and had mismanaged the country. Corruption, nepotism, cronism and many others are also expected to be a hot topics at the assembly. The greatest matter would be the problem that the current president seem to be facing with former president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. It had been revealed recently that even his second meeting with Tun Dr Mahathir at Tokyo had not resolved their rift between them. But Tun Dr Mahathir would not be attending this meeting since he has been warded for a mild heart attack at the IJN a couple of days ago and had been adviced by his doctors to rest there for further observation and treatment.

The Assembly would commence with a light tone of 'salam-salaman' as usual. There will be grand meals to keep every delegate expremely satisfied and happy. It is predicted that 'may be' this time around, every delegate may be offered a green envelope with a fat 'angpow' to keep them focussing on the agenda decided by the Supreme Council and not to be side-tracked to discuss on matters raised by Tun Dr Mahathir or on any other matter highlighted by the online internet medias. It is common that to shut the delegates rights to do so, they are offered these 'angpows' to shun them from provoking any unhealthy scene. The suspected threats would have been offered projects or concessions linked to the 9th Malaysia Plan. UMNO style politics.

It is public knowledge that the recent incident in Kubang Pasu division where every delegate was offered RM200 angpow to vote out Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from being a delegate. It was further revealed that the whole UMNO Supreme Council had planned this sabotage which if could be proved (obtained the minutes) could make UMNO de-registered for having violated its Constitution and had breached the Societies Act and every member of the Supreme Council will be charged in court which will disqualify every member from holding public office. Since this matter will gravely undermine this largest party which claims to rule the BN and government, the likelyhood of this being discuss will not arise, since without UMNO, the Malay race would be a fall-out community. It will be emphaised that the Malay race has greatly benefited due to the existence of UMNO and the survival of UMNO is paramount. The special rights of the Malays currently enjoyed will be removed if not for UMNO and this would create chaos and will ruin this community. So no one will take this risk. They will forgive their leaders and accept that since 'politics is dirty', it is a way of life although religious wise, it is considered 'haram'.

The position of Khairy Jamaluddin, son-in-law of the president and prime minister, being a hot topic will not suffice. It is expected that Khairy is eyeing for the post of Vice President, left vacant by Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad from Negeri Sembilan, to give room for him to be the future Prime Minister, as indicated by him that he will be at 40. Tun Dr Mahathir had demanded that the president sack Khairy from every position he holds, since it is belived that he is the mastermind for president and prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. It is also learnt that hot money is been circulated among delegates to propose and second this nomination and motion at this Assembly. It may materialise without even with any objections.

As regards to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's incompetency, the delegates may voiced some criticisms but at the same time allow him time to adjust and make good his follies. The remark that he sleeps on his job and does not read any proposal or memorandum will be camouflaged. So these matters will just die off.

Projects like crooked bridge and Johor Economic corridors will be discussed but it will be given the impression that it will benefit the rakyat although we are losing our sovereign to another country. Delegates would be told of the 'benefits', this implementation would create and arise. As regards the crooked bridge, the likelyhood would be the leadership will highlight the chance of a International Court issue that would eventually be of disbenefit to the rakyat will be exposed and the amount of damages the rakyat will have to pay out. So these two great issues will be just forgotten and just swept aside.

The whole meeting would be used to camourflage the benefits the country is going to derive by the implementation of the 9th Malaysia Plan and why the president need to be there to implement them. The talk about removing him or any other sorts will all be just brushed aside due to the 'angpows' offered. So as to speak, all the delegates are going to be bought to shut their gab.

The Assembly will end with offering full confidence to the president and gone are the interest of the rakyat taken into account.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was admitted at the IJN after a mild heart attack early this morning. It is hope that he will get well soon. It was further reported that doctors want him to rest for at least a week at the hospital. It was revealed a few days ago that during a routine check-up, Tun Dr Mahathir has 3 blockages.

It was further reported that at 2.15pm PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had called at the IJN to meet Tun Dr Mahathir but was unable to see him as he was asleep after taking medication. He spoke to the doctor concerned and left.

Hope to see the possibility of Tun Dr Mahathir attending the UMNO General Assembly, since his presence will really create a sense of awareness his intentions for his rift with PM Abdullah was for the well-being of the nation and not self interest as claimed by certain quarters.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


One of the aspiration of Malaysia is to create a single identity, that is Bangsa Malaysia. Currently, although born in Malaysia, we are currently classified as Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahans, Sarawakians and others. Even within these classification, there is a reclassification, that is bumiputra and non-bumiputra. A lot of criticism have been levelled against these discrimatory terms but since the establishment of the New Economic Policy in 1970 by our government, it has been an accepted term since it was classified to give the bumiputras a edge over the others which was then considered a backward group, so that they could also bridge their socio-economic gap with the non-bumiputras.

Most Malaysians need to realise that they are all mostly emigrants for other lands except for the pribumis, who are the natives of the soil. But since the natives or pribumis as classified by the government, do not have great desires and expectations, they still maintain their native desires and tradition and live in the remote areas of the country while most of them prefer to keep themselves in isolation from the other races living in Malaysia.

This matter had arisen as a result of the Mentri Besar of Johor, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman had on last Sunday while opening the Johor UMNO Convention had questioned the need for the people of different races in Malaysia to be ethnically diluted or mixed up merely for the Bangsa Malaysia concept which he deems was still "hazy" in its meaning. In the meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak informed while closing the UMNO Johor Convention today that the Bangsa Malaysia concept is the state of an individual's mind and does not infringe on Malay special rights and privileges,and that the Bangsa Malaysia was a concept and had nothing to do with the Constitution or national policies, while it does not evaluate someone by his skin colour, race or religion. When asked to comment on GERAKAN President Datuk Seri Lim Keng Yaik's statement that Johor UMNO was going against the government policy, Najib commented that the government will review its policies from time to time but our focus on the concept of Bangsa Malaysia is being a state of mind and we need to avoid 'polemics' when discussing on this issue. He stated further that if we debate on this issue it will only raise many questions and will not benefit anyone and if we were to amend the Constitution on this, it will create unrest. While closing, Abdul Ghani stated that this concept was widely termed but brought about the concept of pluralism, which was equality without a core base.

After having understood the intentions of the government, it is clear that BANGSA MALAYSIA is just a 'fairy tale' and will face a uphill task to be implemented since the Malays, who seem to claim as a superior race in Malaysia, will not want to lose its current fringe benefits.

In actual fact, Bangsa Malaysia should enjoy all these fringe benefits since they are the real benefactors of our society.

It seems that another problem have been just created. Where will this end.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Since the last 'great drama' involving ASLI, it was recently reported that way back in 2002, the Universiti Malaya research study had revealed that the bumiputra corporate equity in 1997 stood at 33.7%, way above the New Economic Policy target of 30%. But until todate, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who had told the rakyat on his arrival from Mecca after performing his 'umrah' recently (16 October, 2006) that they will let the rakyat know how the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the government had derived at its figure of 18.9%, which was used as a basis in order to extend the implementation of this policy for another 15 years to year 2020 in the 9th Malaysia Plan.

The latest report pertains to the research conducted in 2002 by Universiti Malaya academician Dr M Fazilah Abdul Samad, and it was based on a 10-year analysis of bumiputera equity ownership between 1988 and 1997 of public listed companies on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) and it revealed that the bumiputera equity ownership target in 1997 was at 33.7% and this calculations had relied on figures calculated by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) that is based on the par value of shares of the registered companies in Malaysia. Researchers had criticized this methodology methods since it does not represent the current actual value of the stocks and the figure derived could be much higher if current market methodology were used which should be the correct method used in deriving at the equity figure.

Basing on the above factors, the likelyhood would be that ASLI's latest report could be true but the government does not want to admit it. The government fears that the malays will vote against UMNO or Barisan Nasional in the coming polls if this privilege is withdrawn. The malays have been thriving due to this incentive and had never learnt to stand on their own two feet. It seems the New Economic Policy had actually failed in its 'real' objective.

When will the government or Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reveal the government methodology of 18.9%? or does he fear that the rakyat will brand him and his cabinet a 'lier' for not telling the truth.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had just completed his third term in office as our prime minister and it needs to be noted that for the past 3 years, there had been no show of any projects implemented by him that would benefit the rakyat in any way except just empty promises that good things are about to come and could be actually sighted sometime in mid 2007. It was also reported that the government has much more money now to spend on useful projects but nothing had been forthcoming. In the mist of all this, his predecessor, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has commenced a vigorous attack against his credibility and reputation. Tun Dr Mahathir had demanded that PM Abdullah's resignation as prime minister due to his incompetence and mismanagement of our country.

It has been reported that PM Abdullah has given his ministers absolute powers to carry out their ministries projects and these matters were never raised at the cabinet meetings for discussion prior to cabinet approval. Since implementing this manner, various discrepancies have arisen and PM Abdullah who is totally responsible is unable to answer any queries as he is unaware of them. To illustrate, the Second Finance Minister had approved the purchase of a foreign party (Singaporeans) to buy the stakes of Kumpulan Hospital Pantai and when it became a controversy, it was repurchased back at a lost of more that RM100 Millions of public funds.

It was further noted that PM Abdullah does not like to read any proposals and would give the go ahead without even conducting a feasibility study. Millions to Billions of public funds could be wasted due to his incompetence.

With regards to the Johor crooked bridge, as it is called now, to replace the existing Causeway, it could be clearly noted that PM Abdullah must not have read anything about its benefits to Malaysians, but just because Singapore is not in favour of this proposal, although it was earlier agreed upon, this project was totally shelfed and Millions of public funds as compensation will be paid out to the awarded contractor. From the comments made by Tun Dr Mahathir, it is possible that Singapore has an ulterior motive in not agreeing to the agreed bridge project.

PM Abdullah had recently admitted that his family has been given various government businesses but claimed that while Tun Dr Mahathir was in power, his family had gained much more. He has gone against the trust entrusted by the rakyat and is now in 'conflict of interest' against his undertaking.

It was also reported that during the UMNO Supreme Council Meeting prior to the Kubang Pasu Division elections, PM Abdullah wanted Tun Dr Mahathir not to be elected as a delegate at any cost, by hook or by crook. This purported minutes of meeting were subsequently withdrawn after Datuk Seri Rais Yatim pointed out the fatal error and problems that this council is going to face if known to the public or ordinary UMNO members. PM Abdullah had at all times maintained that his leadership would not interfere with the electoral process. What a lie. It seems that every supreme council member is now in violation of the party rules and a breach of the Societies Act.

My dear fellow Malaysians, these are a few example of the follies of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and it is up to the rakyat to revaluate his credibility in continuing to administer the country.

Who should succeed him, is a important question!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Certain quarters in UMNO seem to be calling upon Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to relinquish his advisory posts to several government agencies. These people claim that the continued attack by Tun Dr Mahathir on the current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign from his position, seems to be totally unacceptable to them and does not warrant any merits in substantiating his claim. But from the various reports made available, it seems that Tun Dr Mahathir seem to be voicing his deep concerns with proof that PM Datuk Seri Abdullah is really irresponsible and unfit to continue leading our country any further unless he mends his way in administrating the country. Even then, UMNO has no right to demand for his resignation since these appointments were made by the Prime Minister and not by UMNO. These appointments have been a tradition of the ruling government, Barisan Nasional for decades. The Prime Minister is the head of the ruling party Barisan Nasional, and UMNO is just one of the component parties of the Barisan Nasional, and if this call had come from these leaders of the component parties then the prime minister may have to review these positions. The Barisan Nasional policy is that every component party has a same and equal say and no party is superior to one another. Since the matter pertains to the prime minister, it would be really inappropriate for him to take any action, since it may seem to be in conflict of interest. These positions were offered to Tun Dr Mahathir for his valuable services rendered to the country for the past 22 years.

UMNO leaders need to realise that the country is not ruled by them alone but by a group of parties. With so much of problems currently faced by UMNO, rather than trying to resolve their own internal matter they seem to artificially create that the whole rakyat is in support of their call. Maybe most of these people are trying their best to divert the real problem away from the knowledge of the rakyat. UMNO need to realise that the rakyat cannot be fooled again and are very well informed of the current situation although the mainstream medias do not report these situations.

As far as the matter goes, Tun Dr Mahathir had clearly stated that he is not going to relinquish these positions. So, who is there to remove him from these posts? Only the rakyat can do something. Even the Prime Minister and his whole cabinet his currently paralysed from taking any actions, since the grouces of Tun Dr Mahathir undermines their credibility.