Thursday, November 16, 2006


It is lottery fever everywhere in Europe today (friday, 17 November) with the world's biggest lottery (EuroMillion) draw today which is expected to be more than £120 Million (approximately more than RM815 Million). There shall be no more rollovers and someone has to win it or it shall be shares by the other winners. Sales of tickets costing only £1.50 (about RM10.20) each is expected to sour with lottery agents expecting a huge sales and last minute rush.

This is your last chance to partcicpate in today's EuroMillion lottery draw. The ticket sales will close at 7.30pm sharp (London time) as usual.

This is the first time this EuroMillion lottery draw has reached this huge amount. It is expected that the amount would be much higher since the draw prize is dependent on the volume of sales.

Will you be the lucky one!!!!!

(Please note that Islam prohibits any form of gambling by its followers. This article was published to indicate the world's biggest lottery.)