Thursday, November 29, 2007


It has finally been revealed that the Pengerusi of Suruhanraya Pilihanraya Malaysia (SPR), Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman was the main cause of intimidating the rakyat to send a memorandum to the Agong. This was disclosed to a delegation by Rashid on 3 July, 2007 as reported by Setiausaha Sekretariat Bersih, Faisal Mustaffa today. A tape recording of this meeting is available and it is hope that it will be made available to the rakyat by Internet means so that everyone can access and hear the conversation made.

The Barisan Nasional leadership need to make a IMMEDIATE apology to the rakyat for wrongfully undermining the rakyat's intentions. The Police should immediately withdraw all charges against every demonstrator and make BN pay compensation to every victim hurt or harshed by the police force. No public funds should be used. All BN component parties need to foot the bill or face bankruptcy.

Rashid should be sacked immediately and the SPR revamped with new and able leaders.

The Agong to resolve all pending matters immediately without consulting the BN government or its leaders. A White Paper should be recommended to look into the allegations made.

All BN leaders who had made irresponsible remarks should gracefully resign or be immediately SACKED.

The rakyat's confidence in the government institution to be immediately resolved.

The TIME OF CHANGE has begun....................

Since the demonstration of HINDRAF on 25 November 2007, many views have been made, some to the extend that HINDRAF is just mentioning about Malaysian Indians of hindu origin and their plight. It needs to be realised that the group had witnessed the demolition of hindu temples and in certain cases, the relocation of the hindu temples were to unfavorable locations, like next to a sewage pond. I am sure any GOD fearing individuals will protest to this call. The group had prepared its grievances and have forwarded them to the relevant authorities but nothing had been forthcoming.

Due to the great success of the demonstration, estimated more than 30,000 people despite every level of control by our 'inefficient' police force, the focus of attention had been diverted to religious sentiments, which could be classified as 'seditious'.

The factor that the authorities fail to highlight is the treatment of Indians. Malaysian Indians are classified under the category of 'non-bumiputra' in the Malaysian society, together with the Chinese and others, and they are treated like second and third class citizens in their own country where they are born. These group are deprived of many privileges as enshrined by the Federal Constitution.

This is where the root of the problem. Malaysia practises 'CLASS CULTURE' similarly like the caste system in India.

Everyone feels that 50 years is more than enough to uplift a certain community that had expected assistance. If the government had failed to bridge the gap of disparity, then the government is to be blamed. I am sure no Malaysian wants to see his fellow Malaysian deprived of a decent living. But the 'spoon-feeding' of the Bumiputras need to be STOP. If this group does not want to stand on its own feet after 50 years of assistance, it will never happen, even after another 100 years. Certain people have exploited these privileges to the extend of becoming millionaires, and neglecting their own fellow bumiputras since they are in an 'influential' position. These are the flaws that the Malaysian society wants to stop and address.

To attack directly against the concept had failed on numerous occasions. Internal Security Act (ISA) is been used or threatened to be used to diffuse these people.

The TIME HAS COME for the government to have a new agenda if the present government wants to continue in power. Treat every citizen equally and fairly. There may be instances where a particular group may need assistance, give them but this need to be clearly expressed that this offering will expire in 5 years from now. Then every citizen will be declassified as 'BUMIPUTRAS' irrespective of their culture, religion or race.

I am sure these ill-feelings will never arise and we can live in peace and harmony as one HAPPY MALAYSIAN SOCIETY.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am surprise to find out that the Malaysian Malays are retaliating by emailing the 'Speech delivered by Tun V.T. Sambanthan in the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament) on 1st June 1965', which reads as follows::

"Now, in 1955 we won the elections with a great majority. Then we obtained freedom in two years time. During this period, we had to discuss citizenship and various other things. Now, what did the Malays do – since we are speaking on racial lines – what did the Malay leadership do? They had 88 percent of the electorate still with them. What did they do with citizenship? If we look around in Asia and in East Asia, particularly, you will find that my race the Indian race, is not welcomed in Ceylon, is not welcomed in Burma. Look at my brother Chinese race, it is not welcomed in Thailand, in Vietnam, in Cambodia, in all the other areas. What help do they get for citizenship in all these territories? In Burma, as we know, Indians have been send packing, in Ceylon they refused them citizenship and in Burma it is likewise. I know it, you know it. And yet in Malaya what happened? Here, we found that the Malay leadership said, "We shall take them unto ourselves as brothers, we shall give them full opportunity to live in this country, we shall give them every opportunity to become citizens". And so, in 1957, for the whole year, we waived language qualifications, and tens of thousands of Indians, Chinese, Ceylonese and others became citizens."

This speech is history and lets leave it as it is. Its not going to benefit anyone, since many changes has happened subsequent to this incident.

Its been half a century now since Independence and its time for every citizen to be treated equally and fairly. There should be no disparity between the communities except for the natives or Orang Asli, since they are still backward.

Every community has struggle to secure the Independence of this nation and it may be time that they treat everyone as brothers and sisters. Then, this sort of incidence will never occur.

Let's face reality.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It needs to be noted that the courage of MIC Member of Parliament K Devamany for standing up for the HINDRAF rally on sunday, particularly in reference to violence been used by these protestors. Although MIC chief, Datuk Seri S. SamyVellu had earlier announced that any member could support the intended rally on their personal capacity, but the party feels that through discussions, problems of the community could be resolved if the leaders of HINDRAF were to approach him.

Breaking his usual routine, where he is forced to accept every action of the Barisan Nasional, whether right or wrong. Devamany's supported that a review of the Indians position need to be seriously considered should be appreciated and the government should immediately set-up a committee to look into the areas where the Indians require assistance and attention.

A video clip on this issue been discussed at the Dewan Rakyat (Parliament)

It is known knowledge that every Malaysian race has its weaknesses, but since the Indians had demanded that their plight be considered, the government need to adhere since in most election areas, the deciding votes that the BN secured were from the Indians.

If the government fail to remedy any weaknesses, it will have a drastic effect. The BN government will lose this coming polls for sure.

The government need to realise the TIME OF CHANGE HAS BEGUN and they can expect many more unpleasant incidents to happen to show the rakyat's dissatisfaction towards them.

WAKE UP and look into them, before its too late..............

Monday, November 26, 2007


At the Klang Sessions Court today, the three keys leaders who were arrested and were charged for seditions charges, their case was discharged without being acquitted by Judge Zunaidah Mohd Idris. It was informed that the prosecution had failed to submit the tamil translation of the alleged seditious remarks by these HINDRAF leaders that they had relied on.

It seems that our police force have wasted public funds for this unlawful arrest, and had also created a mockery of themselves in the eyes of the law. The arrest was meant to frighten the minority population in Malaysia from not taking part in the so-called illegal but peaceful demonstration at Kuala Lumpur on sunday as provided for by the Federal Constitution.

Sunday's rally had show the authorities that the times have changed and the rakyat are going to demand for equal status since every citizen irrespective of the culture, religion and race are entitled to.

Time for the authorities and the government to understand the feelings of the rakyat and make whatever adjustment quickly, failing which it is forecasted that the present government will be overthrown in the coming polls.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


It had been reported by Malaysiakini today, that people were gathered in support of the memorandum to claim that the ethnical indians have been discriminated for the past 150 years, initially by the colonial masters, British and since independence in 1957 by the malay dominated Malaysian government

This is the live coverage of the rally by Al Jazeeza TV :

A couple of days ago, the police had obtained a court order to stop the indians from demonstrating at the British High Commission at Jalan Ampang at Kuala Lumpur on this sunday. But the police have never been given the right to use force, like tear-gas, chemical water cannon and unlawful arrest of against the peaceful demonstrators. This is a clear breach of their duties and undertaking of the court order.

Its time for the Malaysian government to seriously take into consideration the plight of the non-bumiputra population and to address their problems before the situation get out of hand. It should be noted the Malays from UMNO had demonstrated at a few ocassions to express their dissatisfaction and in support but nothing like these had been done, except the police had kept vigilante.

It is further expected that the coming general election that is expected to be held by 2008 will see a major change of elected leaders from the present government represenative to the Opposition in wake of dissatisfaction of the rakyat until and unless the present government resolves these issues at hand.

On the other hand, the so-called party that claims to represent the indians , the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) have been reported as saying that the dissatisfaction should not be taken to the streets but must be done by discussions

Thursday, November 22, 2007


It has been reported this morning that the police have arrested Mr. P. Uthayakumar, the legal representative of Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force), who are planning a massive gathering of at least more than 100,000 people under the Seditious Act.

With this police action, will the sunday rally be called-off? It seems that the people will be gather much more than expected to support the memorandum and also to show support to Uthayakumar.

The police action has tarnished the Malaysian reputation and image that something is drastically wrong and the government wants to cover-up by arresting the people involved.

This is in clear breach of human rights.

Will the government and police ever learn.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It has been reported in Malaysiakini today that Datuk M. Kayveas claims that Taiping is his parliament seat.

Kayveas fail to realise that being a non-member of PPP(People's Progressive Party), he disqualifies himself of being a Barisan Nasional candidate. With the current judicial scandal, it is hoped that Kayveas manipulation of court cases and subsequent false recognisation by the Registrar of Societies will surface and Kayveas, being a leagal officer of the courts need to be severely punished for undermining the court process and for 'cheating' the government department.

Taiping is GERAKAN's allocation by the Barisan Nasional. Due to their generosity, GERAKAN had allowed Kayveas to contest the last general elections. So, how can Kayveas claim Taiping is his?

The PPP, day by day is dwindling in membership. Puteri UMNO itself had self-explained the strength of PPP. Until Kayveas is able to increase membership (only after he becomes a lawful member) can he demand for any seat.

The time has come for the Barisan Nasional leadership to expel PPP and Kayveas from their fold. Kayveas frequently seeks publicity to keep himself alive. Kayveas would go to any extend to achieve these goals. The BN is been created a laughing stock by him and still BN is keeping this 'big mouth' and power-crazy man.

Time for BN to act by expelling PPP from its coalition. Then, Kayveas and his conmen can contest every seat. PPP will then be doomed.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It needs to be noted that the Indian community is really fed-up with the attitude of the Barisan Nasional government for neglecting their plight even though it is a known fact that many of the Parliamentary and State Legislative seats really depend on the voting pattern of this Indian community. Barisan Nasional had always depended on them and the indian community had always been faithful in delivering their votes in block with the assumption that their welfare will always be seriously considered.

The recent demolition of hindu temples by the authorities has greatly created a sense of mistrust on the government. The MIC or other indian parties are not taking care of the welfare of the indians instead they are only worried about themselves and their comprates.

We need to appreciate the organisers of Hindraf rally, even if it does not materialise this sunday, that they have set a eye-opener to the BN government that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and any further anti-indian actions will be dealt with very severely by the indian community.

SMSs and emails seems to be flying daily and these messages are forwarded to every known indian in the country and overseas. The email and sms are .

It is also been learned that the British Government had also accepted liability that the Merdeka social contract had been breached by the Barisan Nasional government, which had to ensure the indians, who were brought by the British from India to help develop Malaya (now Malaysia), their welfare had to be protected and the agreed social contract honoured. This had created a 'mile stone' in Malaysian history and any development will indirectly tarnish the human rights aspects of Malaysia in the international world, if the BN government does not seriously look into and settle these outstanding grievances.

The BN government had always neglected the indian community since the community comprise less than 10% of the population, but it is internationally known that the minority rights are always considered seriously by any nation.

After numerous efforts and wasted time, the Barisan Nasional government has finally decided to establish a Royal Comiission to investigate the Lingam Video Scandal which allege the fixing of judges to higher position and where court cases are 'fixed'. It is expected that the official announcement will be made after tomorrow's weekly cabinet meeting.

The rakyat must surely be delighted by this event, although the BN government had wasted so much time and the people responsible had been hoodwincking the public with various 'story'.

The rakyat need to realise that the BN is current having fear that their popularity is sliding and hope with the set-up of this Commission, public confidence will be restored.

It seems the rakyat had won its first battle for the independence of the judiciary. It is hoped that every culprit, irrespective of their position be brought to justice. The penalty should be severe since they are all law enforcers.

We need to wait and see the outcome.

Monday, November 19, 2007


We need to commendate Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo for introducing a broom award to instil a wake-up call to the poorly performing government department in his State.

With this introduction, the rakyat should also commence by carrying a broom to all the Barisan Nasional leaders residence to show their displeasure on the way the BN government has been running our country - ineffective, inefficient, uncaring and corrupt. To really shame these Yang Berhormats, the rakyat need to whack them on their heads since the rakyat is paying their salaries and allowances, so they are deemed to be the 'servants of the rakyat'.

This bold move by the rakyat will shame these so-called Yang Berhormats in the eyes of the world, and it will display that the peoples' power will always be supreme and will always need to be respected, addressed and upheld.

Even the police and judiciary need to receive the same treatment, since they are 'dogs of the BN leaders'.

It is hoped that with this new BN culture and tradition, BN leaders themselves will change for the better by caring for the rakyat or face the same treatment.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


It is reported that the brother of Dato V K Lingam has lodged a Police Report confirming and supporting the alleged scandal, which could be read from

Hoping that the Royal Commission of Inquiry would be set-up immediately by ordinary respectable Malaysian individuals with no political connections.

Will our PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi honour his words?

Since the successful peoples' protest on November 10, 2007, where more than 40,000 people had gathered without fear or favour to demand for certain reforms, as usual, the Barisan Nasional, being threatened, has begun to use 'reverse' tactics which they are very fond of using, to frighten certain quarters.

Since the protest, nowhere did the organisers, BERSIH quote that they have had the palace involved. The only thing that happen was that a memorandum was presented to the Agong at Istana Negara. Least of all, it was reported that the Agong personally accepted this memorandum although it was unusual since the Agong would usually be away to his home-state. Now, the Barisan Nasional government, with fear of a massive defeat in the coming polls, have initiated a scheme to create enmity against the Royal Palace and the BERSIH organisers and to show that the Barisan Nasional government is the only party that can deliver using rightful means. The rakyat can NO LONGER be hoodwinked by these gimmick tactics. Since they (BN) and the police had been shamed, they need to find a quick solution to show their superiority.

The Barisan Nasional government which has been branded as ineffective, uncaring, inefficient and corrupt, should change. They need to manage the country as what have been entrusted of by them to do or allow a clean and able Party to manage our country.

It is hoped that the Royal Palace would just discard this "BN creation' and look seriously on the allegations made in the memorandum.

The time for the rakyat to take a serious view at whom they need to vote during the coming polls.

Friday, November 16, 2007


The Cabinet have given the green light so that a Royal Commission of inquiry be set-up to investigate into the controversial Lingam Video Scandal which saw how judges were actually elevated to high office.

It is expected that the rakyat be given the opportunity to select the members of this Royal Commission rather than the BN government selecting their 'yesman' supporters who will be bias in their investigations.

It should be noted that persons involved in this episode should be brought to justice and shamed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The People's Progressive Party so-called president, Datuk M. Kayveas recent criticism against Puteri UMNO chief Datuk Noraini Ahmad, is totally out of line. Its seems Kayveas cannot accept criticism that his PPP has a small membership which is dwindling day by day due to his ineffectiveness and further more he has never been a lawful member, then any member recruited by him can come and go out of PPP as they wish since they are also unlawful members, and furthermore they do not contravene the Societies Act that 'a citizen can only be in one political party'.

It is hoped that UMNO will demand that PPP be removed from the BN coalition. PPP cannot contribute effectively but wants to demand for seats. PPP should be appreciative of the BN for giving them the edge for this long.

Since many BN leaders have undergone his arrogant behaviour, it may be time the BN leader take a serious look and expel PPP from its fold.

Then, Kayveas and his PPP will be a nobody and fade away, with only its history in the Malaysian chapter.

This is how a 'man of chance' (Kayveas claims he came into PPP by chance) could perform in any given situation.

Monday, November 12, 2007


The BERSIH protest rally on November 10 2007, witness the awakening of Malaysians from an illusion that only the BARISAN NASIONAL can deliver every time. With more that 40,000 people participating without fear of police brutality and the on-going heavy rain that afternoon, these people had demonstrated that the true meaning of democracy. People from now on will stand up to this ineffective, inefficient and corrupt Barisan Nasional government. The climate of CHANGE has prevail and it is hoped that this will continue forever until the welfare of the people and the nation is managed according to the wishes of the people.

It was also revealed that there was a small rally at the Malaysian Students Department in London to give support to the BERSIH cause by the residents at United Kingdom on the same day.

The Barisan Nasional government had tried to use the police to frighten the public but even then the police and the BN leaders were tricked. The main motive of the rally was to present a memorandum to the Agung but it was earlier told that they would have a peaceful demonstration at Dataran Merdeka. Police had mobilised their entire police force at that area and were caught unaware of their actual plans. The crowd managed to present the memorandum to the Agung to seek his Highness assistance to resolve the matters which have been neglected by the government and authorities concerned for so long.

It is hope that the Barisan Nasional government will realise that ENOUGH is ENOUGH and concentrate on managing the country with effectiveness, efficiently and wipe our corrupt, cronyism and nepotism or be prepared to be defeated in the coming polls by the people.

It would not be easy for the present government to change their attitude that the Malaysians are all stupid and frighten by their action. But it is hoped that this first grand rally will open their eyes to reality.

Syabas to the organisers of the BERSIH rally and I hope that our multi-racial society will co-operate more effectively and collectively in future demands. The participation of the chinese and indians had not be encouraging as the malays, we have to admit. But it is hoped that in future these communities will participate in full force to show their discontentment.

The time of CHANGE has just begun and hope that this ray of light will continue until we can be proud of Malaysia where the welfare of every citizen and our nation is taken care.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Just listen to the interview given to Al Jazeera by Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin:

The reporter seems to be asking a question and most of the time our Zainuddin Maidin seems to be letting out his frustration. If the Information Minister is not capable of handling any interview, he should be immediately replaced. To undermine another countries reputation is least expected of by our elected leader and cabinet minister. Malaysia should respect other countries.

Time for Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to replace Zainuddin Maidin, since he does not know how to overcome his feelings and answer intelligently. This has been his second outburst after a confortation with Lim Kit Siang with regards to comments quoted in his blog.

The public should immediately request Zainuddin Maidin to apologise for his comments above, to the countries mentioned by him and gracefully step down.

The time has come for the Barisan Nasional government to take stock of the situation and make amends.

DON'T TREAT THE RAKYAT AS FOOLS FOREVER - November 10 BERSIH rally is just the beginning. It is not Malaysian culture but do not under-estimate the people's power.


At lasts, Malaysians have threatened the ruling government formed by the 14 coalition partners, BARISAN NASIONAL that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The people want the government to have a clean administration in every field or face a drastic defeat in the coming polls schedule sometime next year. The country is now faced with mounting corruption, cronyism and nepotism and if the government is unable to eradicate them immediately, they are presumably going to have a tough general elections. The gathering of 40,000 people although despite repeated warning by the authorities, shows the people are FED UP with the way the country is managed by the BN government. The BERSIH tactic by saying that they will gather at Dataran Merdeka and later moving to the Istana Negara was least expected by the police and indirectly created a SHAME to the Police and the government.

Here are some footage of the incident reported:

The time for CHANGE has finally arrived in Malaysia.

Hope that the people will use the coming polls to deliver their say...............

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Datuk M Kayveas finally agrees that he has made a fool of himself by requesting to meet MIC President Datuk Seri S S SamyVellu for a reconcilation over his recent bickering on the MIC/PPP feud.

Its seems that Kayveas plot to get publicity and recognisation from the Barisan Nasional leadership and the general public has failed.

MIC leadership should continue to pursue to expel PPP from the Barisan Nasional fold or to reprimand Kayveas and his PPP from contesting any seat in the coming polls as a punishment for under-rating the 'big brother' of the Barisan Nasional. We need to applause the comments raised by Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam at the recent Malacca State PPP Convention.

If the Barisan Nasional leadership were to console and offer Kayveas a seat, it would encourage future similar bickering from other small BN component parties. If one does not subscribe to the agreed principles of the BN, it must leave the coalition.

Kayveas has been using these sort of tactics far too often and it seems that Kayveas is desperate to secure a seat in the coming polls to keep his position within the PPP even to the extend of creating animosity among the other Barisan Nasional component parties to fulfill his desperate desire and aspirations.

Time for the BN leadership to realise his motives and take stock.
Mohd Kamal Abdullah

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The People's Progressive Party (PPP), a mosquito party within the Barisan Nasional is losing political cloud due to the dwindling membership day by day. Datuk M Kayveas or he is also known as KVS Maniam or Supra Maniam s/o Kolanda Velu who claims to be its president had been reported to have never been a member of the PPP and had conned his way to get the recognisation to be its leader from the Registrar of Societies Malaysia by using fradulent court documents to his advantage since he was the legal counsel for the legitimate members who had a legal tussle then (sometime in 1988 to 1995).

The reason for the dwindling membership is because Kayveas and his cronies are more interested in material wealth for themselves rather than to care for the members and to achieve this goal, Kayveas need to be Yang Berhormat. During the previous general election, the BN leadership had offerred him the Taiping Parliament Seat which belongs to Gerakan, which Gerakan is currently demanding back.

The recent bickering with the MIC is really uncalled for by Kayveas. Kayveas need to respect that MIC and its president, Datuk Seri S SamyVellu, who are the 'big brothers' in the BN. To make sensitive issues against the MIC should be reprimanded by the BN by not giving Kayveas or his party any seats in the coming polls. Kayveas need to always realise that ' he came into politics by chance' (as stated by Kayveas himself) and was never groomed for political life and that is why he is behaving like this. Kayveas need to seek publicity to show his presence and the best way to get his message accross the media is using this tactic.

We need to applause the recent comments by Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam at the recent Malacca State PPP Convention. The Chief Minister had expressed these statements since he is aware of how Kayveas had highjacked the PPP by dubious means.

It may be timely for the authorities concerned to investigate on the allegations made and punish Kayveas and his con group men for making a mockery of the administration and to uphold justice.

Kayveas will only STOP if he is reprimanded by the BN leadership and once he is deem a NOBODY in the political arena.