Sunday, November 18, 2007


Since the successful peoples' protest on November 10, 2007, where more than 40,000 people had gathered without fear or favour to demand for certain reforms, as usual, the Barisan Nasional, being threatened, has begun to use 'reverse' tactics which they are very fond of using, to frighten certain quarters.

Since the protest, nowhere did the organisers, BERSIH quote that they have had the palace involved. The only thing that happen was that a memorandum was presented to the Agong at Istana Negara. Least of all, it was reported that the Agong personally accepted this memorandum although it was unusual since the Agong would usually be away to his home-state. Now, the Barisan Nasional government, with fear of a massive defeat in the coming polls, have initiated a scheme to create enmity against the Royal Palace and the BERSIH organisers and to show that the Barisan Nasional government is the only party that can deliver using rightful means. The rakyat can NO LONGER be hoodwinked by these gimmick tactics. Since they (BN) and the police had been shamed, they need to find a quick solution to show their superiority.

The Barisan Nasional government which has been branded as ineffective, uncaring, inefficient and corrupt, should change. They need to manage the country as what have been entrusted of by them to do or allow a clean and able Party to manage our country.

It is hoped that the Royal Palace would just discard this "BN creation' and look seriously on the allegations made in the memorandum.

The time for the rakyat to take a serious view at whom they need to vote during the coming polls.