Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It needs to be noted that the Indian community is really fed-up with the attitude of the Barisan Nasional government for neglecting their plight even though it is a known fact that many of the Parliamentary and State Legislative seats really depend on the voting pattern of this Indian community. Barisan Nasional had always depended on them and the indian community had always been faithful in delivering their votes in block with the assumption that their welfare will always be seriously considered.

The recent demolition of hindu temples by the authorities has greatly created a sense of mistrust on the government. The MIC or other indian parties are not taking care of the welfare of the indians instead they are only worried about themselves and their comprates.

We need to appreciate the organisers of Hindraf rally, even if it does not materialise this sunday, that they have set a eye-opener to the BN government that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and any further anti-indian actions will be dealt with very severely by the indian community.

SMSs and emails seems to be flying daily and these messages are forwarded to every known indian in the country and overseas. The email and sms are http://forumhub.mayyam.com/hub/viewlite.php?t=10698 .

It is also been learned that the British Government had also accepted liability that the Merdeka social contract had been breached by the Barisan Nasional government, which had to ensure the indians, who were brought by the British from India to help develop Malaya (now Malaysia), their welfare had to be protected and the agreed social contract honoured. This had created a 'mile stone' in Malaysian history and any development will indirectly tarnish the human rights aspects of Malaysia in the international world, if the BN government does not seriously look into and settle these outstanding grievances.

The BN government had always neglected the indian community since the community comprise less than 10% of the population, but it is internationally known that the minority rights are always considered seriously by any nation.