Sunday, November 25, 2007


It had been reported by Malaysiakini today, that people were gathered in support of the memorandum to claim that the ethnical indians have been discriminated for the past 150 years, initially by the colonial masters, British and since independence in 1957 by the malay dominated Malaysian government

This is the live coverage of the rally by Al Jazeeza TV :

A couple of days ago, the police had obtained a court order to stop the indians from demonstrating at the British High Commission at Jalan Ampang at Kuala Lumpur on this sunday. But the police have never been given the right to use force, like tear-gas, chemical water cannon and unlawful arrest of against the peaceful demonstrators. This is a clear breach of their duties and undertaking of the court order.

Its time for the Malaysian government to seriously take into consideration the plight of the non-bumiputra population and to address their problems before the situation get out of hand. It should be noted the Malays from UMNO had demonstrated at a few ocassions to express their dissatisfaction and in support but nothing like these had been done, except the police had kept vigilante.

It is further expected that the coming general election that is expected to be held by 2008 will see a major change of elected leaders from the present government represenative to the Opposition in wake of dissatisfaction of the rakyat until and unless the present government resolves these issues at hand.

On the other hand, the so-called party that claims to represent the indians , the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) have been reported as saying that the dissatisfaction should not be taken to the streets but must be done by discussions