Thursday, November 29, 2007


Since the demonstration of HINDRAF on 25 November 2007, many views have been made, some to the extend that HINDRAF is just mentioning about Malaysian Indians of hindu origin and their plight. It needs to be realised that the group had witnessed the demolition of hindu temples and in certain cases, the relocation of the hindu temples were to unfavorable locations, like next to a sewage pond. I am sure any GOD fearing individuals will protest to this call. The group had prepared its grievances and have forwarded them to the relevant authorities but nothing had been forthcoming.

Due to the great success of the demonstration, estimated more than 30,000 people despite every level of control by our 'inefficient' police force, the focus of attention had been diverted to religious sentiments, which could be classified as 'seditious'.

The factor that the authorities fail to highlight is the treatment of Indians. Malaysian Indians are classified under the category of 'non-bumiputra' in the Malaysian society, together with the Chinese and others, and they are treated like second and third class citizens in their own country where they are born. These group are deprived of many privileges as enshrined by the Federal Constitution.

This is where the root of the problem. Malaysia practises 'CLASS CULTURE' similarly like the caste system in India.

Everyone feels that 50 years is more than enough to uplift a certain community that had expected assistance. If the government had failed to bridge the gap of disparity, then the government is to be blamed. I am sure no Malaysian wants to see his fellow Malaysian deprived of a decent living. But the 'spoon-feeding' of the Bumiputras need to be STOP. If this group does not want to stand on its own feet after 50 years of assistance, it will never happen, even after another 100 years. Certain people have exploited these privileges to the extend of becoming millionaires, and neglecting their own fellow bumiputras since they are in an 'influential' position. These are the flaws that the Malaysian society wants to stop and address.

To attack directly against the concept had failed on numerous occasions. Internal Security Act (ISA) is been used or threatened to be used to diffuse these people.

The TIME HAS COME for the government to have a new agenda if the present government wants to continue in power. Treat every citizen equally and fairly. There may be instances where a particular group may need assistance, give them but this need to be clearly expressed that this offering will expire in 5 years from now. Then every citizen will be declassified as 'BUMIPUTRAS' irrespective of their culture, religion or race.

I am sure these ill-feelings will never arise and we can live in peace and harmony as one HAPPY MALAYSIAN SOCIETY.