Thursday, November 29, 2007


It has finally been revealed that the Pengerusi of Suruhanraya Pilihanraya Malaysia (SPR), Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman was the main cause of intimidating the rakyat to send a memorandum to the Agong. This was disclosed to a delegation by Rashid on 3 July, 2007 as reported by Setiausaha Sekretariat Bersih, Faisal Mustaffa today. A tape recording of this meeting is available and it is hope that it will be made available to the rakyat by Internet means so that everyone can access and hear the conversation made.

The Barisan Nasional leadership need to make a IMMEDIATE apology to the rakyat for wrongfully undermining the rakyat's intentions. The Police should immediately withdraw all charges against every demonstrator and make BN pay compensation to every victim hurt or harshed by the police force. No public funds should be used. All BN component parties need to foot the bill or face bankruptcy.

Rashid should be sacked immediately and the SPR revamped with new and able leaders.

The Agong to resolve all pending matters immediately without consulting the BN government or its leaders. A White Paper should be recommended to look into the allegations made.

All BN leaders who had made irresponsible remarks should gracefully resign or be immediately SACKED.

The rakyat's confidence in the government institution to be immediately resolved.

The TIME OF CHANGE has begun....................