Sunday, December 31, 2006


Today is December 31st, 2006, the year 2006 is just about to fade away in hours and if one takes a look at the various incidence that had taken place over the year, it is really disheartening that Malaysia being rich in culture and resources, had been faced with mismanagement by the irresponsible ruling party, Barisan Nasional who has ruled this country for almost half a decade despite the trust and confidence entrusted by the Malaysian people. The Barisan Nasional government has been branded corrupt, irresponsible, selfish and uncaring towards the normal rakyat and seems just to care for only the UMNO leaders by offering various goodies to buy their undivided support. Its also seems that UMNO which leads the Barisan Nasional coalition only cares for the UMNOputras although fourteen (14) political parties constitute the Barisan Nasional.

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, suppose to be 'Mr Clean' had failed to administer the country and had been described to be sleeping at his job (actually sleeping) and there is reports claiming that his family seems to be governing the country and NOT him. Various empty promises were made by him in the course of the year but until todate there has been nothing sighted or achieved.

The world is progressing at a rapid pace and the government if it wants to achieve its objectives need to atleast keep abreast with this rapid growth. Looking at the slow moving decision making and implementation, if our Prime Minister does not pull up his socks, we will be faced with much difficulties. The Prime Minister also need to address the UNITY aspect in much greater detail and find a way to bridge a united Malaysia, where our rakyat can live in peace and harmony.

The Prime Minister need to realise that the rakyat had already offered him the opportunity to displaying himself by governing the country with greater progress so that the rakyat on the whole could greatly benefit from these implementation. It is very common for the public to just find faults, but whatever said, it would be real food for thought for him to rectify his mistakes. It is common knowledge that not everyone could be satisfied but recent actions had only be concentrated on a certain group which is not in line with the Malaysian spirit. It is greatly expected that our Prime Minister, with the new year will have to gear up for greater challenges and make Malaysia a caring and progressive country by wiping out totally corruption, nepotism and cronyism which seems to be on a critical stage. If he is unable to perform them, he should graceful step aside and allow a more capable and able leader to lead the government.

It is hope that with the year 2007, Malaysians of all walks of life will live in peace and harmony, respecting each others beliefs and traditions.

Lastly, wishing all Malaysians, A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007.