Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mohd Kamal Abdullah Jan 11, 07 4:04pm
(As published in Malaysiakini)

I refer to the letter PPP president's political life due to Gerakan by Joseph SM. It could be true that M Kayveas had to beg the Barisan Nasional to offer him the Taiping parliamentary seat but this was done by giving up one of PPP’s own safe state assembly seats to Gerakan.

I need to agree with Kayveas that if the PPP does not merge, it will just remain an insignificant political player since its membership is dwindling by the day. But rather than approaching Gerakan, Kayveas should look outside the Barisan Nasional. My colleague had narrated to me that during his PPP struggle with PV Das and others, approaches were made to certain political parties, and one party had a very good political standing. But Kayveas probably fears that he will end up as a nobody after this merger.

In the interest of all those who had struggled to save PPP during the 1990s and especially on behalf of my colleague, I need to appreciate Joseph SM’s summing up of his letter. I only want to add this phrase: ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.