Monday, July 30, 2007


People's Progressive Party (PPP) is still in existence due to the struggle of dedicated members unlike M. Kayveas or Supra Maniam s/o Kolanda Velu (M. KVS) as he was known fomerly, who had hijacked to be a member of the party in 1994 using deceitful means, although this is now history due to the negligence of the Courts from upholding justice.

The recent ultimatum issued by Datuk M. Kayveas, the so-called President of PPP to the Barisan Nasional that if the Barisan Nasional fails to allocate more seats to PPP, the party will not hesitate to leave the Barisan Nasional. Kayveas should have realised that the PPP is a mere mosquito party within the Barisan Nasional with its membership dwindling day by day, since it is not in any position to assist its own members, let alone the public. It is true that PPP was a force to be reckon during the 1970, as it had the full support of a great mass of people especially in Perak. But this is not the case, TODAY.

Even in 2004, the PPP had to beg the Barisan Nasional leadership for a parliament seat but managed to obtain one seat by swapping one of its safe state seat in Perak to Gerakan.

Many top Barisan Nasional officials have raised criticism against Kayveas demands.

As usual, Kayveas would have deemed his remarks have been misquoted and misinterpreted by the medias. Surprising, it usually happens to Kayveas. Another major reason that is commonly associated with Kayveas is that he loves to seek publicity and he would try to use sensitive issues to meet his end and which the medias like to publish.

Its time for the Barisan Nasional to expel PPP from its coalition and PPP and Kayveas could contest all seats in the coming elections.

Will Kayveas and his PPP win any seats?????? The answer Kayveas knows and the Malaysian rakyat knows. Without the Barisan Nasional, PPP or Kayveas would lose every seat that they contest.

Then, why talk BIG.