Sunday, July 29, 2007


It has been identified that UMNO which heads the ruling government and which claims to lead the Barisan Nasional coalition had planted cyber troopers to post distorted comments in certain blog websites to tarnish the image, reputation and inter-relationship of a certain race of Malaysians. The comments have now been termed 'sensitive' by the government, so that they could formulate stiffer laws to curb true and correct information from reaching the people. UMNO had even gone to the extend of making police reports against certain websites for making and raising sensitive issues, when it is UMNO cyber troopers themselves are the main culprits. Every UMNO leaders is fully aware of these practices but seems to play along with the tune and are making a mockery of the current situation.

With this new era, cyber information could never be curbed or stopped since cyber laws wary from nation to nation. Even then, our legislators , the so-called Yang Berhormats, as they are referred to, seem to create a scene that bloggers are giving a false situation even though most of them are in fact true and correct information. If these information were to be known and eventually accepted by the rakyat, the future of the ruling government, Barisan Nasional would be severely damaged and may even lose the coming polls, which the Barisan Nasional could never afford to risk.

The time has come for every Malaysian to take stock of this situation.