Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Malaysian Federal Constitution is the law that everyone of us have to respect, obey and fall back if there is any doubt, irrespective if you are the Ruler, Politician, Judge and every Malaysian citizen. The Federal Constitution was enacted to protect every Malaysian citizens rights, privileges and obligations.

The Federal Court, the supreme court in Malaysia, had recently interpreted the Federal Constitution against its intention whereby opening up floodgates of disputes. Now, every matter could be questioned, Malay Ruler's rights, Malay rights, use of Bahasa Malaysia, who is the prime minister, who is the King and so forth.

When Article 72 of the Federal Constitution clearly states ‘The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court’, the Federal Court Judges who sat to decide on the Perak crisis issue, decided to interpret it to favour the Barisan Nasional leadership without realising that every action by everyone, King, Prime Minister, Government, Judiciary, AG Chambers, Police, Army and every body can now be questioned and challenged although certain quarters have immunity. Rather than upholding justice as per their intentions, these Federal Court Judges have become 'kingmakers' and should be immediately REMOVED and PUNISHED BY PUBLIC HANGING for making a absolute mockery of the situation.

Its time for the government of the day to ensure and build public confidence that the Federal Constitution is SUPREME and no one is allowed to interpret its intentions when it is so clearly spelt out.

It has become timely that anyone can proclaim that he is the King, Ruler of the State, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Attorney-General, Inspector-General of Police or Chief of the Arm Forces since the Federal Constitution need not be followed and anyone- citizen or non-citizen, can claim these position and interpret the Federal Constitution to the wishes of themselves.

A state of chaos is about to be created, if this shortcomings are not addressed and corrected immediately.

Another UMNO-led Barisan Nasional folly!!!!