Thursday, March 12, 2009


Perak seem to be on the spotlight everyday with surprising events, and today, its reported that six bloggers and some who posted comments insulting the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah for his action in appointing the unscrupulous Barisan Nasional leaders as Mentri Besar and Exco members by using dubious means to wrest the State Administration while the legitimate Pakatan Rakyat Mentri Besar and the Exco Members had not resigned which is in total violation of the State and Federal Constitution are going to be charged in court.

The demand made to the Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly was just neglected for reasons best know to the Sultan but since his subjects want a fresh State Election to overcome the political turmoil faced by Perak, until to date nothing has been forthcoming, but the Sultan seem to be validating an illegal act by participating in the Barisan Nasional organised functions.

To create further doubts on the 'wisdom' used by the Sultan on his haste decision, numerous reports show the royal family heavily indebted to the Barisan Nasional for multi-million ringgit contracts awarded to them.

It need to be emphasized that whatever action taken by the authorities would not change the public image and opinion since the Perakians are demanding for the dissolution of the State Assembly, paving the way for a fresh State elections, so that a new and able State government could be formed.

The continued harassment against bloggers and 'frank' commentors, could see a change where the monarchy system is Malaysia may be abolished, with the establishment of a REPUBLIC.

The Rulers and the Executive need to realise that the real power is vested with the RAKYAT and at the next general elections, this will dictate.

picture courtesy of Malaysiakini