Sunday, March 15, 2009


A copy of the letter from Ipoh City Council on their intention to demolish the Democracy Plaque at the instruction from the 'unlawful', unscrupulous and bogus Barisan Nasional State Administration.

A historical plaque placed by the rakyat where the State Assembly sitting of 3 March 2009 was held after been unlawfully barred entry to the State Assembly building by the Perak State Secretary and Perak Police to convene an emergency State Assembly sitting for which all the proper procedures had been adhered had be completely REMOVED presumably by the Ipoh City Council’s Enforcement Department at 7am using a tractor yesterday.

This DEMOCRACY PLAQUE under this Democracy tree will NEVER be forgotten and with time it will be re-erected, to show our future generation to what extend our unscrupulous, arrogant and corrupted UMNO-led Barisan Nasional leaders will do to see that their dirty tricks are not exposed in public.

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