Saturday, April 26, 2008


It is reported today that Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy President of Barisan Nasional Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak indicating that they view the 'cross-over' claim from the Opposition, Pakatan Rakyat very seriously and are monitoring the claim very closely.

During the recent general elections, the Opposition party had denied the BN its majority and with the win of 140 to 82, the ruling BN which has been facing serious 'internal crisis' have to keep pleasing its component representatives to keep it in tact. But as usual, there may be defectors and these are the representatives that can create an unrest whereby the ruling government could be changed and they need to be monitored closely.

The Opposition on the other hand have voiced that they have received pledges that more than 30 BN elected representatives are prepared to 'cross-over' and if this event takes place then the Opposition will form the next government and it will be the first time in Malaysian history.

The BN seems of late to be honouring their 'delayed' election pledges which is a good sign that they are finally 'waken up' from their uncaring, ineffective, inefficient and corrupt attitude.

But whatever happens, we need to wait and see for the weeks to come whether the current government will be 'topple'.