Saturday, October 04, 2008


It was announced that Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon was returned unopposed as GERAKAN President on the close of nominations today. Since the departure of Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik sometime in April 2007, Tan Sri Koh had been acting president.

However, the Deputy President is contested by first timers between Perak GERAKAN chief Chang Ko Youn and Federal Territories GERAKAN Youth chief Mah Woei Chyi.

For the three elected Vice Presidents position, it is expected to have a 10 -way battle including the current two incumbents Dr S Vijayaratnam and Dr Teng Hock Nam both defending their respective post while another incumbent and front runner, Mah Siew Keong is also defending his post. After the last party elections, he was appointed to the post by virtue of his position as Youth chief.

According to its Rules, the party president can appoint up to five vice-presidents.

The remaining seven nominations are outspoken former youth vice chief, S Paranjothy, Huan Cheng Guan, Dr Asharuddin Ahmad, G Parameswaran, Robin Loh Hoon Lai, Dr Lim Thuan Seng and Lum Weng Keong.

Party polls is on October 11.

Forty members are also vying for 18 elected positions in the party’s central committee.

GERAKAN has been in recent months in the fore-front since certain BN leaders especially from UMNO had undermined its president and its party. GERAKAN would also have to evaluate its partnership with BN since many of its members have express disappointment with the way BN is administered.

news courtesy of Malaysiakini