Sunday, December 16, 2007


The Attorney-General, Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail had today withdrawn the attempted murder charge against the 31 HINDRAF protesters now detained at Sungei Buloh Prison.

They had all (26 of them) been granted bail of RM500 each and the sentencing has been fixed on 27 December 2007 while six murder accused were freed without their defence being called which include the students.

With this issue, the time has come for the rakyat to demand an explanation from the Attorney-General Abdul Ghani on how he could frame the attempted murder charge when these 31 protesters were having a peaceful but illegal (according to the authorities) on November 25, 2007 although the Federal Constitutions provides for a peaceful protest by any group to express their discontentment.

The AG should now be taken to task.

If the explanation is unfavourable by the Attorney-General, he needs to be sacked and sentenced to atleast 10 years in jail for not performing his duties as entrusted by the rakyat. Only then, will future government officials perform their task according to the rule of law.

Let's hear what the AG has to say NOW.