Saturday, December 15, 2007


It has been reported that the 31 Malaysian Indians refused bail and who have been remanded at Sungei Buloh Prison are ordinary people. The list of persons are as follows:

1. SS Ganishen, 39, lorry driver.
2. K Raju, 42, driver.
He is hard of hearing on one side.
3. R Sakthivel, 34, technician.
In court, he told reporters that he left his bike when he passed by the Batu Caves temple to see what was happening. When he returned to his bike, the police arrested him.
4. K Ganapathy, 38, lorry driver.
5. K Sukumaran, 24, foreman.
6. S Kumaran, 25, farmer.
7. B Varatharaju, 32, foreman.
8. M Kuna Sekaran, 24, machine operator.
9. V Ganeson, 40, lorry driver.
10. L Thiyagarajan, 31, sales executive.
11. S Gunaa, 21, is a farmer.
He only gets salary when there is work.
12. K Thinagaranpillay, 23, manager.
13. N Balamohan, 23, part-time worker.
14. K Gopinath, 27, store keeper.
15. R Suresh, 24, runs his own business.
16. G Suman, 20, runs his own business.
17. M Buwenthiran, 24, technician.
18. M Pushparathan, 21, technician.
19. S Tail Arasu, 26, despatch boy.
20. N Ramasamy, 43, is a driver.
He is also a kidney patient. He showed his dialysis card in court but this was dismissed by judge Azimah as it did necessarily prove his health condition.
21. S Ramash Kumar,22, student.
22. R Pushpanathan,19, despatch boy.
23. S Mugilan Dever, 20, student.
24. G Thinesh Kumar, 19, foreman.
25. T Kunalan, 28, machine operator.
26. S Sures, 18, car-tinter.
He has a hole in the heart.
27. A Vasantarao, 19, student.
28. N Markandan, 54, odd-job worker.
29. K Raghu, 39, technician.
30. A Rayar, 30, His occupation is unknown.
He had an engagement ceremony planned on Dec 7 that had to be cancelled.
31. S Ravi, 33, lorry driver.

Righfully, a peaceful demonstration is allowable and it is provided for in the Malaysian Constitution. Involving the Attorney-General personally in this matter seems very surprising and this had once again tarnish the legal circle in Malaysia.

These people had just participated in a peaceful demonstration and never knew the contents of claim and for this crime to be 'cooked-up' is that they have harm a police personnel is just unbelievable.

The government and legal circle need to realise that 'for every action there is equal and opposite reaction' and TIME will tell.

The said act clearly demonstrate the suppressing of the poor by the strong, powerful and wealthy institution.

Its time for the BN government to realise that these will NOT stop the Malaysian Indian community from demanding for their rights as a equal partner in the country, and all this marginalising so far NEED TO STOP once and for all.

To avoid further mistrust with the government, it would be best for these 31 people to be released and their matter dismissed by the Court, to protect the good image of our country internationally and to live in peace and harmony.