Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It is been notified that more arrest on demonstrators and protesters of the so-called illegal rallies held a couple of weeks ago will be underway.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership seem to be very unsecured at this moment and fear that their support is diminishing drastically with many more planned and informed protest or demonstration. The Police on the other hand, seem to be securing Court Orders just to keep these people from having a peaceful rally which is clearly provided for under the Federal Constitution. The Courts and the Attorney-General Chambers are creating a mockery by condoning to the actions of the Police and the ruling government. These law officials are granting these Orders and refusing bail in fear of their respective positions. Such a shame that qualified in the specified field, they are interpreting them wrongly and creating a mockery of the situation.

All these institutions fail to realise that they will be answerable to the rakyat and not to the BN leaders or authorities.

The PEOPLE'S POWER is about to rise and all these Institutions will face heavy casualties.

Just undermining the trust given by the rakyat until this time is already a great conciliation.

Its time for the ruling BARISAN NASIONAL to admit that they have failed in performing their duties as entrusted and graceful 'get lost'.

Let the rakyat give its new mandate to a more able, clean and effective group to manage the nation who will be able to resolve all pending issues and treat every citizen equally.

Malaysia is for all Malaysians.