Tuesday, December 04, 2007


With growing tension arising in the Malaysian Indian community over they been marginalised, it would be in the best interest of Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to meet them quickly to resolve or listen to their woes, and make his own assessment.

The Malaysian Indians have lost confidence with the Barisan Nasional Indian parties like MIC ,Gerakan or PPP, since they have been giving false promises. Datuk Seri S. SamyVellu, the President of MIC, had failed to look after the welfare of the Indians at large but only concentrated on his 'close' MIC members only. Even ordinary MIC members have expressed their disappointment that they are treated like 'dogs' when they turn up to meet SamyVellu at his office or at his home. Favouritism is always given to the divisional and higher ranking MIC officials by Samy Vellu.

Just claiming to be the champion of the Indian cause, SamyVellu had failed to perform effectively for all Malaysian Indians, irrespective of their status and/or political belief and he needs to accept, this failure and graceful withdraw from claiming to be the 'champion of the Indians'.

The Malaysian Indians are expecting PM Abdullah to personally oversee their problem and resolve them.

The Malaysian Indians would rather have MCA leaders to head this task force rather than the MIC itself. From these, the PM can gauge the disappointment and dissatisfaction the Malaysian Indians have towards the leadership of MIC. The Malaysian Indians feel that the MIC had taken them for a ride and it may be true that the Barisan Nasional may have assisted the Indians but this assistance where only enjoyed by the 'close' people circulating around SamyVellu. SamyVellu himself is quite arrogant and unapproachable most of the time.

When Hindu temples were about to be torn-down, there were no sight of MIC leaders or SamyVellu himself. This proves that 'tidak-apa' attitude exist with SamyVellu and his leaders.

The confidence of the MIC to look into the welfare of the Malaysian Indians will never happen and that is the reason why a huge crowd seems to be supporting HINDRAF, who had created awareness that the Indian community in Malaysia had been sidelined.

The time has come for PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to personally attend to this matter quickly before it gets out of hand. Leaders like Nazri and Zam are just 'nobody' and do not care for anyone other than themselves and also hope to gain cheap publicity that they care for the Malay interest. It needs to be noted that many Malays have expressed their support that Malaysian Indians are marginalised and need government support.

The Indians are crucial in the voting system and any misunderstanding would create the ruling government, Barisan Nasional to lose the coming polls.

It is all up to Badawi.............if he wants to see BN to continue or NOT.