Thursday, December 06, 2007


Since the HINDRAF peaceful demonstration of November 25, 2007 and the BERSIH peaceful rally on 10 November 2007, Malaysians are faced with many important questions as regards to their FREEDOM and identity.

HINDRAF or Hindu Rights Action Force claims that the affirmative action practiced in Malaysia is victimising them to the extend that their plight is not considered. The Malaysian Indians claim that they are totally neglected by the present government and feel that their community is facing a crisis and require government intervention so that some form of immediate assistance is given to uplift their community to enjoy a reasonable living.

In the meantime, BERSIH or Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections claims that there is NO FREEDOM in the election process and every election had been manipulated by the ruling Barisan Nasional government, and as such, had handed a memorandum to the Agong (King) to seek his Highness assistance to conduct a total review of the Election Commission so that a clean and fair elections can be held with the coming polls, expected sometime next year.

But as usual, the Barisan Nasional government, that governs the country, refutes both these allegations as baseless.

A search conducted had revealed that a group had created a video clip in Youtube named M for Malaysia - Past, Present and Future when viewed highlights the emotional feelings of the rakyat.

If the present government does not take steps to address these allegations immediately in a diligent manner, the ruling Barisan Nasional will surely be voted out by the rakyat. The government had been branded inefficient, ineffective and corrupt with no care for the ordinary poor rakyat's well-being.