Monday, December 31, 2007


Year 2007 is just about to be history. To some it will be the best year but to some, it would be memories they do not want to recall. Many things has happen, some good and some bad. But life needs to go on. Human cycle in this world is like this.

The Indian community seem to celebrate this coming year with the hope that our BN government will enlighten their lives with a new and concrete programme. Prayers are conducted everywhere for the early release of their 'heroes' from Kamunting Detention Centre who had bravely made the Malaysians realise that the Indians have been marginally sidelined by the present government.

Whatever the state, let's live in peace and harmony among the communities and make Malaysia proud.

another year and another step ahead.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


HINDRAF leader P Waythamoorthy met Malaysian Indians at Manor Park, London today to explain their stand. The meeting was attended by more than 50 Malaysian Indians residing in the United Kingdom.

It was revealed that a leaflet protest would be distributed to everyone at Trafalgar Square sometime this coming week to create an awareness that Malaysian Indians have been marginalised in Malaysia after more than 50 years of Independence. It is hoped that the Malaysian government will immediately look into the plights of the Indian community and give whatever assistance to uplift their deplorable state currently faced by this community.

Malaysian Indians are now more united in this battle for fairness and if the ruling Barisan Nasional were to ignore their claims, the Barisan Nasional will lose the coming polls expected sometime next year since the Indian votes are crucial for the coalition party.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


The Federal Court today ruled that the Syariah Court cannot dissolve a civil marriage and all dissolutions made by the Syariah Court is only effective within the confines of Islamic Law.

In a landmark decision, Federal Court judge Justice Nik Hashim Nik Ab Rahman said a non-Muslim marriage does not automatically dissolve when one of the parties converts to Islam and the husband and wife were bound by the 1976 Act (Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) in respect to divorce and custody of the children of the marriage, and thus, the civil court continues to have jurisdiction over him, notwithstanding his conversion to Islam.

In a 2-1 majority judgment, Justice Nik Hashim said by embracing Islam, Saravanan (the husband) and his eldest son (who also a convert) became subject to Muslim personal and religious laws. It is not an abuse of process, if he, being a Muslim, seeks remedies in the Syariah High Court as it is his right to do so.

It was noted that the non-Muslim marriage between the husband and wife remains intact and continues to subsist until the High Court dissolves it pursuant to a petition for divorce by the unconverted spouse under Section 51(1) of the 1976 Act and there is no impediment for the converted husband to appear in the divorce proceeding in the High Court.

He said the contention that the wife could submit to the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court and have recourse to Section 53 of the 1993 Act are not quite correct as the Act limits its jurisdiction to Muslims only.

The judges said that on conversion, either husband or wife has the right to convert a child of the marriage to Islam.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


This is the video clip of the controversial Astro Vaanavil show:

Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) President and Cabinet Minister, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu was publicly humiliated during a Indian cultural show by the booed when he turn up to officiate the Aattam 100 Vagai 3 performance organised by Astro Vaanavil (Channel 201) at the Penang International Sports Area (PISA) on Sunday night.

The Indian crowd of more than 2,000 people shouted obscenities at him (watch video clips above) and did not allow him to complete his officiating speech. It is reported that women in the audience appeared more aggressive in admonishing Samy Vellu, which surprised him and everyone present.

Malaysian Indians have finally awakened as never before. HINDRAF has finally succeeded in their quest to create a wake-up call on Malaysian Indians that they have been systematically marginalised by the Malaysian government.

Is this the end of Samy Vellu's political career, the MIC and of the Barisan Nasional ?

Monday, December 24, 2007

Indian Malaysians no longer fools
Mohd Kamal Abdullah Dec 24, 07 5:02pm
(my comments as it appears in Malaysiakini online news today)

The MIC need to realise that the recent uprising has highlighted their weakness in addressing the problems of Indians and this is not confined to MIC alone. Merely informing and debating the matter within the MIC will not resolve this matter.

As MIC president, Samy Vellu needs to hold an open forum for the Indian community and form a task force of capable community leaders to solve the current Indian crisis. If the task is given solely to MIC, it would be a total failure. They have already failed at performing the task. Further, MIC would use this as a political platform to show that they are the so-called “champions of the Indians.”

Indians are peaceful people by nature. They know that they have been marginalised and request some assistance to bring their community back on track. When the estates were restructured, Indians were forced to move out and were unable to cope with this new culture. The government then should have made sure that these Indians were prepared for the realities of a new life. Most Indians have failed to compete with the world outside the estates.

If the government is sincere in hearing the truth, efforts should be spearheaded by the prime minister himself or by MCA president Ong Ka Ting. I am sure that Indians will feel more comfortable with this arrangement rather than Samy Vellu resorting to his “gangster tactics” to “do what I say, I know best.” Indians are no longer fools.

The recent protest has given a clear message. It is up to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide whether he wants to resolve the Indian dilemma or face the toughest general election in the history of our nation.

S. Paranjothy, the Vice Chairman of Gerakan Youth had voiced that the BN government had sidelined the Indian community for so long and has treated them as fourth class citizen while this voice came in support of the current crisis which was spearheaded by HINDRAF. It was reported that disciplinary action is underway against Paranjothy.

In the meantime, UMNO Youth Chief, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, had given an ultimatum to Gerakan to clarify this matter and also had demanded that Gerakan expel and take action against Paranjothy. This direct interference by a UMNO leader is in breach of the principles of BN, which should treat every Party in the coalition as equal partners.

Although Gerakan Chief, Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, had expressed is dissatisfaction for the interference, but nothing concrete had been forthcoming.

If any action were to be taken against Paranjothy for expressing the truth, then Hishammuddin should also be sacked for making a statement of interference while the 'keris waiving' issue is still at large.

Hishammuddin fail to realise that these sort of issues were actually spearheaded by UMNO to gain support of the Malays and fail to realise their consequences. They only realise something wrong when another community express their dissatisfaction openly to show their concern for their respective community.

What is right for a particular community is WRONG for UMNO since it undermines the position of UMNO within the Malays.

Will UMNO take disciplinary action against Hishammuddin?

Saturday, December 22, 2007


This is the full version video of the Lingam Scandal.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


May the New Year bring you great happiness, prosperity, good health and good fortune.

From: Mohd Kamal Abdullah


It is reported that the flood situation is getting worst with rising flood waters and so far 5 States have evacuated almost 34,000 people to temporary shelters which are stationed at schools. A few lives have already been claimed, bring the death toll to 28. School term is expected to begin on January 3 nationwide.

Malaysia's Meteorological Department has warned that the monsoon season now is expected to continue bringing heavy rainfall, together with strong winds.

The worst-hit State, Pahang, have a total of 22,754 people who have been evacuated from their homes. Other States affected by the yearly floods include Terengganu and Kelantan, Johor and Kedah.

Government relief agencies have been instructed to rush food and essential supplies to the affected evacuees as water levels continued to rise, while complicating rescue and relief efforts carried out.

The annual year-end monsoons bring heavy rainfall, which typically sparks flooding in all of Malaysia's coastal states, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007



From: Mohd Kamal Abdullah


It has been reported that BERSIH will launch a huge demonstration if the government extends the service of Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, the Election Commissioner, following the recent amendments approved by the Dewan Rakyat to extend the age from 65 to 66 years although there were objections raised.

A memorandum was today submitted to PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at Putra Jaya and it was accepted by his Political Secretary, Dato' Wan Farid Wan Hisham. Among those involved in submitting the memorandum were Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, Sivarasa Rasiah and Liu Chin Tong.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Probe AG for ill-conceived attempted murder charge
(my comments as published in MALAYSIAKINI ONLINE today)

The 31 Hindraf protesters who were denied bail by the Shah Alam Magistrates’ Court on the application of attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail clearly reflects how the Barisan Nasional government treats poor and weak rakyat.

It is very clear that these 31 protesters comprised of lorry drivers, students and labourers who merely wanted to participate in the peaceful assembly to support it and make the government realise that Indian Malaysians have been marginalised. Despite empty promises made at each election, they have faithfully voted the ruling party to power.

The fabricated charge of causing hurt to the police officer seems really absurd. The government and attorney-general has stooped so low in prosecuting these innocent people just to prove that they are strong, powerful and can do anything. From this episode, it is clear that there is no justice for the poor, ordinary rakyat. The rich and powerful can create any situation to cause harm to these poor souls.

Since meeting with Indian NGOs on Friday, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has agreed to advise the attorney-general to review the case and drop all charges against these innocent victims.

It is very clear that the rakyat need to investigate the grounds on which the attorney-general himself had to attend to these simple matters. He has many capable assistants but chose to champion an unwanted cause himself and gave the wrong picture to the rakyat. The presiding judge must have been surprised by the presence of the AG and consented to the request out of fear of reprimand.

These poor 31 Hindraf protesters have been victims of this unjust system. There is no compensation for the ill-feelings and hatred these victims, their families and supporters have for our “crook” system.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


The Attorney-General, Tan Sri Abdul Ghani Patail had today withdrawn the attempted murder charge against the 31 HINDRAF protesters now detained at Sungei Buloh Prison.

They had all (26 of them) been granted bail of RM500 each and the sentencing has been fixed on 27 December 2007 while six murder accused were freed without their defence being called which include the students.

With this issue, the time has come for the rakyat to demand an explanation from the Attorney-General Abdul Ghani on how he could frame the attempted murder charge when these 31 protesters were having a peaceful but illegal (according to the authorities) on November 25, 2007 although the Federal Constitutions provides for a peaceful protest by any group to express their discontentment.

The AG should now be taken to task.

If the explanation is unfavourable by the Attorney-General, he needs to be sacked and sentenced to atleast 10 years in jail for not performing his duties as entrusted by the rakyat. Only then, will future government officials perform their task according to the rule of law.

Let's hear what the AG has to say NOW.

This morning, the police stopped almost 1,000 supporters of HINDRAF who wanted to gather at Kamunting Detention Centre to show the authorities that the 5 HINDRAF leaders who were arrested under ISA was done under malice and ill-fate, since they had only voiced the grievances of the Indian community through peaceful means that the Malaysian Indians had been neglected and marginalised by the government since Independence in 1957.

The families of the detainees were also holding a prayer sessions at a nearby temple.

The police had mobilised water cannons standby at the site and used psychological tactics to frighten the peaceful protesters.

There were no reports of any incident reported.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister Malaysia, met 14 NGO leaders and representatives at his office at Putra Jaya today together with MIC President, Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu. It is learned that PM Abdullah was deeply concerned with the plight of the Malaysian Indians and had given his personal assurance to look into their matter.

PM Abdullah further stressed the importance of using the ISA on the 5 HINDRAF leaders and requested these leaders to explain to the Indian community that it was done to maintain stability and peace in our country.

The first step towards the plight of the Indians has already commenced.

It has been reported that the 31 Malaysian Indians refused bail and who have been remanded at Sungei Buloh Prison are ordinary people. The list of persons are as follows:

1. SS Ganishen, 39, lorry driver.
2. K Raju, 42, driver.
He is hard of hearing on one side.
3. R Sakthivel, 34, technician.
In court, he told reporters that he left his bike when he passed by the Batu Caves temple to see what was happening. When he returned to his bike, the police arrested him.
4. K Ganapathy, 38, lorry driver.
5. K Sukumaran, 24, foreman.
6. S Kumaran, 25, farmer.
7. B Varatharaju, 32, foreman.
8. M Kuna Sekaran, 24, machine operator.
9. V Ganeson, 40, lorry driver.
10. L Thiyagarajan, 31, sales executive.
11. S Gunaa, 21, is a farmer.
He only gets salary when there is work.
12. K Thinagaranpillay, 23, manager.
13. N Balamohan, 23, part-time worker.
14. K Gopinath, 27, store keeper.
15. R Suresh, 24, runs his own business.
16. G Suman, 20, runs his own business.
17. M Buwenthiran, 24, technician.
18. M Pushparathan, 21, technician.
19. S Tail Arasu, 26, despatch boy.
20. N Ramasamy, 43, is a driver.
He is also a kidney patient. He showed his dialysis card in court but this was dismissed by judge Azimah as it did necessarily prove his health condition.
21. S Ramash Kumar,22, student.
22. R Pushpanathan,19, despatch boy.
23. S Mugilan Dever, 20, student.
24. G Thinesh Kumar, 19, foreman.
25. T Kunalan, 28, machine operator.
26. S Sures, 18, car-tinter.
He has a hole in the heart.
27. A Vasantarao, 19, student.
28. N Markandan, 54, odd-job worker.
29. K Raghu, 39, technician.
30. A Rayar, 30, His occupation is unknown.
He had an engagement ceremony planned on Dec 7 that had to be cancelled.
31. S Ravi, 33, lorry driver.

Righfully, a peaceful demonstration is allowable and it is provided for in the Malaysian Constitution. Involving the Attorney-General personally in this matter seems very surprising and this had once again tarnish the legal circle in Malaysia.

These people had just participated in a peaceful demonstration and never knew the contents of claim and for this crime to be 'cooked-up' is that they have harm a police personnel is just unbelievable.

The government and legal circle need to realise that 'for every action there is equal and opposite reaction' and TIME will tell.

The said act clearly demonstrate the suppressing of the poor by the strong, powerful and wealthy institution.

Its time for the BN government to realise that these will NOT stop the Malaysian Indian community from demanding for their rights as a equal partner in the country, and all this marginalising so far NEED TO STOP once and for all.

To avoid further mistrust with the government, it would be best for these 31 people to be released and their matter dismissed by the Court, to protect the good image of our country internationally and to live in peace and harmony.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


It has been reported today that the government has arrested five(5) leaders of HINDRAF namely P. Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan, R. Kenghadharan, V. Ganabatirau and T. Vasanthakumar, under the Internal Security Act. This action was expected to come but since the current leadership had always claimed to be clean and fair, this latest action had taken the country by surprise and the Barisan Nasional will face the stiffest election in the coming polls. It is predicted that they may even lose the coming polls due to their uncaring, ineffective, inefficient and corrupt nature.

One thing the government need to realise is that they have lost the Indian votes at this moment. The struggle for the Indian rights will continue. Even the legal advisor for HINDRAF Uthayakumar had made a video clip and advising his supporters to keep continuing their struggle until the government concede to their demands.

Malaysia will be experiencing its darkest moment in the days to come with many more demonstrations and protest. The Barisan Nasional government will be eventually shamed for taking this drastic form of action against the minority group which had claimed for its rights to be restored as a citizen of Malaysia.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It is been notified that more arrest on demonstrators and protesters of the so-called illegal rallies held a couple of weeks ago will be underway.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership seem to be very unsecured at this moment and fear that their support is diminishing drastically with many more planned and informed protest or demonstration. The Police on the other hand, seem to be securing Court Orders just to keep these people from having a peaceful rally which is clearly provided for under the Federal Constitution. The Courts and the Attorney-General Chambers are creating a mockery by condoning to the actions of the Police and the ruling government. These law officials are granting these Orders and refusing bail in fear of their respective positions. Such a shame that qualified in the specified field, they are interpreting them wrongly and creating a mockery of the situation.

All these institutions fail to realise that they will be answerable to the rakyat and not to the BN leaders or authorities.

The PEOPLE'S POWER is about to rise and all these Institutions will face heavy casualties.

Just undermining the trust given by the rakyat until this time is already a great conciliation.

Its time for the ruling BARISAN NASIONAL to admit that they have failed in performing their duties as entrusted and graceful 'get lost'.

Let the rakyat give its new mandate to a more able, clean and effective group to manage the nation who will be able to resolve all pending issues and treat every citizen equally.

Malaysia is for all Malaysians.

It is very clear that the rakyat need to over throw this inefficient, ineffective, uncaring and corrupt Barisan Nasional from forming the next government. Every BN candidate should be made to lose their deposit to show how discontented the rakyat is with them.

It does not matter whether the next fresh government has no experience. As long as they are going to be a clean and effective government would do.

Its time the BN leadership understand that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. They make amendments to their whims and fancy, just to stay in office. They use government infrastructure to remain in power. The use government machinery to frighten the rakyat.

The rakyat has voiced its displeasure and rather than studying the matter, they carry them out, just to show they have all the power. This power will ruin these socalled YBs (Yang BerBODOHs) from BN.

We need to STAND UP like this (I HAVE A DREAM) so that this injustice is a matter of the past.

The TIME has come for the rakyat to display their POWER. Then only will the BN government understand.

Time for drastic action by the rakyat should immediately commence until the BN government starts running out with their pants down.......

Sunday, December 09, 2007


The Human Rights Day was observed in Malaysia today. The Bar Council which had earlier organised to have a march from Sogo in Kuala Lumpur had to cancel this event after been instructed by the Police.

Even then, a group of lawyers had carried out this march and this is the video clip which is self-explanatory .

These clearly shows how arogant the police force are towards the members of the public. Its time for the rakyat to show the police force that they are SERVANTS OF THE RAKYAT and they need abide by the rakyat say.

Its TIME FOR THE RAKYAT to demand an explanation from the police force or to demand that a inquiry be formed to investigate into the abuses created by the police force against the rakyat immediately.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


A fabricated version of the interview with Al-Jazeera by a so-called Malaysian Information Minister during the BERSIH protest rally:

Compare this interview with the original version given by our Information Minister:

Look at how our Cabinet Ministers respond to important interviews.

Time for Malaysians to elect responsible and capable leaders.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Since the HINDRAF peaceful demonstration of November 25, 2007 and the BERSIH peaceful rally on 10 November 2007, Malaysians are faced with many important questions as regards to their FREEDOM and identity.

HINDRAF or Hindu Rights Action Force claims that the affirmative action practiced in Malaysia is victimising them to the extend that their plight is not considered. The Malaysian Indians claim that they are totally neglected by the present government and feel that their community is facing a crisis and require government intervention so that some form of immediate assistance is given to uplift their community to enjoy a reasonable living.

In the meantime, BERSIH or Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections claims that there is NO FREEDOM in the election process and every election had been manipulated by the ruling Barisan Nasional government, and as such, had handed a memorandum to the Agong (King) to seek his Highness assistance to conduct a total review of the Election Commission so that a clean and fair elections can be held with the coming polls, expected sometime next year.

But as usual, the Barisan Nasional government, that governs the country, refutes both these allegations as baseless.

A search conducted had revealed that a group had created a video clip in Youtube named M for Malaysia - Past, Present and Future when viewed highlights the emotional feelings of the rakyat.

If the present government does not take steps to address these allegations immediately in a diligent manner, the ruling Barisan Nasional will surely be voted out by the rakyat. The government had been branded inefficient, ineffective and corrupt with no care for the ordinary poor rakyat's well-being.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


This morning, at the Shah Alam Sessions Court, Judge Azimah Omar denied bail under national security reasons while basing on the severity of the charges to remand all 31 HINDRAF demonstrators involved in the killing of a policeman at Batu Caves on November 25.

There was chaos in court.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


With growing tension arising in the Malaysian Indian community over they been marginalised, it would be in the best interest of Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to meet them quickly to resolve or listen to their woes, and make his own assessment.

The Malaysian Indians have lost confidence with the Barisan Nasional Indian parties like MIC ,Gerakan or PPP, since they have been giving false promises. Datuk Seri S. SamyVellu, the President of MIC, had failed to look after the welfare of the Indians at large but only concentrated on his 'close' MIC members only. Even ordinary MIC members have expressed their disappointment that they are treated like 'dogs' when they turn up to meet SamyVellu at his office or at his home. Favouritism is always given to the divisional and higher ranking MIC officials by Samy Vellu.

Just claiming to be the champion of the Indian cause, SamyVellu had failed to perform effectively for all Malaysian Indians, irrespective of their status and/or political belief and he needs to accept, this failure and graceful withdraw from claiming to be the 'champion of the Indians'.

The Malaysian Indians are expecting PM Abdullah to personally oversee their problem and resolve them.

The Malaysian Indians would rather have MCA leaders to head this task force rather than the MIC itself. From these, the PM can gauge the disappointment and dissatisfaction the Malaysian Indians have towards the leadership of MIC. The Malaysian Indians feel that the MIC had taken them for a ride and it may be true that the Barisan Nasional may have assisted the Indians but this assistance where only enjoyed by the 'close' people circulating around SamyVellu. SamyVellu himself is quite arrogant and unapproachable most of the time.

When Hindu temples were about to be torn-down, there were no sight of MIC leaders or SamyVellu himself. This proves that 'tidak-apa' attitude exist with SamyVellu and his leaders.

The confidence of the MIC to look into the welfare of the Malaysian Indians will never happen and that is the reason why a huge crowd seems to be supporting HINDRAF, who had created awareness that the Indian community in Malaysia had been sidelined.

The time has come for PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to personally attend to this matter quickly before it gets out of hand. Leaders like Nazri and Zam are just 'nobody' and do not care for anyone other than themselves and also hope to gain cheap publicity that they care for the Malay interest. It needs to be noted that many Malays have expressed their support that Malaysian Indians are marginalised and need government support.

The Indians are crucial in the voting system and any misunderstanding would create the ruling government, Barisan Nasional to lose the coming polls.

It is all up to Badawi.............if he wants to see BN to continue or NOT.

This is a emotional and interesting clip to watch:

Hope you have enjoyed it.




The Bar Council had announced that the march on Sunday had been cancelled due to police influence and for not obtaining police permit.

Monday, December 03, 2007


The Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) had given Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to meet them to resolve the matters for which memorandums have been submitted to him a couple of months ago. The HINDRAF leaders have decided to shelve all their plans for a week, to give PM Badawi the opportunity to meet and resolve the pending matters amicably.

Its been learned that these HINDRAF leaders are about to commence a tour to gather support from a few 'big' powers to strengthen their claim.

It should be commendated that these leaders are prepared to settle the problem faced by the minority group in Malaysia and find an amicable settlement favourable to all parties.

Its now up to PM Badawi to respond...............

Sunday, December 02, 2007


HINDRAF would urgently need to stop any further form of action if they really want to help the Indian community in Malaysia. Their actions have now been seriously considered by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. We need to appreciate their contribution in creating awareness among the leadership that the Indian community had been 'suppressed' for such a long time, even though they had contributed considerably to nation building.

The government will now focus on improving the lives of the Indians, since the Cabinet had ask for a task force to investigate and report to it. Maybe, the leaders who claim to champion for the Indians cause, may have been the 'culprits' and Indians had been given empty promises that their welfare will be looked into. It may be time for these so-called 'champions' to quit and let capable and efficient leaders to undertake this task. We must take into account that Datuk Seri S. SamyVellu had done a lot but the communities expectations are far too great and maybe he must have only help those who are 'close' to him and the MIC. The problem would have lied there.

But whatever the circumstances, the Indians must be happy that their plight is now considered and as usual, nothing could be done overnight.

The Indians had patiently waited all these years, why not give Pah Lah a few more months to overcome most of the displeasure, but all this will only happen if HINDRAF stop immediately any form of action that they have planned.................