Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sport minister disappointed by 'rude' Indonesian fans

Youth and Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek expressed disappointment with the action of Indonesian football fans who showed disrespect to the national anthem (Negaraku) during an AFC Cup futsal match in Jakarta on Monday.

He added that the action by the Indonesian fans who snubbed the Negaraku which was played before the match between Malaysia and Vietnam, can bring about diplomatic implications between both countries.

"However, I do not believe it was done on purpose by the Indonesian FA or the Indonesian government.

"This is the work of a small group who were out to disrupt the cordial relationship between the two countries," he told reporters at a dialogue session for agencies and departments under the Agriculture and Agro-Based Industries Ministry in Kemaman today.

Indonesian FA fined

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) had fined the Indonesian FA RM17,006 for the action of their fans who did not rise from their seats when Negaraku was played and the compel matters further, they sang the Indonesian national anthem instead.

The Indonesian Youth and Sports Minister had subsequently apologized for the action of the Indonesian football fans.

Ahmad Shabery however, said he would not send a memorandum to his counterpart over the matter as the fine slapped by AFC was sufficient.

- Bernama

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