Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zaid Calls for BN Minister to Debate Oil Royalty

In response to the federal government’s advertising blitz last Sunday, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has called for a public debate on the Kelantan oil royalty issue.


Datuk Zaid Ibrahim: "As a follow up to the advertising blitz, will

any BN Minister care for a public debate on the oil issue?"

The former minister at the Prime Minister’s Department who is currently a PKR political bureau are among numerous Kelantanese politicians who has slammed the federal government’s stab at defending their stand in the refusal to pay the Kelantan government oil royalty through newspaper advertisements.

The full-page advertisements were taken up by The Information, Communication and Culture Ministry in Malay weeklies yesterday. The ads had on them a list of eight questions and answers to invalidate Razaleigh’s spat of Kelantan, as well as other states, being entitled to the five percent oil royalty under the Petroleum Development Act 1974.

Apart from the advertisement, to counter Ku Li’s argument, the federal government had also distributed leaflets discrediting the Kuli’s arguments.


The full-page advertisement in UMNO-controlled Berita Minggu (Berita Harian's Sunday edition) by the federal government which addresses its stand on the Kelantan oil royalty issue.

news courtesy of Malaysian Digest

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