Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Celebrity shame and scandals

TV PERSONALITY Wardina Safiyyah Fadlullah Wilnot has this advice for fellow celebrities: "Get knowledge, improve yourself and don't expected to be idolised because of your looks."

To her fans, she is just Wardina, whose father is an Australian and her mother an Achehnese. She is reputedly one of the best loved TV personalities in the country.

wardina-safiyyah-3However, the 31-year-old mother of three kids recently caused a stir among her young fans by telling they should not overly idolise their favourite celebrities and artistes.

"The life of an artiste is more negative than positive. It is mostly a meaningless life filled with just spurts of enjoyment," she said during a seminar titled, The Celebrity as a Public Icon at the KB Mall in Kota Baru on Feb 14.

She was part of a panel of speakers that also included novelist Habiburrahman El-Shirazy and TV9's Akademi Quran co-presenter Farah Adeeba.

Be open to criticisms

Wardina, who had appeared in TV sitcoms. dramas and women's shows, among others, also advised fellow celebrities to educate themselves.

This, she said, would make them more knowledgeable, polite, ethical and more professional in their conduct.

"They are public figures and they have to be sensitive to the public. Be open to criticisms and always improve yourself," she advised at the seminar, organised by the Kelantan state government.

Wardina, who started as a model and went on to become an actress and TV presenter, surprised her followers when, at the peak of her popularity,she decided to adorn a tudung and to wear Muslim-friendly clothing.

A graduate of the Centre for Advance Design (Cenfad), Kuala Lumpur, the city-born celebrity majored in interior architecture but opted to go into the entertainment business instead. Her father was a popular Muslim missionary, who used to also have his own show in the early years of TV in Malaysia.

The mother of two girls and a baby boy has appeared in numerous TV commercials and other media advertisements.

Her frank comments about being an artiste may surprise many people but it was not the first time that she had given such candid views.

For instance, in a recent interview with Malay news portal mStar, she said being an 'icon' in the entertainment business is a big responsibility as "society looks at the icon as someone to be emulated, inspired and a positive influence."

She said Malaysian artistes are not up to mark to be recognised as icons.

Shame and scandals

The majority of local celebrities, she lamented, are only 'hot' with the sensational news they create and the shame and scandals that arise from that.

"Often, I feel like crying when listening to the comments they make. Maybe, it is also the fault of the media, which dements the minds of our youngsters by painting images of artistes with lavish and fun lifestyles," she said.

Nevertheless, she concedes that there are among local artistes those who are smart. "Some of them are indeed clever, but they do need to improve themselves with more knowledge," added Wardina.

"My advice to fellow arirtses is that if you want t be, say a singer, be an educated singer who can make positive contribution to society," she said.
wardina-safiyyah"It's not enough to just look pretty and to show off their wealth like they are Hollywood stars," added Wardina, saying that she has not heard any ulama or ustaz ticking off such artistes.

“I sympathise with the industry as a whole when sensational issues dominate the news.

Popularity doesn't last

"Beauty can be lost but knowledge remains. Likewise, it is okay to be popular but that too doesn't last," said the straight-talking and glamorous celebrity, who is in the midst of writing a book on children's stories and another on a parents' guidr to child nutrition.

Responding to Wardina, Jemaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) vice-president Assoc Prof Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj, said the organisation wholeheartedly supports her views.

"Everyone, even the celebrities know that what kind of life they are living.

"Wardina, for instance, is saying all that that based on her experience. She has chosen to tell the truth about her experience, which might not go down well with some people.

"Showbiz has made her more mature and she is capable of shouldering the social responsibility," said Harlina, adding that JIM hopes other celebrities will take note of Wardina's comments seriously and act accordingly.

Be an example to the young

"They have to be an example to the young people out there. The youngsters themselves should not immitate the lifestyle of the celebrities, especially those who have shown bad behavior and immoral or corrupted lifestyles.

Harlina also hopes educators and intellectuals would get close to celebrities to assit them in character building worthy of their yoing fans to follow.

She also hopes the media will not idolise the celebrities to much by sensationalising the glitz, glamour and controversies that surround these personalities. - Malaysian Mirror

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