Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shock over Cuepacs statement

Wanita MCA has expressed shock over a statement by Cuepacs secretary-general Ahmad Shah Mohd Zin that the upward trend of women employees in the civil service is a "cause of concern."

chew-mei-funDatin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, the Wanita MCA national chairman, responded by saying that the NGO leader's statement reflects his "utter lack of understanding" on the actual state of female representation in decision-making positions and implications of gender dynamics.

"As a secretary-general of an NGO, he is expected to represent the rights and interests of both women and men," said Chew in a press release Tuesday.

"Women have notably contributed and are contributing to economic growth and social development of the country," she said.

In his statement, Ahmad Shah said the increasing dominance of female employees in the civil service would have long-term implications on the progress and growth of the country.

Chauvinistic statement

ahmad-shah-mohd-zinChew said Ahmad Shah's condescending and chauvinistic statement demontrates his "sheer disregard and disrespect" to women.

She found it shocking that Ahmad Shah had taken such a "blatant gender biased position".

"As a government servant himself, we are surprised that he has not fully comprehended the national policy," she said.

Chew noted that Malaysia is still far from achieving gender equality and that the country's gender gap remains wide in economic participation and opportunity, and political empowerment.

She said it is essential that the government continues to strive to achieve gender equality and that women be able to play their role as decision-makers in all spheres.

news courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

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