Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Malaysia has always been a multi cultural, multi-religious and multi-racial community and have always lived in peace and harmony, respecting each others beliefs and way of life. But of late, there are indication that certain people are trying to preach their version to the people. I am not here to debate on religion since I am not an expert on this topic but I do know that our country has its own ways in celebrating and enjoying each others religious and festive celebrations. The world has great admiration to our country for having this special 'gift',things and ways each community gather to celebrate each others festive celebration. The 'open house' concept where other faith believers would call over and wish and celebrate in one's festive celebration had strengthen the peace and harmony of our country and this should be continued and encouraged to foster greater unity among the races in Malaysia.

Soon, Malaysians are going to celebrate Deepavali and Hari Raya (Eid) within a few days apart. This is the time for celebrations with a long holidays. This is the time when greeting cards on each others festival is sent to greet the other in celebrating this happy and auspicious occasion. On the day of the event, while calling over at their friends or relatives of different faith, a wish of happiness is usually greeted. It has always been a Malaysian tradition for centuries.

But it has been reported that certain parties have made certain remarks claiming them to be 'un-islamic'. It was reported that Takaful Malaysia's Syariah department head, Fauzi Mustaffar had sent a memo to all muslim staffs informing that they should refrain from wishing their hindu friends or relatives, 'Happy Deepavali' since it is a religious celebration and un-islamic to do so. Today, the Perak state Mufti, Harussani Zakaria had also made a similar remark that it is un-islamic for muslims to wish their hindu friends and relatives. This so-called religious people fail to realise that there are many un-islamic issues that they are practicing and when it concerns these individual, it is deemed appropriate.

The government should immediately warn these so-called religious extremist not to interfere with these established, long term traditional values of our country. These people should be reprimanded for their statement, since they are employed by the government or its agencies. A public apology should also be made by these individuals to ensure that this long-time tradition of unity will always survive so that the rakyat can always live in peace and harmony and respect each others beliefs and culture. I am very sure that Malaysians are fully aware of what should be served to muslims and non-muslims. This understanding had always been the yardstick of our unity success.

So why all this fuss. Celebrate and enjoy yourselves, Malaysians.

I take this opportunity to wish all hindus a 'SELAMAT HARI DEEPAVALI' and to my muslim brothers and sisters, 'SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN'.

Latest News:

The Takaful Syariah head, Fauzi Mustaffar had apologised over the incident today. This brave step need to be appreciated.