Saturday, October 07, 2006


Road accident claims many lives in Malaysia, not because of poor roads or enforcements. Malaysian roads are considered to be one of the best in the world. The main reasons are that road users have been reckless and impatient. Just because one holds a valid driving licence does not mean that they have the passport to do anything on the road. At times, we need to cultivate the attitude of give and take. Our goal must be, to reach our final destination safe and sound. Drivers should also check their vehicles before embarking on long trips. The safety of the car also greatly matters. Another important factor is to have, full concentration on the road. If the driver had not enough of sleep, he or she should refrain from driving very long distances. Drivers should have a very good rest before embarking on long distances. If we adhere to these basic principles, we will reach our destination with our loved ones, safe and sound. It is better to drive slowly, although it may take a while longer but we will eventually reach our destination with safety.

During the past festive seasons, the government had implemented various enforcement plans and campaigns, some have worked and some have failed. But I think with the reduction of speed limit on federal roads to 80KM during festive periods against the usual 90 or 110 KM, as suggested and about to be enforced, its success will greatly depend on the drivers and road users. A normal trend in Malaysia is always to break a rule which is meant to protect every road user. If there is no evidence of police or RIMV personnel at site, the drivers will break the law. This is a normal phenomena in Malaysia. Until and unless we change this idealogy, road accidents will always be on the rise. If every road user abides by the speed limits, for sure road accidents will be brought to the minimal.

We need to appreciate the police for suggesting this new policy. But implementation play a major role. It is hope that the police and the RIMV will deploy their personnel to frequent accident sites to ensure that the traffic flow is in accordance with the speed limits in force.

It is hoped that our road accident level reduces with this new road safety campaign?