Wednesday, October 18, 2006

(Extract from Malaysiakini - Letters to Editor, October 18,2006 written by me)

I refer to the malaysiakini report M’sians not mature enough, says OCPD.

It comes as no surprise that the police seems to be distorting their case on the 'Bloody Sunday'. This 'Bloody Sunday' on May 28 was a peaceful protest against the government's decision on increasing petroleum prices. It had been reported that the police took the law in their own hands by beating peaceful protestors to disperse, causing certain individuals to bleed due to the harsh methods used.

The OCPD of Dang Wangi, Kamal Pasha Jamal, told the inquiry that he perceived 'Malaysians are not matured enough to handle the situation'. That was the reason for the police to have used force to remove the peaceful protestors from the KLCC compound that day. From the outset, the protestors had a peaceful gathering and there were no indication to show that the protestors had gone above the law. How Kamal had established his point about being ‘not matured enough’ really surprises every Malaysian. It is time that the police account for their actions. If the police had used 'dirty' tactics, then they need to be reprimanded for their actions. Just trying to hoodwink the inquiry panel by making foolish remarks in order to get away from the mess created by them will not assist.

The police need to accept their follies and not use sensitive remarks that undermine every individual Malaysian including themselves. What it sounds is that the police had made a wrong judgement that day and are just trying to find a excuse to escape from the charges. The police fail to realise that the protestors, almost all of them, were educated Malaysians and they knew what they could do and should not do. Since this incident was not initiated by the ruling party, wild accusations are created to distort the incident.

Will the police face up to their misconduct like gentlemen?