Thursday, October 05, 2006


Its been reported that the haze situation in most part of Malaysia today is at a critical level but our government until now had not taken any drastic action to act and clear the current poor situation. The visibility in most parts of the country is also reported to be bad. They only seem to be talking of Harry Lee's sorry letter, Khairy's no-sorry state over his racial remarks, political corruption at Kubang Pasu division polls and the mounting corruption of the current administration. There were reports that the main stream medias were barred from reporting the critical haze condition in order not to frighten foreign tourist. I feel everyone need to be told the truth about our current unsafe condition and if they want to come, they are here, at their own risk. Haze sometime create medical complications like ashma and so forth. If people are not warned of the dangers, our credibility will be tarnished. Our country relies on foreign tourist for the booming of the tourism industry.

The government further need to take immediate steps to create artificial rain to clear the sky. With this in force, the air index situation will improve and it will be safer for the rakyat and everyone here.

The culprit being Indonesia need to be warned about their uncaring attitude towards its neighbours in not controling large-scale open burning.

It is hoped that our government will take immediate steps to improve the air index and overcome the current situation.