Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ELECTION FEVER ON.................

The election fever is strongly felt by every resident in Malaysia with posters everywhere and with 'ceramahs' every night by all the political parties contesting in the general elections. Various promises are made to woo the voters to vote for them.
But as usual, the Barisan Nasional (BN) has a edge with RTM and mainstream medias publishing articles in their favour, in fear of losing their publishing permit.
That is why now most Malaysians rely on cyberspace for information. As usual, certain information may not be correct but most of the information provided are with concrete facts.
The rakyat will have to make its own decision for whom to vote.
If the current BN government does not wake up from its 'sleep', the country will face a massive problem since corruption is at its highest level and unfair distribution of the national wealth among the races in Malaysia. It has been expressed that the Petronas revenue is also been misused since it is not accountable to the rakyat.
The Opposition is capitalising on these weaknesses of the BN and offering the rakyat certain concessions once they win and form the government. The areas are: reduction in fuel prices, free education for all citizens, wipe out corruption and cronism, make Petronas accountable, abolish ISA and so forth.
But the BN maintains that their regime has been tested and it should be continued.
Malaysians need to realise that we need a strong and able government that is caring, effective, efficient and corrupt-free.
VOTE WISELY for a better future.