Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It is common knowledge that Datuk Seri S. SamyVellu is responsible for breeding the 'gangsters'. It is also noted that he and his representatives use the services to create chaos during meetings, temple demolitions and others.
It has been noted that SamyVellu claims that others are using 'samseng' or 'gangsters' to create trouble.
Look who is calling the kettle black.
Time for the rakyat to show the gangster leaders in MIC that enough is enough, that the rakyat can never take anymore lies and their gangsterism tactics.
The rakyat can evaluate this from scenes on youtube and articles or personally witnessing incidence when problems are created.
Time for Samy Vellu to face up to reality and accept responsibility for the creation and maintenance of these 'gangster' groups.
Please stop telling lies and own up to it, SamyVellu, that is why there is a huge number of Indian gangsters who are tarnishing the good name and reputation of the Indian community at large.