Monday, February 18, 2008


The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) is in turmoil with various problems affecting it with nominations and polling day in a couple of days or weeks.

Firstly, the Malaysian Indians are not happy with the performance of the MIC since many Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders had reported that the state of the Indians today were mostly due to the uncaring attitude of its MIC leaders. Temple demolitions were actually carried out with the blessing of these MIC heads but had kept silent when the matter exploded just to keep their political status.

Now with the elections, candidates field by MIC is also creating uneasiness among the people in that respective area. Taking a look at Batu Caves, there is reports that the Indians are unhappy with the MIC leadership for 'importing' an outside candidate for the seat when a able candidate is available in that area. A similar situation has been reported for the Parliamentary seats too. There is a report that MIC Youth head should be disqualified from contesting.

Its President, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu had claimed that veterans have to give way for a more able young candidate but in his case, he still wants to remain in power with his arrogance although after having served for almost 29 years. There were also a strong demands for his resignation from the MIC leadership due to his uncaring attitude towards the community.

The Malaysian Indians are an unhappy lot at the current situation. They have claimed that since the restructuring of estates, they were forced to move to the towns and this had created many social problems but the MIC had just had a blind eye towards them. The Indians are demanding the government to give them an edge so that they could uplift their community and protect their culture and tradition. BN leaders have been giving assurances but nothing concrete has been forthcoming so far. Indians have two major peaceful street protest recently to voice their grievances. Since then, it is expected that a majority of them will refrain from voting just to show their displeasure or vote for the Opposition to show their anger for all the broken and empty promises made in the past by the BN.

The Malaysian Indians are current aware the real 'culprits' for their 'fourth class citizenship status' is mainly due to the MIC which had claimed to be the 'champions of the Indians' but had always been uncaring towards their plight. The BN had always been providing support but these were channel only between the close buddies of the top MIC leadership.

The MIC need to realise the Indians have woken-up and know the reality. More problems are ahead since the current moment would be the best time to demand for their rights and privileges to be restored or obtained.

photo courtesy of Malaysiakini