Monday, February 18, 2008


February 24, 2008 will be nomination day. On that day, the rakyat will know who are the candidates selected to represent each party in the coming polls on March 8, 2008. Most seats would see a straight fight between the ruling Barisan Nasional and the Opposition. If this is a reality, this would be the first time that the Opposition seem to have been united and this will give the Barisan Nasional a tough fight since of late there are many criticism levelled against the Barisan Nasional.

Since intense lobbying for being a candidate is going on, there are also major problems affecting both fronts. Barisan Nasional seems to be having problems with certain component parties with regards to allocation of seats while there is a problem with residents having no faith on the proposed candidates. Meanwhile, Opposition seems to have its own problems too.

But all this, whether good or bad will be known after their respective nominations are accepted and their candidacy announced by the Returning Officer of the Election Commission.

The start of the POLLS begins.....

The RAKYAT WILL THEN DECIDE..............on March 8, 2008 for whom to vote for.