Thursday, June 05, 2008


This is the 'posh' hotel where the UMNO retreat is held ( Glenmarie Resort, Shah Alam)

UMNO Leaders holding their meeting
UMNO, the main partner in the ruling BN coalition parties is holding a retreat among its leaders at a 'posh' hotel in Shah Alam just one day after these same people are asking the rakyat to change their lifestyle.

The rakyat needs to demand that these leaders STOP wasting public funds to achieve their political goals and should concentrate on saving in order to assist the burden of the rakyat with their steep increase in petroleum prices announced yesterday which will see an increase in all consumer products and services within the next few days.

The government should preach what it says.

Since UMNO and BN have failed to look at the welfare of all Malaysians, its time for the rakyat to demand for their RESIGNATION so that a fresh election could be undertaken to ensure that the rakyat's interest is taken care of by the representatives who are going to be chosen.

It cannot be denied that hike protest will be held frequently in various parts of the country to show their displeasure on this corrupt, ineffective, inefficient and uncaring BN government.

photo courtesy of NST