Thursday, January 08, 2009


It is clearly known that UMNO and its Barisan Nasional would use all sort of tricks to frighten or woo voters to vote for them. One way is to use its controlled mainstream medias to frighten that if the PAS candidate wins in Kuala Terengganu it seems to indicate that Hudud law will be imposed towards every Malaysian. Malaysians and Kuala Terengganu voters need to realise that PAS would require 2/3 of the Dewan Rakyat members to support its call, and to achieve this it need 148 MPs or more. Currently PAS has only 23 MPs and can this materialise?

Just because some PAS leaders have express their desire to introduce Hudud law, UMNO had taken this opportunity to FRIGHTEN the rakyat that PAS is fanatic and will be able to introduce and impose this law on Malaysians. Every sensible Malaysian knows that Malaysia practises multi-religious and multi-cultural beliefs and any statements to introduce these sort of laws will create sensitiveness and will indirectly have a swing of voters for the BN.

This is the attempt of our 'uncaring, corrupted and arrogant' UMNO's or BN style of politicing. This is how BN wants to create a sense of fright on the 8,735 registered Chinese voters and on the Indian and other voters too.

But to the surprise of many, the Chinese voters have become sceptical since the PAS administration in Perak had decided to offer freehold land titles to the 15,000 TOL holders although it was generally know that PAS does not care for the non-Malays. This act and the defiance of the BN federal government ruling has given these Chinese voters and residents that PAS cares for Malaysians on the whole. Their neighbour, Kelantan, the voters and residents there are extremely happy since the State governments does take great care of the Kelantanese.

UMNO and its BN parties will try their best to swing some other gimmick but it is hoped that Kuala Terengganu voters would not 'buy' their lies and rubbish any longer and vote sensibly for the PAS candidate on polling date on 17 January 2009.