Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Malaysians take for granted that they can continue to make mistakes and NOT take responsibility of their or their subordinates actions. The time has come that these officials and leaders to wake up and face reality that they need to take full responsibility and gracefully resign or get sacked. This new trend must be embodied in the Malaysian administrative system if we want to see a CHANGE, which is now much talked about.

Today's headlines had portrayed that the police had tortured a 22 year old Indian detainee under their care and it was reported that he died under police interrogation. The body of the victim were seen to have severe torture marks.

If it is under police custody then the Home Minister, Inspector-General of Police, the State Police Chief and the OCPD and his responsible men will need to RESIGN immediately and be charged in court for having caused these injuries. Then, Malaysians can proudly say we have CHANGED.

But as usual, the police will cover-up the story by fabricating a story that they are not responsible and will use every given opportunity to show the 'false' innocence.

But whatever the circumstances, its time we, Malaysians demand the resignation of every official, Home Minister, IGP, CPO, OCPD and those officers involved be SACKED if they voluntarily do not resign to uphold the integrity of the position they hold.

Can we expect this to happen similarly like in Japan, Taiwan and so forth where officials resign to take full responsibility for any wrongdoings of their subordinates.