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'Let's work together' call goes out to Pakatan (Malaysiakini)

Malaysiakini reported that all the action was in Putrajaya this morning, as the Federal Court delivered its much-awaited decision in the MB vs MB saga.

Barisan Nasional (BN) scored a 5-0 victory over Pakatan Rakyat, as the five-member bench unanimously held that Zambry Abd Kadir is the lawful menteri besar of Perak.

Politicians have their say on the decision. While those in Perak BN appear conciliatory, their downcast Pakatan counterparts ponder the implications of the ruling.

Chang Ko Youn, Perak Gerakan chief and Special Adviser for Chinese Affairs

chang ko younWe were very confident from the very start that Zambry (Abd Kadir) will win the court case, as both BN and Tuanku (the Perak sultan) had followed procedures (and complied with) the federal and state constitutions and Commonwealth practice.

Now that the dust has settled, I urge Pakatan leaders to respect the verdict of the Federal Court and start to work closely with BN to improve the economy of the state and welfare of all Perakians.
Politicians can come and go.

What is important is the welfare of the people, which is paramount.

Dr Mah Hang Soon, MCA leader and Perak executive councillor

mah hang soonThe truth will always prevail and justice has been done.

We should not waste time politicising the Federal Court decision but work together for the economic improvement of the state to benefit all Perakians.

V Sivakumar, DAP state assemblyperson for Tronoh

The decision has set a precedent. Instead of going through a sitting in the House, the majority decision of the state assembly can be passed in the palace without the presence of a third party.

V SivakumarSo, what's the point of having a House?

Without an open vote at a state assembly sitting, the speaker and people will not know which side is controlling the House.

As a speaker, I did not see the majority. I had to ask the state assemblypersons to put up their hands and do a count. That's the only way the people would know what has happened.

Nga Kor Ming, Perak DAP secretary and Taiping MP

I congratulate Zambry as he is now the MB Mahkamah (court-appointed menteri besar) and his aspiration to grab power has been fully satisfied.

nga kor mingThe decision is a sad and bitter one for the people of Perak because their rights have been violated once again.

I hope the people will rise for justice. The MB must be chosen by the people, not by salaried judges.

Today's decision will further erode the integrity and image of the judiciary, especially in the international arena.

I call on BN-Umno to reflect on this and question their conscience, and to repent before it is too late.

Salahuddin Ayub, PAS vice-president

salahuddin ayub 01This is a dark day for the future of democracy in Malaysia. The people are disappointed with the decision. But we (Pakatan) will not lose hope. The people are more aware of what is going on.

We had expected this decision, based on what has happened to date. The chaos in Perak will not be eased (even after the ruling).

But this will fuel a fresh spirit among the people. They will reject BN.

Mahfuz Omar, PAS vice-president

We do not question the ruling, as we had expected this. But the people will perceive this whole episode as a conspiracy (against Pakatan).

mahfuz omar 01Firstly, the people and international community have not heard the submissions in court, but will see the decision as acceding to the conspiracy.

Secondly, the decision shows that the court wants to put the supremacy of the ruler before the interests of the public.

Had the court chosen Nizar as MB, then would it mean that sultan's endorsement of Zambry be seen as not rational?

They will also view this as a seizure of their power by the court of law. To function, any government must get its powers in the court of the people.

Ahmad Awang, fomer Perak PAS Commissioner and PAS Syura Council

The court had withheld its decision for more than two months to calm the situation in Perak. But it has eventually sided with BN in delivering the ruling.

ahmad awangWe have seen this tendency from the start. Why were there only five judges on the bench, and not seven?

The decision was expected, but not to the extent of being 5-0. We had expected it to be at least 4-1.

When this is unanimous, it appears as if the judges were in collusion. The majority of the people will not accept the decision.

Hamidah Osman, Perak BN senior exco

I am grateful for the decision and hope everyone will accept it. This is a victory for the people of Perak.

Lim Kit Siang, DAP leader

The 5-0 decision is a shameful moment for the judiciary.

(On his Twitter page, he described this as a "black day for justice".)

Dr Lee Boon Chye, PKR Gopeng MP

Although we lost 1Perak, we might win 1Malaysia in the next general election.

Ngeh Koo Ham, Perak DAP head and Sitiawan assemblyperson

The current Perak government is not the people's government as 54 percent of the voters had chosen Pakatan in the 2008 general election.

ngeh koo hamIn the series of cases in Perak, all the legal precedents have been broken.

This is undermining the entire foundation of the rule of law. We must have certainty of the law. If there is any change to the law it is the duty of Parliament and the state assembly to do it.

This was not envisaged by Abraham Lincoln who talked about a government of the people, by the people for the people. There are other ways to take power in Malaysia now.

Lim Guan Eng, Penang chief minister DAP secretary-general

DAP expresses deep disappointment at the Federal Court’s decision. It is contrary to the basic democratic principle that a government must be elected by the people.

lim guan engAny government that does not derive any directly elected mandate, not only violates the democratic principle of people’s power but also questions the legitimacy of a people-centric government of the people, by the people and for the people.

There is no denying the fact that both (Zambry and BN) were not democratically elected by the people of Perak in the 2008 general election.

To restore democracy and the constitutional right of the people to determine their government, DAP reiterates our call to BN to dissolve the Perak state assembly and return power to the people by holding fresh elections.

Karpal Singh, DAP national chairperson

I think this is the decision which can still be taken up for review. This is not the end of it.

karpal singhBut I do not think that the government (BN) should go by this decision as it is a judicial pronouncement. We should go by the people; the people should give their decision, not the court of law. Let the people decide.

Of course you would expect them to give a decision which is in accordance with the law but now I don't think that this is the case.

Anwar Ibrahim, de facto PKR leader

I am not surprised with the decision but I think it shows that Umno does not have the courage to face the people.

We have persistently demanded free and fair elections and that any decision about who (forms) the legitimate government must be decided by the people.

anwar ibrahim 290408So it should be back to the people’s court. For now, we are appealing to the people of Perak to observe the rules, to disseminate information, and to ensure that they understand the issues at hand.

This is an issue of democracy (and an issue of) who gets the support of the people. We cannot hide behind any institution or system.

I urge our friends in Perak to be patient and work on strengthening the party because the Umno-controlled media is attacking us violently.

For now, we need to consolidate our force, strengthen our resolve, and continue to make sure that we regain the trust of the people in light of the hostile environment.

But I believe that the rakyat will make the right decision and give support to Pakatan.

news courtesy of Malaysiakini

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