Saturday, February 06, 2010


The Prime Minister's walkabout in Kampung Baru here yesterday was more than just a PR exercise. It came with goodies as Najib Abdul Razak said Kampung Baru would be redeveloped to benefit its residents.

Najib announced that the residents and land owners would have the right to dictate the type of development and would not have to relocate to make way for the project.

Special body

The Government also proposed to set up a special body run by a government trustee without private sector participation to safeguard the interests of Kampung Baru residents, he said.

"I hope that after we have put forward a good proposal, the residents here will have the opportunity to study it and concept to be applied. I hope after that, the residents, particularly the land owners, can accept the proposal," he was quoted in a Bernama report.

The Prime Minister had attended a briefing at Kuala Lumpur City Hall before going on a walkabout in Kampung Baru.

Najib said Federal Territories and Urban Well-being Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin had been asked to prepare a Cabinet paper on the redevelopment and that he would hold a dialogue with the residents after the Cabinet approves the paper.

Removing restrictions

Najib gave the assurance that the Government would launch the redevelopment immediately after getting the agreement of the residents, and that this concept of development would overcome all restrictions which had kept the land value low in the area.

He said the value of land in the area could exceed RM20bil if the residents accepted the redevelopment concept which would realise the full potential of Kampung Baru.

The value of land in Kampung Baru is only around RM350 per square foot when that in nearby areas such as the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) exceeded RM2,000.

"With the conversion of the land status, the land owners in Kampung Baru will enjoy a huge shift in terms the value of the land they owned.

"A new era for Kampung Baru will begin as soon as the residents accept the government proposal," he said.

Explaining the role of the special body, Najib said it would be a dedicated one with the participation of some organisations determined by the Government to undertake redevelopment.

Keeping pace

"We do not want Kampung Baru to represent a squatter or slum area when the surrounding areas have developed with modern buildings and such.

"I wish to see Kampung Baru residents evolve into a modern society which garners high value for the land owned," Najib said to applause from the residents.

He also said the redevelopment would retain the Malay cultural elements and legacy of the area to reflect a unique image.

Business gains for bumis

Replying to a question, Najib said the redevelopment plans had provisions for skyscrapers, condominiums, shopping malls and housing, as well as business opportunities for bumiputra traders.

The 110-year-old Kampung Baru enclave, spreading over 90ha, has 35,000 residents in seven villages. The number of land owners is about 1,000.

Najib also announced an allocation of RM2mil to renovate two blocks of 17-storey PKNS flats in Kampung Baru after he saw their poor condition during his walkabout.

news courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

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