Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wanita Umno to help party rise above GE 12 'nightmare' - Najib

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said today that the renewed spirit shown by Wanita Umno can help Umno rise above BN's “nightmare” of the last general election (GE) and secure a resounding victory for the coalition in the next GE.

fecam instalment 231209 najib 03This is because Wanita Umno is no longer a mere wing of the party but its backbone and the pulse and catalyst towards the transformation of a new culture in the party, said the Umno president.

“I have attended many functions organised by Wanita (Umno) before this, but today I see a marked difference in the spirit of its members,” he was quoted by Bernama as saying when opening Wanita Umno's national convention at the Putra World Trade Centre.

“I see a renewed spirit, a spirit which tells me that we have risen above the nightmare of the last general election," Najib added.

Najib said Wanita Umno would rise up further and chart a new course for Umno and Malaysia and that Umno could place high hopes on its members to deliver.

“Wanita is the strongest force in the party. Today we begin another chapter in our journey whereby Wanita is no longer contented with having a high membership at 1.3 million members but is willing to play a pivotal role towards the transformation of a new culture in Umno," he said.

He said Umno members also needed to think in an innovative manner to ensure the party secured a big victory in the next GE.

"If we want change, it has to begin with ourselves and our thinking. If we are ready to want to think in an innovative manner and chart a new culture, God-willing, when GE 13 comes, a big victory awaits the party," he said.

What's position without power?

Najib also reminded party members not to get carried away by the posts they won in the party to the point of too closely watching out for the welfare of their ardent supporters but instead champion the interests of the people at large.

NONE"Don't measure success by the post you have won... This is a change in thinking, a paradigm shift. What's the use of being the head of Wanita Umno if the party is no longer in power?”

"Change from being enamoured in your position in the party to championing the struggle of Umno, which is the backbone of the country.

“Let's not be busybodies. Don't focus only on your strongest supporters. We must be a party of the people and look after the less fortunate, single mothers and elderly people," he said.

Najib said Umno members must also place importance on results - not rely on merely organising activities - so that it could respond appropriate and quickly when addressing the needs of the people.

"Going to Medan (Indonesia) to buy batik souveniers is also an activity, but is it productive? This is something we must ask ourselves. Don't do an activity without noting what its effects will be.

“We must do the right things. This is the change we should be making," he said.

He said the 1Malaysia concept he introduced was aimed at strengthening stability in the country and preserving unity and multi-racial harmony.

"1Malaysia does not deviate from the Federal Constitution. We have to show concern for the welfare of others so that they respect our party. If Umno is respected there will be integration and unity," he said.

Seek out the people and their problems

Najib also wanted Umno to be a party that was sought out by the people, particularly the Malays, to solve their problems.

"Why cannot Umno be the party sought by the people when they have problems? Why are we letting them find Opposition parties when they should be looking for Umno if they have problems.

"We must take it upon ourselves to resolve their problems," he said.

Taking as an example his "walkabouts", Najib said it was a way for him to see for himself the problems faced by the people.

"We need not follow the old style where we have to issue notices of a leader's coming, a "bunga manga" reception must be arranged, lay out the red carpet and provide for special sitting places.

"Walkabouts don't need all these, I had a walkabout in Kampung Baru here recently because I wanted to open a new chapter there.

"I don't want to see Malays living by the wayside, I want to see Malays living in high-end condominiums so that they are rich like others... this is innovative thinking," he said.

- Bernama

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