Sunday, November 15, 2009


The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) claims that the Indians have returned and are now fully supporting the Barisan Nasional (BN).

MIC President Datuk Seri Samy Vellu made this claim after gauging the performance at the recent State elections at Bagan Pinang in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan where the return of former Menteri Besar and old boy of this place Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad was elected to office.

It could be slightly true that Indians are returning but using Bagan Pinang as a indicator is really misleading.

MIC has alot of work to do especially doing a revamp of its useless leaders and it need to get what the Indians have been promised. This is still far away.

There are also calls that Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu himself will need to go to make room for a new and capable leader to lead MIC into the next era. Datuk Seri Samys choice, Datuk Palanivel is consider an incompetent leader and needs replacement before real Indian support is obtained.

There are alot of new capable and competent leaders in the MIC and unless these leaders are selected, it will be presumed that MIC will never gain Indian support for some time to come or will face a disastrous defeat as what it had experienced during the last general elections.

One thing BN is aware of is that Indian support is very crucial for their continued victory to rule Malaysia with a 2/3 majority and the sudden change of attitude and support given to this community speaks for itself.

Until and unless MIC and its leaders CHANGE, Indian support would not be forthcoming and just to say that Indian support for BN is improving is just a political gimmick.