Thursday, November 19, 2009


There are speculations that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will be rescued by an appeal to the Court of Appeal with regards to its inability to interrogate witnesses after office hours.

The BN government will obtain an order that the MACC will be allowed to interrogate witnesses anytime while giving the BN administration to correct its flaws.

Since delivering the ruling, many quarters have questioned the MACC on how they had perform their task without actually following the guidelines provided for.

It seems so clear that the MACC officials have exceeded their powers and as a result have wasted public funds and time.

The MACC have a lot of explaining to do and trying to use the Court of Appeal to bail them is just not acceptable.

The MACC need to realise that serious breaches have be performed by their official which has also resulted in a sudden mysterious death of witness Teoh, which till today the public is still await for results.

MACC and its officials need to realise that they will have to work within the framework and the officials who have exceeded their authority need to be penalised.

Do you think our BN government will take action against MACC and its officials?

What is expected is that our BN government will obtain a ruling from the Court of Appeal to overturn the High Court ruling.