Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New MB for Terengganu?

The Terengganu administration under Ahmad Said is said to be shaky, with a faction in the ruling party pushing for a new mentri besar to helm the state.

The dissenting group is said to be siding Idris Jusoh, a one-term MB who was replaced after the 2008 general election amid a controversy that dragged the palace into Umno politics.

A source from the state said the change of leadership could take effect from as early as the first week of March and three names have been submitted to the Barisan Nasional leadership for consideration.

ahmad-said-2It is also learnt that both Ahmad and Idris have met Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to present their respective case and also to get his view about resolving the in-fighting within the state Umno that had been going on for nearly two years.

The rift between the two had started from almost day one that Ahmad was appointed mentri besar.

Ten assemblymen among the 24 Barisan Nasional had even defied his authority by organising a protest against his appointment outside the palace grounds and also humilaiting Ahmad by absenting from a state assembly meeting.

During the boycott of the state assembly in April 2009, Ahmad made no attempt to get them back to the House and it was only when Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, newly-appointed to the post, intervened in the matter that the ’10 black boys’ returned.

It is speculated that Idris would be returned to be MB, as a means of resolving the dispute which had been bugging the state government eversince Ahmad, the choice of the palace, was appointed.

Preparing to be new 'first lady'

The anti-Ahmad faction had repeatedly told their followers that it was only because the palace wanted him there that Ahmad became the mentri besar. They reasoned that if it had been a political decision, he would have not been chosen.

idris-jusoh-2In the event that Idris is again not picked for the job, the speculation is that the choice with be between two other nominees - Cukai assemblyman Mohamad Awang Tera and Teluk Pasu rep Rahin Mohd Said.

On a more gossipy note, word has spread that a wife of a certain state assemblyman had already started to add more sutera dresses to her wardrobe in preparation of being the state's new 'first lady.'

Sources from the state said the latest round of speculations on a 'takeover' started soon after state secretary Mokhtar Nong announced he would go on an early retirment, starting April, despite having two years remaining in the civil service. He will be on a three-month leave.

State officials said Terengganu might see a massive reshuffle among senior officials in the administration when the new man, Mazlan Ngah, currently the state financial officer, helms the state secretariat.

It is learnt that the first restructuring exercise is expected to involve re-designation and transfers of key personnel and would be initiated by the end of this month.

Mokhtar, according to some officials, had said there would be a reshuffle that goes beyond just the department level. It could include the MB's post.

He is said to be also confident that his retirment would be cancelled and he would be recalled as state secretary.

In a speech at a farewell gathering for him on Thursday, Mokhtar sobbed openly before the audience and told them: “My mother always reminded me to treat everyone equally when in power, be humble and don’t flaunt."

news courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

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