Friday, March 26, 2010


no adulterous president group protest 260310 09In a bizarre assault on Dr Chua, a group of women activists clad in green cardboard top hats and black suits, donned masks emblazoned with the words: 'No adulterous leader' protested at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, was reported by Malaysiakini.

The women who declared themselves members of the No Adulterous President (NAP) group put up posters with reading: 'If we get an adulterous leader, we lose dignity' and 'We want clean leaders'.

Without mentioning names, the group's spokeperson, Rachel Ten said: "Leaders who are not of strong moral character and reputation who succumb to lust and temptation are very worrying and questionable."

"We expect our leaders to have a clean reputation, good moral standing, and an exemplary personailty, in addition to the general attributes of a good leader," she added.

Explaining their odd getup, the group said their gags represent wives of adulterers who suffer in silence. Their green hats symbolised adultery while the black suits symbolised their suffering.

Jiang Pei Pei, a prominent deejay from a local chinese radio station also made an appearance at the protest.

no adulterous president group protest 260310 01Sunday's MCA polls seems to be getting exciting with the Chinese community wanting a 'clean and reliable' leader to move them forward. Who could that be?, Surely NOT Dr Chua or Ka Ting!!!

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