Friday, March 26, 2010

Muslims protest at Swedish Embassy against 'insult' of Prophet

After Friday prayers today, over 500 Muslims led by PAS Youth chief, Nasrudin Hassan and GPMS president, Jais Abdul Karim gathered at the Swedish Embassy to voice their protest against three swedish newspapers for allegedly " insulting Prophet Muhammad". 

A two-page  memo, jointly endorsed by 19 Islamic non-government organisations, demanding the Swedish authorities to take stern action for inciting anger among Muslims was submitted by these two leaders to Embassy officials.

It was reported that Nasrudin after submitting the memo burnt the Swedish flag in protest while there were posters been carried which read 'We love the Prophet', 'Don't insult the Prophet' and 'We will fight for our Prophet', the group also shouted slogans like 'Rude Swedish' and 'Damn Sweden'.

 The presence of around 40 police officers were seen patrolling the area, but no untoward incident was reported..

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Chauncey Gardener said...

Was a permit given for this assembly or is this once again, selective permission by the Home Ministry/Police ?

Equal treatment to all, I say !