Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The Perak State Assembly convened yesterday and today with chaos, and have become a 'laughing stock' of the World. The State Assemblypersons from Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional had verbal clashes, which was really expected by everyone.

Surprise to many, a 'bogus' Speaker from the Barisan Nasional was presiding the Assembly. The PR representatives brought this to the attention of the House but was just ignored.

This situation will continue until FRESH POLLS are held. But the Barisan Nasional fears to face the voters as they know what their fate would be.

Its better for BN to lose now and concentrate on building the trust of the voters and rakyat in Perak or else when the next general elections are held, surely the Opposition would win with a greater majority or with NO BN candidates succeeding as Assemblypersons.

Its true the judiciary had always been 'bias' to the Perak BN government. The precedents set would be dangerous in coming years to come. The independence of the judiciary has been proven to be one-sided although the State and Federal Constitution speaks otherwise but interpreted to suit the moment for the government of the day.

The role of the Perak Palace in this crisis is also worrying.

The best known solution for the Perak Palace, who are suppose to protect the interest of the Perak rakyat should be, immediately DISSOLVE THE STATE ASSEMBLY and call for FRESH POLLS.


This is what the Perakians are looking forward for.

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