Wednesday, March 31, 2010

True patriotism - 1st or last, what does it matter?

Can you imagine if I said I was Chinese first and Malaysian second? I would most probably be told to get lost from this land I call home (not that it has not happened before), the land I was born in and the land I would shed my blood for!

This is what our Deputy Prime Minister of 1Malaysia said - "How can I say I'm Malaysian first and Malay second?" -

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This is precisely what is wrong with our country when we have leaders who think along tribal lines of the past whilst ignoring the reality of what our country truly is and that time will stand still for us to get our "collective" act together!

This beloved country of ours is destined to go back in time to the tribal ages so long as we have racial bastards within our ruling elites who only can think along narrow tribal mindsets whilst the rest of Malaysian society is moving on.l

I have nothing against being proud of one's ethnic heritage but to ask us to go back in time so that the ruling elites remain comfortable with the same old way of doing things is a travesty to this nation.

Putting it bluntly, these Jurassic age politicians from UMNO/BN can only operate when they keep us fearful of change and ignorant that they are on a losing track of the shrinking minority. Arrogant and boastful as they may be, they can't stop time! Like it or not, Malaysia and Malaysians are getting younger by the day and with the ever increasing educated youth, who can see that UMNO never cared for them except use their tribal name to keep themselves relevant!

Relevance is time sensitive, which these racists do not understand is that it makes no difference if we are Malay or Chinese or Indian first or second or third when the country slips into hardship, we all suffer!

Like it or not, we all suffer for a f*&k#^g racist bastard like our DPM!

The onus is on us to make sure that we correct the mistakes of the past by never allowing such politicians to use the broken system of nice sounding "power sharing" to ever lord over us again!

1Malaysia sounds so false when no.1 wants it and no.2 is trying so desperately hard to wreck it! Time for Jibby to put his deputy in place and show us his capability and resolve or step aside and let ordinary Malaysians take over.

Say NO to Racism! And the DPM can crawl into the hole where the sun don't shine!!!

courtesy of The Middle Ground

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